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How NativeScript Works
NativeScript enables developers to build native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Universal while sharing the application code across the platforms. When building the application UI, developers use our libraries, which abstract the differences between the native platforms. Learn more about NativeScript, www.nativescript.org.
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Getting Started with Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy
http://www.fiddler2.com Discover the basic features of Fiddler in less than ten minutes.
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Tampering Client Requests and Server Responses with Fiddler
http://www.fiddler2.com Learn how tomanipulate and edit web sessions with Fiddler. See how you can set a breakpoint to pause the processing of the session and permit alteration of the request/response.
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Performance Testing with Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy
http://www.fiddler2.com Learn how to see the "total page weight," HTTP caching, and compression at a glance. Isolate performance bottlenecks using rules.
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Creating Your First Successful Test Studio Project
You need to write a good first test and the purpose of this video is to help you do exactly this! Spend 10 min with us and we’ll help you get started on the right foot. https://www.telerik.com/teststudio
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Using Telerik Reporting in ASP.NET MVC 4 projects
http://www.telerik.com/reporting This video shows how to use Telerik Reporting in ASP.NET MVC and avoiding CSS collisions with the default stylesheet and the report viewer (@ 5:50min). While there isn't a specific Telerik report viewer control for MVC as of this video, there is an easy way to include reporting functionality in your web application. Follow these simple steps and your users will be able to enjoy reporting functionality in no time. Here are all the steps plus code: http://blogs.telerik.com/telerikreportingteam/posts/13-03-26/telerik-reporting-in-mvc-sure-it-takes-8-quick-steps-
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Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy - Filtering by Process
http://www.fiddler2.com Watch this video to learn how you can control which processes' traffic is shown within Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy.
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AppBuilder Quick Start
http://www.telerik.com/appbuilder Take a look at getting started with using Telerik AppBuilder's web client to build hybrid mobile applications. This video shows you how to create a new AppBuilder project, peeks at in-browser debugging & emulation, deploying to mobile devices and integrating with an external git server.
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Create and Arrange You Mocks Easily with JustCode and JustMock
JustCode integration with JustMock gives you code generation commands to help you easily create and arrange mocks. This smart feature analyzes the code and suggests code generation commands from the JustCode Visual Aid to create mocks from a type or to arrange a certain method. Learn more about JustMock (http://www.telerik.com/products/mocking.aspx) and JustCode (http://www.telerik.com/products/justcode.aspx)
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Getting Started with Telerik Reporting
Learn how easy is to create, style, view and export beautiful reports using Telerik Reporting. Add reports to any business application (the supported technologies are: Angular, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Ajax, WPF, WinForms, Azure Cloud). View reports on mobile devices and in web, desktop and cloud applications. Export reports to more than twenty formats. Deliver relevant information from any data source. Telerik Reporting: https://www.telerik.com/products/reporting.aspx Demos: https://demos.telerik.com/reporting Beautiful Reporting Free Whitepaper: https://www.telerik.com/whitepapers/reporting/beautiful-reporting-whitepaper
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Theme for Telerik UI for Winforms
Telerik UI for WinForms: https://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx
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Debugging with Fiddler by Eric Lawrence
Fiddler is the world's most popular web debugging tool, used by developers, testers and other web technologists worldwide. At this year’s TelerikNEXT conference, Eric Lawrence showed off the newest improvements in Fiddler, including features that help optimize your sites and services for both performance and security. He explored the very latest features of Fiddler, including WebSockets inspection, image optimization, compression analysis, extensibility and interoperability with other tools. He also discussed Fiddler on Linux and how you can bring the power of Fiddler to your own .NET applications with the FiddlerCore class library. Learn more about Fiddle here: http://www.telerik.com/fiddler
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Using Fiddler's Auto Responder Feature
http://www.fiddler2.com Watch a video on Fiddler's Auto Responder feature - learn how to make the web debugging proxy respond on behalf of the web server -- a very useful thing if you are trying to determine if a client can handle the server response correctly.
