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Gerber Paraframe 2 pack haul $11.94!!!
Just some knives I picked up for a co worker who likes the one I showed him the other week.he gave me $ 25.00 and said pick yourself up one too and who turns down free knives?
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Thyssenkrupp elevators at TMF Ornales tower
Here are the public elevators at the Ornales tower at Mother Frances hospital these are traction sorry about the poor photography I am using my Note 2
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Abby's diet advice
Mrs Abby is offering me diet advice
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Why is Greyhound always late.............
Mrs Abby wanted me to post what I caught while out for a walk today in Tyler this puppy was making a detour around an event downtown and did not realize that this street was also blocked
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ThyssenKrupp elevators at Mother Frances
These elevators are relatively new the loud "thumping" sound you hear is the brakes setting and releasing on all three in the group the second group is the staff/patient transport elevators
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ThyssenKrupp  elevators at a parking garage
Here are two ThyssenKrupp hydraulic elevators at a relatively new parking garage here in downtown Tyler Texas only one seems to be running at this time
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Dover  elevators at Mother Frances hospital
Here is a ride on a nice Dover hydraulic elevator in one of the parking garages at Trinity mother Frances Hospital in Tyler
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Abby loses her mind (again)
Just a brief overview of my beloved going on another tirade LANGUAGE ALERT she is mad but I love her
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