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Ayrex strategy - How to profit on Ayrex platform | ToniSignals.com
Ayrex strategy. You can trade binary on http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com ~ $100 no deposit offer! Some of you may already know the strategy I’m using on Ayrex. I like Ayrex trading platform mainly because of the short-term expiries and the speed of execution. I haven’t noticed any delays so far. I can choose one minute, three minute or 5 minute expiries, and it works super fast. It isn’t like on IQ Option platform where you have to wait for the countdown. As you can see, I am using Meta trader 4 with the MBFX system on a 1 minute chart and a 10 second chart on Ayrex. We are looking for a breaking over or under the bands, and this usually happens in the oversold or overbought conditions. The timing indicator shows us clearly when the price is in these positions. The bands are helping me spot momentum, and the 10 second chart shows when the price starts to shift in that direction. In a way, I’m having Meta trader 4 get a signal for the direction, and I’m using the 10 second chart for confirmation. The Euro/Yen is oversold, and it starts pushing UP again. On the Ayrex platform, the 10 second chart shows 3 green candles, and I am placing my Call trade. I usually trade 3 minute or 5 minute expiries, depending on the strength of the trend. You can see a similar position on the Dollar/Yen in an UP trend. The 10 second chart is already showing strong movement, and I am placing a 5 minute Call binary option. I usually follow 4 or 5 currency pairs, no more, and I look for oversold and overbought positions to place my trade. I won’t advise you on money management, but you should reach over an 80% win rate before you increase the stakes. I also spot a good opportunity on Euro/Dollar. The price is not breaking the bands, but it found a lower resistance level, which is a good entry point for a Put binary option. The Dollar/Yen contract expired in the money, but it was a lucky bet and I should have placed it with a 3 minute expiry instead of a 5 minute. The Euro/Dollar is going in my direction. This will be my last trade for this session. The strategy works well for me, but your success will depend on your trading skills. You should keep in mind that you can’t solely rely on indicators. The indicators can give you the signal, but you need some knowledge of price action to decide on the entry point. So, keep trading and learning on the charts! More screen time will increase chances to profit in binary options. To support our work, please subscribe and leave us a comment. Disclaimer: Please note this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and it is not financial advice. You should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular trade or follow a particular strategy, only as an expression of his opinion.
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IQ Option Review - Explained how iq option works
IQ Option review. You can visit http://bit.ly/iqoption-app (Your capital may be at risk) Most of you were recently asking for binary robots that really work, and we want to show off the best product on the market. Today, we will talk about IQ Option and the new Auto-trading robots you can use. IQ Option is currently, no doubt, leading the race between binary trading platforms. We believe most of the traders will agree on that. The other trading softwares simply cannot match IQ Option in terms of graphical tools, indicators and speed. IQ Option engineers are the first to build a platform based on WebGL technology, which makes the platform run really fast and orders are executed in split seconds. Traders can easily draw support and resistance lines on the candlestick charts and add Fibonacci lines if they need to. You can also follow the prices with Moving averages, Bollinger bands and Oscillators indicators, which makes it really easy to work with your strategy directly on the chart and place your orders at the same time. In fact, the platform allows you to use more than 12 indicators, and each of them can be customized in order to help you with Call and Put signals. We know traders love short term expiries, such as one and five minutes. This is simply the nature of binary traders, and we can’t blame them. Many traders are trying to find the ultimate strategy, but the reality is that there is no such thing as an 100% accurate strategy. So your task should be to reach something like 65% to 70% successful trades. Thus, you will float over the water for a longer period. IQ Option engineers have created robots that can trade even when you are not following the charts. So, once you build a successful strategy, you can develop a robot that will do the work for you. Sounds good, right? However, you should be really careful with these machines when we are talking about your real money account. You definitely don’t want some naughty robot blowing up your account while you sleep. Of course, you are able to implement money management and risk management, but as we know, these machines make mistakes, and once your money is gone, you can do nothing about it. Our advice is don’t rely 100% on auto-trading and keep an eye on what your robot is doing. Probably the best scenario would be to program your robot in a mode to display signals, and then you can manually place the trades. Unfortunately, this is not how it actually works at IQ Option. It works basically in 3 steps: You set up your strategy, specify the amount allocated for trading, and run the robot. You can also set a number of restrictions as to when your robot will automatically stop trading. If you are new to auto-trading machines, our advice is you better select an existing robot from the catalog. You can check net