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Why did crypterium rise, when the whole market went down? I explain it! Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9otdm9Hk6y8
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Apollo Currency • All-In One Cryptocurrency • Full Depth Review - June 2018
Do you believe there are to many cryptocurrencies? Apollo cryptocurrency wants to combine all different features into one cryptocurrency. Subscriber Count Goal: 248/500 Subscribers
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Storiqa Up 300% • NASDAQ Top 20 Pick • Why I Invested In ICO
Today I tell you why I invest in the ico of Storiqa!
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Quantstamp News • No Airdrops, End Proof Of Care, Wanchain Partnership, CoinChangeX
We have some news items we have to discuss today! Subscriber Count Goal: 227/500 Subscribers
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Altcoin Review - Game (GTC) - Game.com - Supported by Tron!
My first crypto video about the altcoin Game (GTC). Please leave some feedback if you have time! Like and subscribe!
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Icon Partners Up With Line • 200.000.000+ Users
Let's explain this partnership between Icon and major company Line!
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Quantstamp: Testnet Applying For Audits (Demo)
Quantstamp released their demo on testnet. You can now apply for audits on your smart contracts. You can choose if you want automated audits or full service audits. I hope you like the video! https://netstats.quantstamp.com/
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Havven - The Better Alternative to Tether (Review 2018)
A review about Havven. Subscribe for more! https://havven.io/
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How To Store Lisk Tokens On Lisk Hub Wallet - Lisk Wallet Tutorial
How To Store Lisk Tokens On Lisk Hub Wallet - Lisk Wallet Tutorial Subscribe for more!
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Could you get fit with blockchain? Well, lympo well be trying this. Check their ICO!
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Why I Bought 6000$ LISK • Long Term Spaceship
I just bought over 300 lisk coins. I tell you why and why you should consider doing the same.
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IS STORM A PUMP AND DUMP? Analysing Price Movement
Storm rised over 200%! Is this a pump and dump? We'll analyse it together! Subscribe!
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Lisk Hub 0.6.0 Update Review
The new lisk hub update shown on my own Lisk ID. I'll be going step by step with each change and tweak.
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Quantstamp Airdrop and demo, Lisk listed on Huobi and Rebranding event, Buy now at discounts!
Hey you all! Today I just bought more Quantstamp and Lisk, and I'll tell you why. Subscribe and like for more!
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Lisk - Up 27%, 377$ By The End Of 2018
I'm back from my vacation in Canada! Let's get back started with our HODL LISK! Ask questions if you have them!
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Dynamic Fee System Explained
Let's explain the daynamic fee system that lisk is wanting to implement. Subscribe!
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Best Performing Crypto • Dentacoin +44% • New Series
Today we start yet another new series, 'Best Performing Crypto'. Every sunday we will be taking a look on the best performing top 200 crypto and see what are the reason for the rise of the price. I'll greatly accept feedback from you guys.
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Lisk Core 1.0 Development Update - Beta Testing Almost Completed - Top 1 Crypto To Buy
Lisk Core 1.0 Development Update - Beta Testing Almost Completed Thumbs up and sub!
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Ontology, EZToken, True USD, Electrify Asia, Educational Ecosystem • First Look On New Crypto's
Ontology, EZToken, True USD, Electrify Asia, Educational Ecosystem • First Look On New Crypto's Subsribe for more video's!
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Pantos - Connecting Blockchain Platforms - Lisk, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Waves, Komodo
Pantos want to create interoperability between blockchain platforms. Here we take a look at the project and the things around it. Tomorrow I'll be going in detail through their whitepaper, Subscribe to not miss it!
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5 Recently added cryptocurrencies • Sether, BeeToken, Cube, Credits, Insight Network
Taking a first look on the most recently added cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap.
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IoT Chain - Lite IOT OS (Review 2018)
Internet of things is the future and we'll take a look if IoT chain is part of that future. FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UUQFGav30bdT1nwlBbb4bEsnqkAMVWAr2N1fV_Nh9jY/edit#heading=h.drqwrxyo9gfz
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Substratum & John McAfee, Comparison Alpha 1 & Alpha 2, China blocking Unauthorized vpn's
Alot of exciting stuff happening for Substratum! Alpha 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPCfmiO4a4M Alpha 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTejvfuj6-c
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Madana Interview - Lisk's First Use Case • THANK YOU FOR 100 SUBS!
madana is lisk's first use case. Let's hope for the post for Lisk and Madana! Subscribe for more Lisk content!
