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PVTA northampton bus scene two 20150513154726
the same set of buses with different people on them.
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Sleep Inn Long Island City room tour
this was filmed on 20140322092731
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golden nozzle carwash amherst ma
today (08/07/2010) i ride my parents van through the Golden Nozzle Car Wash in Amherst ma. my video response to georgef551's House of Wax Car Wash videos.
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Hyatt Regency elevator Toronto
jtelev and I filmed this elevator on October 2, 2011. This at the Hyatt Regency Toronto.
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Greenfield Community College Main Building upper elevator.MOD
the second elevator covers 2, 3 and 4 of the same building. GCC is located in Greenfield MA.
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room tour 210 Courtyard Resort Hyannis MA
this is my parents timeshare. they let me film it.
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Umass Amherst Morrill Hall elevator 3
this is a third elevator in Morrill Hall at Umass Amherst.
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Skyview Plaza Hotel Room 209.MOD
my tour of skyview room 209. the building is circular.
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bay state medical north elevator #2 greenfield ma.MOD
now i ride the other of two elevators in north part of Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield MA thanks to Andy for letting me film them.
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PVTA northampton bus scene one 20150513153119
some pvta buses in Northampton MA.
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food court macy's chicago il elevator.MOD
here i found the elevator at the Macy's foodcourt in Chicago Illinois.
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Chris Boden's biggest fan
here I show you how I am Chris Boden's biggest fan.
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Hampshire College Science Center elevator
we filmed in it on 20140328 153434.
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Skyview Plaza Hotel Elevator.MOD
from last week one of my many rides of the skryview plaza hotel elevator. they are in Philadelphia pa.
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A driver's view of PVTA 30 from south east amherst to north amherst. This was recorded on May 14, 2009. Spring in amherst is very nice. the n in 30n indicates it's traveling north.
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UMass Lederle Graduate Research Center elevator
this is 1 elevator, in a bank of 4, at the Umass Lederle Graduate Research Center. in my opinion they are nice elevators. I apologize to anyone who i accidentally filmed.
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20131011 NACB north view
some windows are covered. more stuff probably happened inside the building though.
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umass morrill 4 north elevator.MOD
an older elevator is in the morrill 4 north
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circular elevator
to my camera this is very dark. next time i will bring my flashlight.
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PVTA 31s part 1
this is part of PVTA 31. had to stop briefly as my arm was shaking. it continues in 31s part 2 on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwdrFRtfv9Y. in full the route travels between sugarloaf estates and boulders apartments.
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UMass Amherst skating rink elevator with Ham549
Ham549 and I ride the elevator at the Umass skating rink. it is a Dover.
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whale watch race point closeup.MOD
a view of race point. people watch the whale boats travel in and out. we were returning from stalwagan bank
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Golden Nozzle Carwash  20160804 105913
my 2016 visit to the Golden Nozzle Carwash.
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CX 190 take of Morrill II elevator Umass Amherst
this is morrill II. elevator in morrill I is turned off.
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a private Umass elevator
Ham549 filmed this one for me.
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Umass Amherst Du Bois Library elevators
these are the Du Bois Library elevators. like before i start at 16. up to 26 then back to 16. down to M then back to 16.
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new elevator at Umass GRC.MOD
here is the first of the new elevators at the UMass GRC high rise. it appears to have opened recently.
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PVTA northampton bus scene three 20150513164004
later same buses visit for a third time.
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cape cod hospital new elevator.MOD
my second ride was a newer elevator.
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NACB south view 20140405160937
south view first time. we continue to follow construction.
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old style elevator at the Eastworks Easthampton MA
old style in that it lacks modern fixtures and safety.
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Days Inn International Drive  north 331 Orlando Florida.MOD
here is room 331 at the Days Inn International Drive North. Their address is 5858 International Drive, Orlando, FL.
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Otis Westinghouse Haughton elevator at Sears in the Auburn Mall with Georgef551.MOD
this elevator has parts from three elevator makers. Georgef551 and i explore it.
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transfer from umass haigis mall to umass fine arts ‎20151221‏‎151323
walking from PVTA 38/43 and Peter Pan Bus to PVTA 31/45/46.
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Umass Amherst Thompson Hall elevator
my next stop is the Thompson Hall elevator.
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cape cod hospital small elevator.MOD
here is a small elevator in cape cod hospital. its front door opens only on 1. back door opens on the other floors.
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Parenzo Hall elevator Westfield State Univeristy 2014/0122/114633
second westfield stop is the elevator in Parenzo hall.
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holyoke bus scene three 20150608122524
more buses enter and leave Holyoke tc.
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