profit and efficiency on all listed robots before you make your choice. The good side is that you can test each robot before you use it, and you can also see how it works in demo mode. The IQ Option demo account is free, and it allows you to trade exactly like in real mode. All indicators and graphic tools are available, and you can test and modify your strategies until you reach perfection. To open a demo account, just follow the link on this video. We definitely have to mention the trading tournaments. The entry fees are acceptable, starting from $4 up to $50, and the prize pools can reach $100,000. One of the most popular tournaments is called “Wall Street Beat,” which runs every month with a $50,000 prize pool, which the top 30 traders share. In fact, when you decide to open your real account, you can boost it with up to 36% bonus. It is up to you whether you get a bonus or simply make a deposit without a bonus. The minimum deposit at IQ Option is $10, and the minimum trade is $1 only! This broker is offering you plenty of different payments, including the most popular e-wallets: Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney. Withdrawals can be completed in one day once you finish the identification process, but it also could take longer depending on your payment method. The company is licensed by CySEC and registered with FCA. If we believe the numbers behind IQ Option, it is really an astonishing achievement: Over 10 million trading accounts, 3 million trades per day, over five million dollars in monthly payments to traders. We believe it is one of the best brokers when it comes to binary options trading. If you want to try the trading platform, you can do it with a completely free demo. Just click the link on this video, and visit IQ Option website! Should you have any comments, feel free to share. We wish you happy trading, and kindly ask you to subscribe for our new videos.
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Trading on HighLow.net - How to profit | ToniSignals.com
HighLow Strategy. You can trade binary options on http://bit.ly/HighLow-net (ASIC regulated) ~ $50 cash back! In the following HighLow strategy, you see the Value Chart indicator gives High Low signals. The confirmation candle could be Doji, Shooting star or Hammer. The Shooting star is ideal for a Put binary option, and Hammer is ideal for Call binary option. HighLow is currently one of the best binary brokers as it is backed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, which is considered one of the toughest regulators out there. HighLow is offering an 85% payout on every 5-minute option, 95% payouts on 30-second options and 100% payouts on the Spread binary options. I believe anything above 85% is a pretty fair return on investment when it comes to binary trading. To perform the strategy in the best possible way, you need the MetaTrader 4 platform. The Value Chart works only on MetaTrader 4, and you get sound alerts when a price is overbought or oversold. The red colour is for Put, and green is for Call. But getting a signal doesn’t automatically mean you should place a trade. To place your trade, you need to first see a confirmation candle and also consider the economic events. I know many binary traders are looking for robots and auto-trading money machines, but I prefer to trust myself. You always have to consider the price action and fundamentals. You must have the pulse of the markets to be successful.
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Binary options strategy - How to win 60 second trades | ToniSignals.com
IQ option strategy. You can trade binary options on http://bit.ly/HighLow-net (ASIC regulated) ~ $50 cash back offer! 60 second strategy based on two simple indicators, and it is easy to follow. In my opinion, IQ Option is currently the most professional trading platform designed for binary options. You can easily set up your strategy on the chart by using the available indicators, such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands. I am using the MA to define the trend and always trade with the trend when a candle is out of the Bollinger bands. When the moving average shows a clear up trend, we can see many red candles break the bottom band. All red candles are followed by green candles. These green candles should be your Call trades in this strategy. When you see the moving average is going down and see a break in the upper band, this is a clear signal for a Put trade as we expect the price to return in the bands. Many of you guys are asking whether it is possible to create an auto-trading robot with this strategy. Yes, of course it is possible. The IQ Robots system is probably the best out there, but still, I don’t really trust robots. If you check the statistics, most traders lose money when they use robots. If you want to be a successful trader, you need to trust your intuition and the robots do not have intuition. It is that simple. You’d do better trusting yourself instead of some robot. But this just my advice. If you believe robots can make you profit, you can try this strategy with auto-trading. You cannot trade all signals. Just keep trading and developing your intuition on the markets. This strategy is not 100% accurate. You will see false signals. The trick is to keep your winning trades over 65%. Be careful in cases when the moving average is going flat. I would not recommend placing trades when the moving average is flat. You can always try the strategy on the IQ Option demo. Good luck in your trades! Disclaimer: Please note this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and it is not financial advice. You should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular trade or follow a particular strategy, only as an expression of his opinion.
