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My dog Teddy🐶 (Part 2)
Thank you guys so much for giving me at least 16 subs I really appreciate it :D. Thank you guys so much I hope you enjoy the vid.
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My Introduction
Hope you guys enjoyed!
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Happy Birthday Fantasia! I hope everyone wishes her a happy birthday 🎂 She really enjoyed it and she says that she hopes you enjoyed the video! :p She also wanted to say this “come close...I have a secret for you I wish your dreams and wishes come true.” (That was from her tag) Me and Fantasia really hope you liked this video ! Make sure to like and subscribe and I’ll see you all next time! BYEEEE
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Happy B-Day Park Jimin 👏🏼🎉
To be honest with you I don’t know why I did this exactly I just did this to celebrate his birthday 🎂 so yeah... Happy birthday Park Jimin! 👏🏼 🤦🏻‍♀️👏🏼
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My Dog Teddy🐶
This is my dog Teddy he's so cute I love Teddy so much😜😍
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I just made a random video with pictures of Pokémon in it and my new intro! Thank you so so much for watching and all see ya next time! Byeeee! Taly
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Happy B-Day Kim SeokJin!
I know technically yesterday was his B-Day In Korea But I wanted to make it today since today it’s Dec 4th sorry 🙏🏼❤️🎂
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Bt21 character animation thingy [read the description]
I did draw these but they are just Fan art just so you know. I did not create these characters and who did are a Korean Pop boy group band called Bts and a I am a very big fan of them not all of the characters are in this one, but, they will sure be in the next one so watch out for it I’ll probably post it around sometime next week. All see you all! Bye ^^
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Hey guys It's me Taly sorry I haven't posted in forever ! So today I just wanted to show you all my dog Teddy when he was a baby and how he is right now It's not really An then and now video but It just shows a few pictures of him so I hope you enjoy! :P
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