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Cashing in Coins at the Bank (September 2018) ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE!

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Once, again, cashing coins in to convert them into usable cash. NOTE: NEVER put a full container into a machine (Coinstar ones tell you that)! You can jam the coin entry slot, or the machine. If you wish your bank, store, or other place has a similar thing, ASK THEM! You'll get nowhere wishing for them here. (It's also considered SPAM Posting, and will be removed.)
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J GrUBbS (2 hours ago)
Watching you put your finger in there was literally "CRINGE WORTHY"
Peter Hicks (1 day ago)
what is so great about this? all you are doing is seeing how much change, from purchases you have made, you have collected in a year. Why not just use your change on a day to day basis?
georgef551 (1 day ago)
Storing the change away equals savings that add up. It's a cheap way to add to your savings account, and adds up well after awhile.
Mystery Buyer (4 days ago)
I don't give the banks or coin star machines coins ever! I don't spend them either. This is treasury money not federal reserve notes. It makes me sad people want the inferior fed notes. Coins can be the long term savings and they are all backed by the metals they contain.
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the crazy dogz (7 days ago)
Rrrrrrr! So many possible rare and old coins, lost forever.
Tun Aung (12 days ago)
PCGS Coin Fact 1804 $ 1 Orignal. Class 1... C. A. Watters Collection. Glendening Co. 6/1917:227,E 330.Henry Chapman, sold privately on 6/20/1918 for $2,500-Virgil M. Brand Collection and Estate
Shafiq Shirzay (18 days ago)
i have too much coins but one of them have one picture from sir ...Hans Sloane..1660-1753 and behind the coins wright .. The British museum with one picture from British museum .. if some body want to conicte with me [email protected] .com. 00306946290384 viber....watap ...imo
Dellrugby PM (30 days ago)
Great video! Liked and subbed you
Julio Manuel (1 month ago)
Nice video man I'm about to to cash my also .. i started doing it last year :)
AdventureGamer Memes (2 months ago)
As a coin collector it’s sad to see all those unsearched and possible silver coins were just thrown away
Mystery Buyer (4 days ago)
Yep when I am in the grocery store and someone dumps change into the coinstar it drives me nuts. I would have given them a little more than face value for them. This is getting real very fast because I am trying to accumulate before these metal compositions change again. Also this is treasury money!
Björn Mielke (2 months ago)
Where can I change my coins without any fee? I haven´t an account. I am going to go to the USA for 2 weeks.
Björn Mielke (2 months ago)
Is there a fee? I am a tourist. I am from Germany.
Julian Seabury (5 hours ago)
If your not a bank member (he is) or your using a generalized machine (he isn't) it costs around 6÷
Lucas (2 days ago)
No listen to him in the beginning dumbass
Love 3 (3 months ago)
Watching on mute he talk to much
box ventures (3 months ago)
Vedy good engrish
veritasfiles (3 months ago)
You don't know how the machine works. It doesn't stop because it's too much or jammed. It's simply optimizing how many coins its introducing with how many coins are being counted. In short, you're in no danger of actually jamming the machine where you're going to have to pay money to fix it. The machine is designed to work in spurts that way.
georgef551 (3 months ago)
I know that. It also can get jammed when putting too many in, usually the entry slot.
Subverter Radio (3 months ago)
OMG i hate seeing this - so many possible good collectible coins lost forever.. at least look thru the coins to see if you have any silver or copper or super old stuff.. i hope that you did in advance.
Faze Ignitable (4 months ago)
Great video maybe can you buy coins from fidelity with cash or get it out of you account and then put it in this machine.its still the same amount of money
Fiat Punto (4 months ago)
Gosh the satisfaction...
someguy23475 (4 months ago)
Do you save the wheats? I collect them. The Canadian coins I find are useful for crossing the border
Sam Sitar (4 months ago)
they want you to enjoy coin counting.
The Multigamer (4 months ago)
I love this thing it is awesome. Is this in England?
georgef551 Lots of towns in Massachusetts are named after British towns lol, Cambridge, Plymouth ect.
georgef551 (4 months ago)
Correct. To be fair, there is a Leominster, UK.
Dan T (4 months ago)
No somewhere in Massachusetts USA
Bradley Jackson (4 months ago)
Bye bye coins

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