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ForTrade tutorial - How to profit
ForTrade is FCA regulated. You can visit http://bit.ly/fortrade-app to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with leverage up to 1:5 Trading cryptocurrency at ForTrade When trading cryptocurrency at a forex broker, you don’t actually buy tokens, but you do speculate on price direction. You can use leverage to open bigger positions than your initial deposit. The ForTrade platform automatically shows you up to what position size you can trade based on your available margin. With Take Profit and Stop Loss, you can automate your trades to close at a certain price. You can check the Ethereum price action on the charts. The ForTrade platform offers candlestick and line charts. You can switch from one-minute candles up to one-week candles. To decide for your entry you can draw the recent support and resistance levels, and look for some dips if you want to open a new Long position. ForTrade platform review Basically, the platform is easy to navigate, you can also use some technical indicators, such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands. To find all cryptocurrencies available, just go to All instruments and scroll down to Digital currency pairs. At present, ForTrade offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash, but most certainly, it will add more crypto pairs in the upcoming weeks. You can also trade major forex pairs, such as Euro/US Dollar, Dollar/Yen and Pound/Dollar. To select your favourite pairs, just click on the star next to the pair and position it on the board. Below the favourites list, you can check on the top gainers and losers of the last trading day. How to trade crypto at ForTrade Let’s say you want to open a Long position on Bitcoin, then you have to decide on the size of your position. That will depend on the amount of your deposit and the leverage you can use. The ForTrade platform allows you to place pending orders, meaning trades will be automatically executed at a certain price level. The next step is to set your Stop loss and Take profit levels. When trading crypto pairs, you need to keep in mind that leverage is a double-edged sword. Disclamer: The video is published for informative and educational purposes only and it is not financial advice. Viewers should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy, but only as an expression of his opinion.
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HighLow Review - Binary options broker regulated in Australia
HighLow review. Trade binary options on http://bit.ly/HighLow-app (ASIC regulated) ~ $50 cash back offer! HighLow is a binary broker based in Sydney, Australia and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The company name is HighLow Markets Pty. It started providing over-the-counter derivatives in 2013 and these days is one of the hot names on the market. The ASIC regulation ensures: The clients’ money is protected, segregated from those of HighLow Markets Pty and held in a Client Money Trust Account at the National Australia Bank HighLow does not initiate speculative positions in the market HighLow has no positional exposure to third parties HighLow has large insurance policies to protect traders against broker collapse ASIC is watching this broker closely, and traders can cash out any time with no delays. Deposits and withdrawals via e-wallets and credit cards are completed instantly. Trading platform MarketsPulse is a leading software provider in the industry, and you can take advantage of its fast performance and really high payouts up to 100%. All binary options are displayed with an expiry time and fixed payout. Once you choose an option, you need to decide on a direction and amount to invest. The expiry time starts at 30 seconds at goes to End of day. The daily option expiry is set with the Sydney Close and the New York Close. Traders can also purchase 5 minute, 15 minute and hourly options. HighLow mostly offers forex options. You can trade all the majors and some crossings, like Australian dollar/Japanese yen and Australian dollar/New Zealand dollar. Stock indices and commodities are also included in the assets list. The payouts on High/Low options are 90% on average, which is the best offer we know of so far. If you trade Spreads, your profit could even be 100% on a successful trade. You must know, however, with Spread options the risk is bigger since you speculated with a higher or lower level than the current market price. The software is really flexible as it allows you to sell back options before the original expiry and also to turn on One click trading. Better charting and trading indicators, such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands, are still missing. Strategy For your trading strategy, you can use Meta trader 4 or Meta Trader 5 to implement indicators, which you need. The HighLow platform is fully mobile. You can trade from your iPhone, iPad or any Android device. Demo The Quick Demo features is really cool, and you can get a feel for some real action on the markets instantly. You don’t have to pass through a registration process; you just click on Quick Demo and the magic