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Tron (TRX) has been outperforming the cryptocurrency market over this was month. Alot of exciting news made the price rise alot. I explain this news and more! Cryptocurrency News & Love
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Random Crypto Pick #1 • Eroscoin • New Series
Today we are starting a new series, 'Random Crypto Pick'. In this series we generate a random number which we link to the cryptocurrency market cap ranking. We than take a first look on that cryptocurrency and analyse if it is worth it or not. Hope you like this new idea!
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Top 2 Altcoins - Quantstamp & Substratum - My biggest positions
Quantstamp & Substratum going to the moon!
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Random Crypto Pick #2 • Devery
Episode 2 of our new series, 'Random Crypto Pick'. In this series we generate a random number which we link to the cryptocurrency market cap ranking.
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ICO Review - Wikibits - Blockchain-based Google/Wikipedia/Yahoo/Quora
Today I'm reviewing Wikibits. Leave a like and a comment with some feedback on the video and subscribe! REFERRAL CODE: COLCVF
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Altcoin Review - Measurable Data Token (MDT) - Decentralized Data Exchange Economy
Altcoin Review - Measurable Data Token (MDT) - Decentralized Data Exchange Economy
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Will Bitcoin Still Hit 1.000.000 By 2020? Analysing John Mcafee's Statement
Will bitcoin still hit 1 million dollars by 2020? We are analysing John Mcafee's statement and looking if it is still possible by 2020. Subscribe for more crypto currency content!
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Pantos - Extensive ICO Review • First Multiblockchain Token System
This is a extensive ico review about Pantos, an ico from Bitpanda with the ambition to become the first multiblockchain token system. Subscribe for more content!
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ICO Review - Opporty (OPP) - Live Business Ecosystem
Ico Review of Opporty a project with a mission to form a live business-focused ecosystem. Like and subscribe for more!
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Institutional investors introduced to crypto - Coinbase Institutional Investors
A short video about institutional investors being introduced to the cryptospace. Hope you like it!
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ICO Review - Bitcoin Green (BITG) - Environmental Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin (BTC) is known to not be sustainable and environmental unfriendly. Bitcoin Green is here to solve this problem.
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How The Top 10 Will Look In May 2019
Do you believe the top 10 crypto's will remain the same till next year? I believe not and I give you my opinion about how the top 10 will look in about one year. Enjoy! Subscriber count goal: 197/200 Subscribers
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Review ICO's • World Wi-Fi • Giftcoin • Kleos • Serenity
Today we are reviewing 4 Ico's at once! I'm in no way, shape or form getting payed by any of these ico's.
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Lisk News Roundup Week 12 • Lisk Weekly Update (2018)
Lisk News Roundup Week 12 • Lisk Weekly Update https://youtu.be/cFRDbVmHcrc https://youtu.be/T3IvQINDy44 https://blog.lisk.io/a-conversation-with-lisk-cryptographer-iker-alustiza-67ada2470a07
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Bitcoin Private, Tokenomy, Leadcoin • First Look
Bitcoin Private, Tokenomy, Leadcoin • First Look If you would like an indepth review of one of these crypto's, comment below!
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Random Crypto Pick # 4 • Odem • Unlock Human Potential
ODEM is an On-Demand Education Marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform connects students, educators, and service providers where, together, they develop and engage in personal and group, in-person educational programs.
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Lisk Community Update - February 2018
Mat Piaggi published a community update for the past month. Let's ready it together!
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Thank you all for all the love and likes you have been spreading around my channel! I have a question at the end of the video I would like you to answer.
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Whales are good for the market - Whales & Cryptocurrencies - Survival of the Fittest
I believe whales are good for the market and I'm telling you why! Please like, comment and subscribe for more!
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Top 3 Altcoins to buy now - Ready to moon! Lisk, Substratum, Quantstamp
https://qoinbook.com/lisk/ These cryptocurrencies are going to the moon! Don't wait to buy!
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How to buy Lisk - Step By Step Explanation
How do you buy Lisk Coins? I go through the proces with you, step by step so you don't miss anything. If you have questions, leave them down below. Subsribe for more!
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Lisk News Roundup Week 10 • Lisk Weekly Update
Lisk News Roundup Week 10 • Lisk Weekly Update What content would you like to see from me?
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Random Crypto Pick # 3 • Zilla
The 3th episode of random crypto pick!
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Top 3 innovative ICO's - Rentberry, Iungo & Storiqa
Here are my top 3 innovative Ico's! Please comment, like and subscribe for more.
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Cryptonews • 12-2-2018 • Lisk, Substratum, Quantstamp, TheKey, WePower, MedicalChain, UCash
Cryptonews • 12-2-2018 • Lisk, Substratum, Quantstamp, TheKey, WePower, MedicalChain, UCash SUBSCRIBE!
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