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Babadag Turkey - the scary way up!! ;)
Turkey Babadag paragliding
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Turkey Paragliding take off & Spiral! (as it happened / not edited)
Turkey Bababag MountParagliding take off and Spiral! Flying with Kate in Turkey in May & June 2014. Came back to Oludeniz for some flying after 11 years..!! :) :) Enjoy. (I havent edited this video.. this is as it came out from my GoPro2.. my apologies)
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Liverpool 2012 enero
Liverpool mama y papa enero 2012
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Tatenhill to Tatenhill - Cessna 152 July 2017
Cessna 152 Take off & Landing From Tatenhill Burton upon Trent Flying over the Reservoir July 2017
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Paragliding in Turkey - Oludeniz (trying SAT and some new stuff ;) )
Paragliding in Turkey - Babadag. Take off 2000 mts. Landing in Oludeniz Beach. Great Place. Acro went wrong as too much break and not enough speed..
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Tatenhill 20 05 17 Cessna 152 Take off Buxton
Flying from Burton upon Trent in a Cloudy and Rainy day. No Radio Sound (my apologies but dont have the connection for this on the Cessna) Raw Video - Non edited
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Turkey butterflyvalley small place to land!
X-country from Babadag to Butterfly Valley. The little beach was surrounded by big walls. Complicate approach and landing and rotor-ed wind..
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Highlands mama & papa
Viajando x Escocia enero 2012
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Liverpool mama y papa enero 2012
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Stafforshire Church
A Small old church that we found with Juan while driving along..
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Tatenhill 20 05 17 Cessna 152 Landing back from Buxton
Landing at Tatenhill Airfield after coming back from Buxton. Cloudy and rainy Day! Sounds from the Cabin. No Radio (dont have the cable Connection at the Cessna)
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Staffordshire country road
Driving in Stoke on Trent in a typical autumn afternoon
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