happens. You can start trading with $10,000 in virtual money. Live account When you decide on a Live account, please keep in mind you need to pass a verification before you make a deposit. HighLow offers instant verification, and you can complete your live account in less than 5 minutes. The minimum deposit is $50, and you can use VISA, MasterCard, Bank transfer or an e-wallet, such as Neteller. In fact, HighLow offers its clients over 35 different payment options based on your country of residence. HighLow doesn’t allow U.S. citizens to open live accounts. Withdrawals The withdrawals are processed instantly if you use a credit card or e-wallet. For bank transfers, it might take a bit longer, but your transfer will be completed in the same day. $50 Cash back For new customers, HighLow offers $50 cash back, which means if you deposit $100 and you lose $50, HighLow will cover your loss and you will be able to withdrawal your $100 initial deposit with no strings attached. We believe this offer makes HighLow a really friendly broker for beginners, who can also rely on professional and dedicated support. HighLow also runs a loyalty program for customers who trade high volumes. By trading more, you earn credits, and later, you can redeem these credits for cash back up to $500. We believe the strong regulation from ASIC, the clients’ money protection and the loyalty program, combined with instant withdrawals, make HighLow the obvious choice for binary traders.
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Ayrex Demo - 60 seconds trading strategy
Ayrex Demo. You can trade binary on http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com ~ $100 no deposit offer! In my trading session, I am using a 60-second strategy based on some custom Meta Trader 4 indicators. I have both platforms opened, and when I see a signal on the Meta Trader, I place a trade at Ayrex. In all my trades, I invest $100, and the expiry time is 60 seconds. I am trading the EUR/USD pair.
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Successful binary trading - 24option Review
24option review. You can trade binary on http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com ~ $100 free bonus! We want to check on 24option and raise a valuable question: is 24option still one of the best binary brokers out there? We know that 24option is the favorite broker of many traders. They simply love the simplicity, clean design and fast orders. It is really easy to start trading on the platform and the choice of assets is also great. Traders can find some custom types of binary options, which are not available on other platforms. 24option is a CySEC regulated company and has operated since 2010. Currently, we can say 24option is still a top choice broker among traders, but let’s see how they can really improve and become friendlier to the open public. The platform has to offer some good tools for risk management, such as the “Early Closure”, which allows you to close the option before expiry. If your option is more likely to finish out-of-the-money, then you will be able to close it with a smaller loss. The “Early Closure” is available seconds after you purchase the options and up to 5 minutes before the original expiry. When it comes to charts and graphs, 24option has much room to improve. The current charts are really small, and you can’t follow the price in candlesticks, which is really annoying. If you want to use graphical tools and indicators, you need to open a separate window, called “Professional Chart.” Actually, it is not very professional and you can find much better chart platforms. Our advice is you just use Meta Trader 4, where you can easily set up your strategy and place trades on the 24option platform. The best part is that you can use all kinds of strategies at 24option because the broker offers a large number of trading assets with plenty of different expiry times. You can trade 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, End of the day or End of the month. The payouts are in the range of 70% to 85%. If you prefer to trade short term expiries, such as 1 or 5 minutes, the payouts are about 70% to 75%. In our experience, you receive the best payouts when you trade 15 minutes up to 4 hour options. Our advice would be to set up a similar strategy if you want the optimal outcome. When it comes to money management, you might have a problem. The minimum trade is $24, which makes your life on the trading platform a bit harder. If you want to place trades at 2% to 3% of your account, you should have over $1,000 deposited. Considering that there are many brokers offering $1 trades, we believe 24option could lower its minimum trade to become a friendlier broker. You will be also a bit disappointed when you discover there are no free demo accounts. You can’t just open account and trade with demo money. We know it is a bit frustrating, but unfortunately, it is still the practice for many binary brokers. They will ask you to make the minimum deposit before you have access to the trading platform. This is also a policy 24option could change, and we know that many traders would appreciate it. By virtue of its regulatory obligations, the company takes measures to safeguard clients’ funds. In this sense, the company cooperates only with banks authorized and regulated by EU member states and that are highly rated by credit rating agencies. In addition, as per regulatory requirements, the company deposits clients’ funds in segregated bank accounts. Traders can use a number of e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals on the platform. The most popular wallets are Skrill, Neteller, PaySafe, CashU and Qiwi. Of course, you can also use credit and debit cards. Withdrawals are usually executed up to 3 business days, but if you use an e-wallet, the expected time is reduced to 24 hours. 