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Overview of Telerik UI for Winforms
See how you can easily build unique and visually stunning Line of Business Windows Forms applications with Telerik UI for WinForms. Boasting a well-designed architecture and CAB support, Telerik Windows Forms controls are perfectly suited for your Enterprise desktop development. Find out the highlights of the Q1 2009 release. Telerik UI for WinForms: https://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx
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Uploading to Azure With ASP.NET Core and Angular
Building a modern web application with a robust Angular client backed by the power of Azure and ASP.NET Core sounds like a difficult mix of bleeding edge technologies, but in actuality you might surprised at how simple it is to set up. In this video we'll learn how to use the Kendo UI for Angular Upload component to create a stylish and functional UI for uploading files to Azure Blob Storage through a ASP.NET Core controller action. Progress Telerik: https://www.telerik.com/
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Todd Motto chats with Misko Hevery during Angular Connect 2016
Todd Motto talks with Misko Hevery during Angular Connect 2016 about ahead of time compilation, Angular 2 templates, the lack of free time, a medical career that will never be, fame and more. Check it out, its fun! https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui https://www.nativescript.org https://twitter.com/toddmotto https://twitter.com/kendoui https://twitter.com/nativescript
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Tasks app for Windows 8 - Plan the Day
http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-us/app/tasks-by-telerik/c66db128-7953-4da5-a87b-dc59758752ec Put an end to the chaos in your personal affairs with the Tasks app. It will become your best friend for planning, organizing and monitoring the progress of all your projects. Tasks helps you plan your activities. You can separate them by projects, assign them to categories, and set reminders. Some of the features of Tasks include: - Synchronization with Outlook tasks done in 1 step - Attach e-mail and phone from your contacts - Record a voice note - Choose a location and tap in on the map - Place related tasks in projects and follow their current progress
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AppBuilder Overview
Build Hybrid mobile apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS only.
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Extending Tests With Code in Test Studio
Description: Learn how to leverage coded steps in Test Studio to further customize and extend your tests. https://www.telerik.com/teststudio
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Why I Was Wrong About TypeScript (DevReach 2017)
In 2014, I made a strong argument that TypeScript was destined to be irrelevant and that my company should not use it in any of our projects. I was wrong. In 2017, TypeScript is taking over the JavaScript world, and we now use TypeScript for pretty much everything we build. In this talk, we’ll talk a look at why TypeScript succeeded where other compile-to-JavaScript languages like CoffeeScript and Dart have languished. Come to learn the basics of TypeScript, and whether TypeScript is a good fit for your next project. TJ VANTOLL Progress Telerik: https://www.telerik.com/
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Cooking with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2
How to get started with Angular 2 using ASP.NET Core and Kendo UI for Angular 2. Ed Charbeneau walks you through generating a new application and adding the Kendo UI for Angular 2 Grid using data-binding. If you prefer a written guide, please visit http://www.telerik.com/blogs/cooking-with-aspnet-core-and-angular-2
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A Lap Around NativeScript by TJ VanToll
In his session from this year’s TelerikNEXT conference, TJ VanToll shows who to use NativeScript, a free and open source JavaScript framework for building native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. He explains the architecture of NativeScript and walks through how to build an app. Progress Telerik: http://www.telerik.com
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NativeScript Launch Keynote
NativeScript is a cross-platform JavaScript framework that lets you develop native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps from a single code base. Watch the full NativeScript Launch Webcast from March, 2015 and learn more about NativeScript here, http://www.nativescript.org and http://www.telerik.com/nativescript. Webinar Highlights include: - A first look at NativeScript - how does it work? - Building truly native mobile apps with NativeScript CLI - Developing cross-platform native apps with NativeScript + Telerik Platform
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Todd Motto chats with Tracy Lee during Angular Connect 2016
Todd Motto sits down for a short chat with Tracy Lee during Angular Connect 2016 about lousy British accents, messing with Todd's perfectly coiffed hair, the Angular 2 forms and routing API, fame, Snapchat and more. Check it out, its fun! https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui https://www.nativescript.org https://twitter.com/toddmotto https://twitter.com/kendoui https://twitter.com/nativescript
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World Map Report in Telerik Analytics
Visit http://www.telerik.com/analytics/features or Request a demo http://www.telerik.com/analytics/request-a-demo http://www.telerik.com/analytics The World Map Report in Telerik Analytics shows your application's user distribution. This video shows how to use the report and how to filter the geo data.
