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Bucks Fizz Alleged 'C'oach 'C'rash (Cont.)
Who believes this really happened?
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An Actor Acting
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Homer Boomer & Left 4 Dead Boomers. (Thanks for the reminder Mr ALE)
Perhaps I may have lost the plot like Daniel Bostock thinks I have? Or perhaps not.? I prefer the Canine Boomers if I'm being honest though. ;)
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Logan Paul Maverick Bird
Copy From RR PlanB Channel
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Strike One
'Freedom of Speech' is the biggest psyop in human history. It's never existed. So no soldier ever really died for Freedom of speech & democracy either. It' s Baalshxte all of it.
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Copy From RR PlanB Channel
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Nigella Talks Dirty
Just had this video recommended to me. I thought I'd share it. For the Lads mostly of course... Ladies are not excluded in anyway at all though. I do not want to be accused of sexism by feminist lesbian SJW's thankyou. ;)
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Bucks Fizz's Mike Nolan: Through the Keyhole
Lloyd GrossMAN - 'Who Lives in a house like this?' ;)
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Scorzayzee - Fire In the Booth
Copy from RR PlanB Channel. Notts Man Scorz has the skills but he's sold out too unfortunately.
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Raised by Granny (Part 1)
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Hydrophobia in Seattle
An area already known for Rabies outbreaks...Don't forget Scooby Doo is a dog.
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Goose Fair's 'Cock on a Stick' Man Sales Pitch
I do hope I cost them some money. =D (Last video for tonight)
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The Big Dark Hole (Parts 1 & 2)
6 or so years ago I wrote these.
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'The Lady in Red' Decieves & Distracts
Stage Dolls - Lorraine http://www.stagedolls.com/
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Sumerian Bird - Anzu
All Powerful Ancient Cultures were aware of the bird.
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Elephants - The Original Battle Tanks
Copy from RR PlanB Channel
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Don't fancy your BIRD much. -  (Mirrored old Spudgy Pang Video)
The music selection sets this old video off nicely mate. ;)
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R.I.P. Coco
2 years is all she was given.. =( R.I.P. Coco.
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Freestylers - Breaker Beats Part 2
There is no Part 3... That tune was never made.
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Saxon 911- Bird boys in the Night
Old Video (Improved Audio) 101 = LOL = LL Lord of Light?
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Don't Believe the Hype
Copy From PlanB channel
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WWII AshkeNAZI  ( Bird part 1 )
It's starting to get interesting now.. If you have never seen my old CARLSBERG video from the beginning of this Plan B channel you should watch that one to. It all ties together nicely.
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Ice Ice Bird Boys
Copy From RR PlanB Channel
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Puddle Ducks & Tiggy Winkles
More to come on this topic. The best researchers are on the case. I dunno If I fancy entering Peter Rabbits hole though if I'm being honest with ya. ;)
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Do you think they were telling us something here?
Link to source clip from 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuL2QwsNeM8&t=89s
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No more Heroes
Copy from RR PlanB
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Get over it Bird boy
Time to move on.. Live and learn from your mistakes losing to the Goys. Suggest you stay away tbh.. We have ToMMy himself in our sights now. You are small fry Wiz.
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Paul Taylor Busted acting on Channel 4 News!!
SCL Group Agent, Act-Whore & Shill, "I Told you Folks." Next.... =)
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Greetings from Birdsville
All the latest up to date midlands psy-op, mockery & fakery plus adverts too! Link to original tune here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkQ-Y8WLQv4&t=4s
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It's being evicted if it's still there tomorrow. ;)
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Y'get me now surely??!! They infiltrated all of us ffs !!! All of us except remote tribes in areas that were of no worth to them.
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Hindu ganesh bird & kali goddess idols
All looks perfectly innocent eh...? =| Look out for the beaky bird character in gr33n & the Lady in Red Note how she rides the Cat / Cats the same as Cybele is often depicted. Because it's the same thing, just the Hindu version.
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Welcome to the Birdsville
It get's worse here everyday...
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Bread Bait Fishing Birds
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NFL London 2018 Seattle Seahawks vs Oakland Raiders Hype
https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/other-sports/736186/NFL-London-2018-Raiders-vs-Seahawks-Start-time-TV-channel-live-stream-American-Football Worth k33ping an 3y3 on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x3APzzfV-M&t=38s
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Catholic Bird
Copy of video already on Plan B channel from about 8 months ago.
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Dog Flu/Rabies/La 'RAGE' - Dog Show Cancelled
Copy from RR PlanB Channel
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The Problem with MAOAM by HARIBO
Copy From RR PlanB Channel. From August 2017
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They Live - Final Scenes
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House of a 1000 Corpses - Opening Scene
Codes all over it
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Freestylers - Push Up
Push what up where exactly Mr Aston HARvey & Matt Cantor from London town? People wanna know how you used to get loads of your tunes on BBC 'Match of the Day' Montages too lads.. ;)
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Brian isn't Happy.
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Men With 33 MYRA = MARY MK Business
This one was blocked WW 33 too.
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WMG do not want you to view this if you have the eyes to see.
No Copyright here bird boys.. link to original vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-r1FqeQYsc @Iron Maiden & WMG 337. Decoding your videos is too fxxking easy you stupid Avian POS.
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MITSDM Tactical Birds
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