24option support is really fast, and it works 24/7 via Live chat and Phone. Once you register an account, you might decide to have an account manager. He or she can give you general instructions on the trading platform, as well as information about the current market trends. It is important to notice that account managers cannot trade on your behalf as it is totally against the regulations. You can also select on what conditions your account manager can call you or send you e-mails. For example, you might ask him or her to call you before important market data is released. Well, in our opinion, the broker must definitely improve on its trading platform, add a bigger screen and candlestick charts, and add some basic indicators, such as Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. Allowing traders to have demo accounts is also necessary in our view. On the bright side, we can congratulate them for developing one the best mobile apps for trading binary options. If you like trading mobile, the 24option app is a great choice. The web platform is also mobile. If you want to visit it, just click the link on this video. We wish you happy trading and kindly ask you to subscribe. More videos will come soon!
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Simple forex strategy - How to profit | ToniSignals.com
Simple forex strategy. You can get free forex signals on https://tonisignals.com I just want to share my thoughts on the recent EUR/USD trading. The price is basically moving in two ranges, and it kind of makes sense to set up a range strategy at the moment. So, when prices are moving in a range, defining the high and low levels of that range is most important. These are the well-known support and resistance levels in price action trading. To check whether one level is really an important one, you must scroll back on the chart and see how people reacted to that level in the past. When one level has been both support and resistance, that is confirmation this level is important! Once we have the key levels, the rules of our strategy are simple: Sell the tops and Buy the bottoms. You can see that when price is close to the resistance level of 1.1480, you obviously sell the pair, but what if the price breaks out of the resistance? In our case, the Euro price finds its next resistance near the 1.1550 level, which is actually the support level of the upper range. Then, the price moves back to the lower range. So, if the Euro price keeps moving in the lower range, we might expect it to rebound from the 1.1320 level again. Your forex strategy is simple math. If you want to use risk reward 1:2, for example Stop loss 30 pips and Take profit 60 pips, you would need 35% winning trades to keep your balance positive. If you use risk reward 1:3, you would need 30% winning trades. Whatever strategy you use, you can’t expect to win every trade, but it is important to limit your losses and increase your potential profit. Disclaimer: Please note this video is for educational purposes only, and it is not financial advice. You should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular trade or follow a particular strategy, only as an expression of his opinion.
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Ayrex Review - How to profit trading binary
Ayrex Review. Visit http://bit.ly/ayrex-app AYREX just recently launched a new trading platform and succeeded in adding Moving averages and Bollinger band indicators. This platform gives you the shortest access to the financial markets. The minimum deposit is only $5, and once you open your real account, you can trade currencies, stocks and commodities. Even if Ayrex is still not officially regulated, the company does operate by the rules. You can easily find all the terms and conditions on its page. What proves Ayrex is a fair broker is the fact it offers automatic withdrawals, which means you don’t wait for approval and you can pocket your profits in a few minutes. No other binary broker does this! Everything is backed by experience. These guys have tons of experience in financial markets and perfectly know how to treat their clients. As an Ayrex customer, you can always expect to receive the best possible support. The software is powered by Advanced Binary Technologies, and it is actually one of the best products on the market. Even compared to IQ Option, Ayrex has advantages. The execution time for each option is the fastest in the industry at 0.028 seconds. The charts are clearly displayed on a big screen from 5 second to 1 minute