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SOLID ASP.NET Core (DevReach 2017)
ASP.NET Core is the ground-up rewrite of ASP.NET, MVC and Web API, bringing a new paradigm in building web applications and APIs in .NET. With this rewrite brought new techniques in building SOLID applications, and updated some existing patterns and tools. In this session, we’ll take a lap around some of the major extension points of ASP.NET Core 2.0, walking through how these features can help us build cleaner, more maintainable systems. We’ll cover web APIs, traditional MVC applications, controllers, views, filters, dependency injection, tag helpers and more. With a SOLID foundation, our ASP.NET Core applications will be dead simple to build and maintain. JIMMY BOGARD ASP.NET Core: https://www.telerik.com/aspnet-core-ui
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AngularJS and Kendo UI by Jeremy Likness
What happens when you marry the incredible HTML5 UI widgets from Telerik with the Single Page Application (SPA) framework that teaches HTML5 new tricks? Pure magic, that's what! In his session from this year’s TelerikNEXT, Jeremy Likness shows how the combination of AngularJS and Kendo UI framework can supercharge your web-based applications. See how the frameworks combine seamlessly to facilitate rapid delivery of high-quality data applications with advanced widgets and enable large teams to develop enterprise scale web applications. Kendo UI for Angular: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/
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Building Reusable UI Components in ASP.NET Core MVC (DevReach 2017)
ASP.NET proper MVC developers have long relied upon partial views and HTML helpers to construct reusable UI components. ASP.NET Core MVC expands upon the arsenal of options for creating such UI components by introducing view components and tag helpers. Do these new offerings render partial views and HTML helpers obsolete? Absolutely not! Using the right tool for the job is important, which means understanding the differences between these options is paramount. In this session, you’ll gain an understanding of when it’s most appropriate to use each of them in the real world. You’ll also see how to create basic view components and tag helpers. SCOTT ADDIE Progress Telerik: https://www.telerik.com/
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Getting Started with RadTimePicker for WinForms
Demonstrates the new RadTimePicker control as well as several properties you should be aware of. Telerik UI for WinForms: https://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx
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NASA Launches Mars Mission Web App with Telerik
NASA mobile app serves as a gateway to the latest news from the world's premier space agency. The Planetary Data System (PDS) selected Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX to create a robust web-based app for easier accessibility and usage. http://www.telerik.com
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Todd Motto catches up with Shmuela Jacobs during Angular Connect 2016
Todd Motto is entertained during his chat with Shmuela Jacobs during Angular Connect 2016. Topics include Angular 2's change detection feature, the new Angular 2 forms module, dogs with hearing issues, conference induced sleep deprivation, and a special bonus: a wonderful rendition of All That Jazz! Check it out, its fun! https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui https://www.nativescript.org https://twitter.com/toddmotto https://twitter.com/kendoui https://twitter.com/nativescript
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Using Fiddler QuickExec Feature
http://www.fiddler2.com Learn how to use the quick exec box to create simple breakpoints for whenever a certain URL is hit.
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Test Studio Tutorial: Dynamic Find Logic for Complex Grid Automation
In this tutorial you will learn how to use Telerik Test Studio to create a dynamic grid automation test that illustrates the following principles and how they are accomplished within Test Studio: Editing Elements, Run Selected Steps, Creating Chained Find Expressions, DOM Traversal, Element Highlighter, Element/Test Troubleshooting Test Studio: https://www.telerik.com/teststudio
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Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition: Getting Started
Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition is specially designed to provide developers with out-of-the-box functionality for easy and quick test automation, with or without coding, right inside Visual Studio. It also offers features that make testing apps built with Telerik UI and Kendo UI components even easier. Try Test Studio Dev Edition: https://www.telerik.com/teststudio-dev Learn more: https://www.telerik.com/blogs/telerik-devcraft-ultimate-improves-with-test-studio-dev-edition
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.NET DevChat: Building Responsive Web Applications With ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap (live demo)
Whether you’re an ASP.NET developer just starting with the Bootstrap framework or have been on the edge of your seat waiting for the V4 release for the past two years, this live demo is for you. It shows how to build responsive web apps with ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap faster and with more confidence. In this 60-minute live demo, we cover: • Bootstrap core functionality and principles • What's new in Bootstrap 4 Beta and how it can be leveraged in MVC applications • Using UI controls with built-in responsive features to create a dashboard All code, no slides. Q&A session at the end included. More .NET DevChat: * Structuring JavaScript Code in ASP.NET MVC Applications https://www.telerik.com/campaigns/aspnet-mvc/dotnet-devchat-structure-javascript-code-within-aspnet-mvc-app
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Sharing Data on any Screen with Telerik Reporting (DevCraft Q1'14)
