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How to Make Money Trading Options - The Vertical Spread

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www.SkyViewTrading.com The Short Vertical Spread (aka Vertical Credit Spread) is the most basic options trading spread. A Short Vertical Call Spread is a bearish/neutral strategy that consists of a Short Call and a Long Call… And a Vertical Put Spread is a bullish/neutral strategy that consists of a Short Put and Long Put. Use this option spreads strategy to sell option time premium with very little risk and capital. Quit letting time decay ruin your trades and start letting it work in your favor. You can trade this strategy with an account size of just 2k while allocating very little capital to each trade. Watch this video to fully understand how this strategy works and how to trade it. Also, make sure to sign up for our FREE 3 Video Lesson Series at www.skyviewtrading.com! Adam Thomas Sky View Trading option spreads strategies option strategies Vertical Spread Option Strategy Vertical Credit Spread Iron Condor How To Trade a Vertical Spread option trading basics option time decay consistent options income
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robert wade (15 hours ago)
What heppends if i have 2 both ITO calls
MinDetonator96 (5 days ago)
i dont think the kind of people who watch these videos have even 1% of the necessary capital required to sell calls and puts of expensive stocks
Sooooo If the stock doesn't move up much on a short or vice Versa when it's out of the money, we made money? But only if it made it to the end of the expiration date we can collect the funds when it's rendered worthless ? Interesting
suma shean (6 days ago)
Eric Henry (10 days ago)
Bear market options
DIY GUY (13 days ago)
Options - Choices - Options - Choices
matt napper (14 days ago)
my poor little head is spinning, so much to learn
eugyero (15 days ago)
This year 2019 I shall try options and make millions or something like that. The best options explanation by far.
robert wade (16 days ago)
So is there a way to have a higher max profit and lower max loss? Or that is not a thing in stock strategy.
fx ea (17 days ago)
flydye45 (18 days ago)
Every time you go to that stock trading platform, you just 'click click click' very very quickly so it is very hard to absorb. "Let me right click, show it to you for 1 second, spout a line, and go to another part of the platform without giving you a chance to see and absorb.' I would suggest slowing WAY down on that part
Juan de Dios Ortiz (24 days ago)
Koji seat (26 days ago)
God Bless. Perfect
Andrea Pastina (27 days ago)
Very nice explaination. Can you make a video on short box strategy?
Jacob Brown (1 month ago)
Thank you so much Mr Gail your indeed a saviour am now making 6k every week for those out there that are finding if difficult to withdraw their funds and for those that have lost their funds in trading , feel free to drop him an email [email protected] he will be glad to assist you
GunP01nT510 (1 month ago)
I’ve been trading for a while but my first trade f*cked me. I made new rules for vertical spreads and they’ve been working fantastically! https://www.reddit.com/r/options/comments/a8ljfj/my_googl_995_put_spread_expired_atm_and_now_i/?st=JPZLWFBT&sh=07aeecd3
Hina Hussain (1 month ago)
thank you nice job
Ivan Sweeney (1 month ago)
Yue Chen (1 month ago)
Seems great strategies. What is the real risk?
Retired MGTOW (1 month ago)
smokester74 (1 month ago)
How does selling a call work? Is it like shorting a stock and why wouldn't I buy a put instead?
Chuckey 2015 (2 months ago)
How would this work with Robinhood?
Nebderf 350zHR (2 months ago)
The only confusion im having is, are you using tje example if we BUY a vertical spread? Or SELL a vertical spread? And are we buying or selling the put or buy side? I use ToS so on TOS it gives you the option for vertical spread to buy or sell the put or call of the strike for the spread.. How does this work if im betting the stock doesnt go up? Buy the Put??
Superior Man (2 months ago)
It's not called Vertical Spread. It's called Credit Call Spread (Bear Call Spread). His videos are trying to confuse people. I recommend to watch a different channel!
Johnson kelly (2 months ago)
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Wesley Groth (2 months ago)
Learning to be a bear.
Tiffany Rosewell (2 months ago)
Good prospects but honestly I have Sir Dennis Mcneel to thank for my recent successes. He trades for me and his strategy works wonders.