candles, and you can purchase options from a 30 second expiry time up to one hour. Traders can use the help of Moving averages and Bollinger Bands to spot trends and retracements on the chart. We believe Ayrex should add more indicators, such as Stochastic oscillator, the MA convergence divergence and the Relative Strength Index. We very much like the fast and smooth trading platform. The Short-term expiries are the best we know on the market, but we want to see a bigger range of expiries. In our opinion, Ayrex must definitely add daily and weekly options to its portfolio. The assets list focuses on forex pairs, which is understandable. You can also trade stocks, equity indices and commodities. The average payout is about 80% on successful trades, and the most volatile assets are paid up to 85%. Ayrex also offers a great mobile solution for Android and iPhone users. The app is free to download, and it doesn’t miss on features. The mobile platform has a highly customisable interface and is powered with tools to take your trading to the next level. When you decide to make a real account, you must know the minimum deposit is only $5, and Ayrex accepts VISA, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller. The withdrawals are automatic, and you don’t need to wait for approval. Most binary brokers approve withdrawals in 3 to 5 business days, so what do you say to taking your profits in less than an hour? Yes, this is exactly what Ayrex offers you. The real account means you need a trading strategy. So, here is what you need to consider. The minimum trade is $1, which is good because it makes it easier for you to manage your risk. The average payout is 80%, which means for every invested dollar, you can earn 80 cents if your option expires in the money. The moving averages and Bollinger bands will definitely help you in your technical analysis on the charts. There is also a news feed on the platform, which keeps you updated on all the important events. If you are still wondering if Ayrex is a friendly broker, check on the Hot offers. Ayrex runs really cool promotions for new and existing customers. You can start with a $30 free no-deposit bonus. You just need to sign up, and Ayrex will credit your account with a $30 bonus. When you reach the required volume, you can cash out up to $200. On top of that, Ayrex runs a no-deposit $300 trading contest. The contest occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can join it all three times in a week, and there is no limit on participation. The total monthly prize pool is $3,600, so don’t wait. Just pick a strategy and show them who’s boss!
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Best binary options broker - Ayrex Review
Ayrex Review. You can trade binary options on http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com ~ $100 no deposit offer! Our team of traders were impressed with Ayrex’s performance, and we would like to share our experience. In this review, we will talk about the trading platform, the company license, deposit and withdrawal options and, of course, what promotions Ayrex offers. Ayrex Trading Platform We definitely commend the company for putting effort into developing its own trading platform instead of simply buying a ready template from one of the big providers. The fact that Ayrex has its own platform allows it to improve the platform, which is a key point. For example, currently, the platform lacks trading indicators, but Ayrex assured us that it will add indicators, such as Moving averages and Bollinger Bands, in the near future. Most of the binary brokers do not offer any technical tools, so adding indicators will be a huge jump for Ayrex. We wish the company good luck, and hopefully, it will launch a new release on the trading platform sooner rather than later. On the right side is where the trading action is. You can choose to trade Short Term, High/Low and One Touch binary options. The expiry time ranges from 30 seconds to one hour, and payouts start at 70% and reach 85%. The best payout we saw was on EUR/USD (85%) with a one-hour expiry. Unfortunately, Ayrex does not offer end of the day or end of the week expiries. We believe the broker should definitely add some long-term expiries. Ayrex Terms In fact the company displays, on its website, clear terms, which we recommend you carefully read before you open a real account. Ayrex Regulation When it comes to binary trading, regulation is a key factor. Ayrex is owned by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. The company is registered in St. Kitts and Nevis, with offices in London, UK. It is currently in the process of obtaining a CySEC license and is soon to be regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Ayrex Deposits and Withdrawals As with every broker, the most important aspect is payments. We should definitely look more closely at Ayrex’s banking system. The minimum deposit amount is $5, which is quite a bit lower than the industry standard of $250. For deposits and withdrawals, you can use VISA, MasterCard, Neteller and a number of e-wallets, depending on your location. Many traders will probably ask for Skrill and PayPal. Well, we were assured by Ayrex