http://www.telerik.com/devcraft In this generation of tablets and mobile phones, the value of having your business data accessible from anywhere is vital. Telerik Reporting is there with you every step of the way enabling you to make this goal a reality. In this session, we review ways to consume Telerik Reports on mobile phones, tablets, web sites and desktop applications quickly and easily, and how to empower your users to create and modify reports using the Telerik Report Designer. We also detail the newly released Map functionality, which gives you the ability to include geo-location data in your reports. Products covered: Telerik Reporting
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Overview of RadCarousel for WinForms
See how to quickly get started using the Telerik RadCarousel for WinForms. Telerik UI for WinForms: https://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx
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Introducing Progress Test Studio Mobile
Progress Introduces Test Studio Mobile, for iOS and Android application testing and automation. With Support for Hybrid, Native, and Mobile Web Testing. Learn more about Test Studio today: http://www.telerik.com/teststudio
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Validation with RadGridView for WinForms
In this video, you will learn how to use the event-based Validation functionality in RadGridView for WinForms. Learn how to use the CellValidating and RowValidating events to ensure user input is valid. Telerik UI for WinForms: https://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx
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Eat Sleep Code – Season 1, Episode 1
On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guests Alex Bezuska and Eric Lathrop talk about game development, the Ludum Dare game jam and how they started Two Scoop Games. Later, Jen Looper joins the show to talk about gaming with the internet of things (IoT). Learn more about Telerik at: http://www.telerik.com
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Filtering and Expressions in RadGridView for WinForms
In this video; you will learn how to enable three different types of filtering on RadGridView for WinForms. Telerik UI for WinForms: https://www.telerik.com/products/winforms.aspx
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What’s New in Telerik Reporting (R3 2016)
We’ve embraced the latest programming frameworks in the Telerik DevCraft R3 release. We also tagged our reporting solution as ”feature-complete”. For more information go to: http://www.telerik.com/products/reporting.aspx
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Record New Test in Test Studio
Recording automated tests in Test Studio is an easy task. https://www.telerik.com/teststudio
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ASP.NET AJAX ComboBox Data Binding to SqlDataSource
Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX: https://www.telerik.com/products/aspnet-ajax.aspx
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7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment Webinar
http://www.telerik.com/platform - the ultimate route to building apps fast—without compromising the customer experience Mobile is disrupting software development, challenging everything we thought we knew about how to build, test and deliver software. With slashed development cycles and increased expectations for perfect user experiences, you need new ways to build quality apps fast. Join us for a webinar to learn what it takes to create outstanding mobile app experiences from design to deployment. Attend the webinar and learn how to optimize the mobile app development lifecycle for your apps across 7 key steps: * Design: Collaborate effectively at the idea stage with low and high fidelity prototypes * Build: Reduce coding effort with productivity tools and IDEs of your choice * Connect: Simplify connecting to existing databases * Test: Catch bugs before they reach the app store * Deploy: Minimize the hassles of publishing to public and private app stores * Analyze: Measure essential metrics to optimize the customer experience * Manage: Control who has access to your app Get the most out of the webinar by trying our platform now. We're happy to answer your questions, even during the evaluation process. https://platform.telerik.com/
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Building a Mobile App API using MongoDB and Node.js
With all the changes in the mobile world, it is important to be competitive and provide enhanced functionality for customers. In this session from this year’s TelerikNEXT, Charlie Key teaches you the art of building a functional API for your mobile application using the fast-growing language, Node.js, with MongoDB. When building a great mobile app, you must also ensure it is secure and protected. By the end of this session, you will know how to leverage best practices in design, security and scaling for your API. View more information on topics like this in the Telerik Developer Network: http://developer.telerik.com/
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Setting up the Telerik RESTful Reporting Service
http://www.telerik.com/reporting Find out how to setup a Telerik RESTful Reporting Service.
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Polished UI for  Xamarin Apps
The ability to use C# and Universal Tooling to build mobile apps that run on any platform—that's the Xamarin promise. You get to use your favorite IDE to build native cross-platform mobile apps, all from a single codebase. While Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android allow reach into one another’s mobile platform, Xamarin.Forms completes the story with a unified abstracted UI layer. The promise of 'Write once, Run everywhere' is a reality. https://www.telerik.com/xamarin-ui
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Add Verification Steps in Test Studio
Test Studio tricks - Any automated test needs verifications for completeness. Verification steps can be added to the test during recording or offline from the Step Builder. https://www.telerik.com/teststudio
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Getting Started with Performance Profiling
Progress Telerik: https://www.telerik.com/
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