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Fender 5E5 from Vintage Leslie Retro Amplification
Our most recent build. Keep in mind, this is informally shot on a camera phone/mic. No two amps are alike. You will own a one of a kind, based upon a certain sound, or purpose you are going for. We use vintage materials whenever possible. Locally made in Minnesota, these are amps you will own for a lifetime, and can actually be serviced and modified very easily.
Northern Spy Surf Music Song Bass Line
Recorded on Dec '10, using a Flip Video camcorder.
Jon and Tom discuss our 18 Lite Amps from Retro Amplification
Retro Amplification AO-35 Amps overview.
Mowtown song by The Four Tops and James Jamerson Same Old Song clip
A cool Japanese Yamaha Motion Bass II. It has a killer sound, even though it's not active.
Karma tone  Little Yellow Amp
Flip camera vid of a Retro Amps/Karma Tone Amp Head, which uses 6SJ7 tubes, and one 6L6, solid state rectifier. This is not being posted as a guitar player to critique, just a little amp tone to listen to.
Funk Slap Groove
Just a little funky slap groove on a cheap, but great playing SX Bass.
Our Special Twist to Vintage Signal Tracer
This is a first in the series of vintage signal Tracer conversion amps to a touch-sensitive Fender flavor schematic. It's very forgiving, and you cannot possibly get a bad tone out of it. Loves to break up. Message about purchase of one of these limited editions or our other one of a kind upcycled amps. We hand pick the best vintage parts and they are then passionately born by our network of tube gurus.
Friend JP Warming up on drums
Recorded on February 22, 2012 using a Flip Video camera. This is my friend and son's drum teacher just warming up before a lesson while my son is finishing his after-school homework.