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Bob watches Benji (dogs love dog movies!)
Bob's a real 'Moviehound'..... Max isn't so sure.....
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Lemon Metal!!!
Hello Alt-right loser/stalker sumbags!!! This just a bit of fun!!! But I might be slightly sexually attracted to lemons.....
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Dungeons and Dragons; The aftermath.
First port of call for the alt right stalkers/losers! Although I've run a game for a local school activity club. This is the first game of D&D with a friend for 15 years. Me and Oliver Thomas haven't been in a game together however, for about 24 years (as teenagers we played every night in a large group). This was a 'one on one game' (often the most involved kind) and though we didn't have any rule books, we remembered enough of the original rules to begin an engaging campaign. Although we missed the interaction of a large group, the 'collective storytelling' only requires two people. The fact that we always enjoyed the other's descriptive, atmospheric style, meant that it was like putting on an old pair of shoes. Oliver's character, Haadran, was a knight who found himself inexplicably bound and beaten, aboard a ship heading from his homeland to god knows where. The ship had suffered a terrible storm, barely surviving, and the superstitious crew, believing Haadran to be the cause, unceremoniously dumped him on an unknown shore, taking his squire to work as payment for the damaged sails and lost crew members. Once on dry land, a series of fortuitous turns spared his life and after a struggle he managed to find a little wild food and shelter in a patch of woodland amidst a windswept moor. It soon became clear however, that Haadran wasn't alone..... There will be more videos as we play more sessions! Please subscribe and/or like.... Thank you!
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Miffy week.
A wet dog. And a rambling nobody.
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Nick Drake - The very ordinary case of the dog in the night time.
It was one of those evenings....
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