that Skrill will be added soon. However, unfortunately, PayPal won’t be an option in the near future. You should know that, for deposits with Visa or MasterCard, Ayrex requires account verification before you make the deposit. If you make a deposit via Neteller, the broker will ask you for verification before the withdrawal. To verify your account, you have to send copy of your ID and proof of address, which is standard procedure, as you know. Keep in mind that Ayrex covers all transaction fees when you deposit, and you have one free-of-charge withdrawal per month. Each subsequent withdrawal will be charged a commission based on the processing fees of the payment system. Ayrex Deposit Bonus As with most binary brokers, Ayrex also offers a deposit bonus up to 30%, which is a bit low considering that many brokers offer 100% bonus. Be aware that if you opt for the bonus, your deposit will be locked from withdrawal until you fulfill the bonus terms. You can cancel the bonus anytime and withdraw your deposit, but in such cases, you will lose the bonus funds. All bonus terms are clearly displayed on the website, so you will know all the possible scenarios upfront. Ayrex No Deposit Bonus Currently, Ayrex is running a nice offer called “No deposit bonus” where you can receive $30 free. You just need to verify your account and credit card. Go to the “No deposit bonus” page, apply for your free bonus, and $30 will be credited to your account. Ayrex Binary Blast Contest You can also join a demo contest, called Binary Blast, with real cash prizes up to $100 for the winners. A deposit is not required to join the contest, but again, your account needs to be verified in order to make a withdrawal. The competition runs three times a week, and it is easy to join. Just go to the contest page on the Ayrex website, and you will find all the terms. Ayrex Demo Trading You can try all trading features in demo mode. For demo mode, you don’t even need to register on the platform. Just click on “Try Demo,” and you will see everything works with demo money. Ayrex Support We should mention the excellent support at Ayrex. These guys are real professionals, and they know how everything works in detail. They know the trading platform, the payment system, all current promotions and all terms. You receive straightforward answers in the Live chat and not the usual sales tricks most brokers try to pull.
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Trading on IQ Option - How to profit | ToniSignals.com
Profitable binary strategy. You can trade binary on http://bit.ly/HighLow-net with $100 free! I’m showing some trades on IQ Option, and I’m also using Meta trader 4 because of the MBFX system. IQ Option is a great trading platform, but you can’t add custom indicators, so if you want to try this strategy, you need to use Meta trader 4 as well. So basically, I am looking for overbought and oversold conditions, and I trade retracements on the trend. When the trend goes Up I place Call trades, and when it goes down, I place Put trades. In other words, when the price breaks the bands, it gives us a signal for Call or Put binary options. On the Dollar/Yen, we see clear breaking of the upper band, and so I place a 3 minute Put option. I usually trade 2, 3 or 5 minute expiries, depending on the strength of the trend. So, breaking of the upper band, you place a Put, and breaking of the bottom band, you place a Call. I think you have the idea. It’s a simple strategy. I prefer keep it simple instead of adding 20 indicators with magic arrows all over the chart. After all, the indicators just give you the signal; you need knowledge of the charts to spot your entry. You can see this strategy also works on IQ Option, but of course, you need Meta trader 4. You have to get used to both platforms to successfully trade, and keep learning candlestick patterns. Happy trading! Disclaimer: Please note this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and it is not financial advice. You should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular trade or follow a particular strategy, only as an expression of his opinion.
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MT4 binary options - How to profit | ToniSignals.com
MT4 binary strategy. You can trade binary options on http://bit.ly/HighLow-net ~ $100 free! My trading strategy is pretty simple. I am using only three indicators. I prefer to keep it simple and clean, instead of using 15 indicators with magic arrows. This is a common mistake for many binary traders. You ended up focusing more on the indicators and less on the price. It is the price action that can give you a hint about when to enter a trade. As this is binary options, you are not worried about exiting a position. You are just focused on the entry spot and expiry time. I usually trade 3 or 5 minutes expiries, depending on the strength of the trend and price action. Disclaimer: Please note this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and it is not financial advice. You should not treat any opinion expressed by the author as a specific inducement to make a particular trade or follow a particular strategy, only as an expression of his opinion.
