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Selection Sort Algorithm and Analysis( time complexity)
This is my second upload. This tutorial tells about selection sort technique and its efficiency. please give me feedback of my video honestly, So that i can upload more videos on other programming concepts.( even science and maths)
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The Witcher 3 Gameplay in  Lenevo-G50  laptop (lowest settings)
my specs are: i3-5th gen 2.0 ghz AMD Readon R-5 3300 2 GB runs fine in resolution 1024x768 and 1280x600 keeping foliage visibility to medium and using Readon pro to inject aliasing.
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Deadpool Official Sneak Peek 1 2016   Ryan Reynolds Movie
well itz bit old! but u will enjoy ;)
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C++basics part-2
the continuation of previous chapter , my video is flipped 90 to left because of my recording through the mobile camera. I don't think it will be a problem! plz give me a feedback!
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JustCause3 in medium setting in lenevo g 50
i used msi after burner to reduce lag.Game runs perfect in 1024*728. I have Amd Readom R5 3300(2 gb) .
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c++ basics part1
okay! I am not focused on programming here , just the basic concepts. I know i have made many mistakes specially regarding the memory allocation of the program( its not secondary memory, it is always ram ). I will upload part 2 asap. Be open to suggestions. TY
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