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Free binary signals - BOS Signals
Free binary signals. App is available on App Store and Google Play. You can download it free https://tonisignals.com/signals Singlas for entry and exit Notifications in real time Price action analysis
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Best binary signals - BOS Signals
Best binary signals. App is free on the App store and Google play. You can download it https://tonisignals.com/signals We deliver free binary options signals with a proven track record. You will see our success rate before you decide to trade at your broker. The signals are published by our team of professional traders. We do not use any automatic systems or robots. How signals work? Be notified of a new signal on your phone Wait for the target price Trade the signal at your broker There’s no secret algorithm and no magic formula! We do it the old fashioned way (and how it’s meant to be done): our experts analyze the market from both a fundamental and technical perspective and then decide on the safest and most probable trade direction (AKA the signal itself). When you open a new signal on your phone, you will see a short analysis and the signal for call or put trade, including the expiry time, target price and the reasoning behind the trade. Each asset is analyzed by an expert, so you will also receive insights into his or her thinking when he or she decides to take a Call or a Put trade. How do we create Signals? To get good results, you need to rely on good people, and that’s why we’ve decided to put together a handful of experts who constantly analyze the markets and come up with high probability scenarios. Once they’ve decided on the next direction of price, you are notified through the BOS app. The analysis is conducted by using price action, chart patterns and support/resistance levels. The fundamental aspect plays a major role, and rest assured, it is an important part of their analysis. Why our signals are better than robots We are profitable traders who want to share our experience. We won’t send you thousands of signals per month, only quality market analyses. Our signals are created for daily expiries, so when you receive a new signal, you will have plenty of time to decide whether to trade it. You don’t need to sit in front of your computer for the entire day, waiting to jump in the market. Just install our app, and the signals will pop up on your phone. Who can trade our signals? Everyone can trade our signals if they have a broker account. If you still don’t have an account, you can check the page with our recommended brokers. You need a binary broker that provides daily expiries. What are Binary Options Binary options are short term trades with expiry times of usually 15 minutes, 1 hour or end of the day. The end of the day time depends on the broker, but it is usually set with the close of the New York trading session. The binary trades are based on simple High/Low price predictions. Will the price be higher or lower at the expiry time? If the trader’s prediction comes true (ITM), he or she receives the entire payout. The payout is usually 80-90%, depending on the broker. If the trader’s prediction doesn’t come true, the option is out of the money (OTM), and the trade amount is lost. How to trade at a Binary Broker To trade binary options, you need to open a trading account and make a deposit at a broker. The minimum deposit is usually $250, but you can also find brokers with a $10 minimum deposit. The broker will offer you payouts for Call and Put options (High/Low) on currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices. The expiry time for your option could be 60 seconds, 1 hour or 1 month. You can choose asset, expiry time, price direction and amount to invest.
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Ayrex review - free binary demo and no deposit contest
Ayrex review. You ca trade binary on http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com ~ $100 free offer! Ayrex is a fair, trustworthy binary options broker with clear terms and conditions for all payouts and promotions. You can test the trading platform with a completely free demo. The trading software will give you all you need in terms of short binary options, high/low and one touch trading. The best payouts are up to 85%. With the binary blast contest, traders can even make real cash with no deposit. Just open a real account, and join the next contest. The contest is available three times a week, and the winner receives $100 in cash. When you decide to open a real account, just register on the website and make a deposit. You won’t be disturbed by annoying phone calls. You can simply concentrate on your trades. Ayrex short review: Ayrex Option Types: Short-Term, High/Low, One Touch Ayrex Software: in-house Ayrex Trading indicators: N/A Ayrex Min deposit: $5 Ayrex Min trade: $5 Ayrex Bonus: 30% Ayrex Max payout: 85% Ayrex Demo account: free with no registration Ayrex Account currencies: EUR, USD Ayrex License: pending CySEC Ayrex Mobile app: Android Ayrex Payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Fasapa, Mandiri Ayrex Founded: 2014 Ayrex does not accept clients from the following countries : USA
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Binary options no deposit bonus - $30 free at Ayrex
Binary no deposit bonus. Get your http://bit.ly/ayrex-bonus $30 free bonus at Ayrex No deposit required Make turnover of 30 volumes Withdrawal up to $200 cash No deposit contest $3,600 in cash prizes Just sign up Every week 3 new contests
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Ayrex Trading Platform - Best trading experience!
Binary options trading platform 80% payouts - http://bit.ly/Ayrex-com
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