Ismail Aly (17 days ago)
Mario Cruz never ever trust someone thats claims he has a strategy to win big in the stock market. Only listen to people that are willing to give you their knowledge of the stock market.
Ismail Aly (17 days ago)
Mario Cruz heck yeah if someone is making enough money from the stock market or trading options he would never ask you for money to trade with him. Because he wouldn’t have time for your bs 25k as he will be making millions.
Mario Cruz (18 days ago)
+Ismail Aly Ismail, are you saying that trading with Dennis Mcneel is a scam? I know that the same Tiffany Rosewell has done various good reviews for Dennis Mcneel in different places which in my opinion is suspicious.
The Sniper Trader (1 month ago)
Fucking bots man.
Ismail Aly (2 months ago)
Just like the investor scam from the Nigerian prince
monica brown (2 months ago)
txt for 💸 💸 💸 530 404-0768
Cris Conson (2 months ago)
I'm still trying to figure it out hows this vertical spread work, I watched this video over and over again and the same other video.. Made my brain little hurt.
Hua Ye (2 months ago)
@3:18, but one needs to have 100 stocks to sell the call, so the overall value of the gain needs to include the 100 stock itself ?
Wilfredo Manglapus, Jr. (3 months ago)
In the example you used, what if the stock price skyrocketed? Then we would make a profit since the 105 call would be a lot more expensive now, right? great video btw
megyn Kelly1 (3 months ago)
Please put a Link so people can find Where to find the CALL & PUT tradings!
megyn Kelly1 (3 months ago)
Pleease put a link in each of your Call and Put video! A link to the Call and Put trading! Not those normal tradings like Binance , Coinbase, Bitfinex, and things like that. I can't do those.
Rod Ferg (3 months ago)
Wonderful service, I cannot deny I was very skeptical at first after I have been scammed online by the brokers but these guys helped me a lot and I got back my full credit card debt and a part of my wire transfer which sum up to over $150,000. I didn’t even think this is possible at first but dreams came true I guess and I am still shocked it worked out this way. I am so happy I was approached by them!
Options Refund Team (3 months ago)
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Smith Lewis (3 months ago)
Hello, I have been scammed by various brokers and had some problems with my credit and debit card purchases I recently made for my electronic equipment. I have been approached by Options Refund Team a while ago and I am happy to say they have resolved most of my cases successfully, the correspondence was a bit slow in the beginning but most important fact remains – they have helped me greatly so thank you guys and good luck – special thanks to my personal advisor Rami Birenbuam. If you have same challenges check: boptionfundrecover @ g m a i l . c o m
Arthur Walter (3 months ago)
GREETINGS FROM POLAND It’s great to know there are people out there like these guys! They have addressed all my concerns professionally and did awesome job on retrieving my money. I would like to thank you for your great service and hope you can achieve much success in the future, best of luck!
Wilson Ferguson (3 months ago)
I am so glad I was able to find these guys online! Recovered over 280.000 GBP, most of my life savings, thanks to their help. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fact that they even managed to struggle with me when I was a complete mess after what occurred with the brokers… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU is all I can say!
linkmaster118 (3 months ago)
But how do you sell an option you don't own? Is he talking about a put? So you buy a 70 put and an 80 call?
Fashion on budget (3 months ago)
I understand this strategy, can I know what's the trading software you are using here?
Sky View Trading (3 months ago)
Dudorov Oleg (3 months ago)
Thank you sir
Jude Barrie (3 months ago)
you all need to messenger this account manager he has very good strategies, that bring amazing profits
Mike T (4 months ago)
Am I the only one lost how this guy comes up with these numbers?
HD كاس العالم (4 months ago)
Honestly I’m still confused. I feel like I need to make a vertical spread manually even if I lost, I just wanna see how it really works with my current brokerage
Huguette Berthalon (2 months ago)
I got a positive feedback today on my trading account after i bought a copy of the learning material called the Blended Model Strategy by Dmitry vladislav, and completely changed my trading for a better. I really enjoy this content, Very informative and fun to work with on ITM Options.
djonthn (4 months ago)
I don't get the 3rd example, someone please explain it better. If the price at expiration is at $101: the buy 105 call is worthless, you still have to cover the sell call (assuming you bought an uncovered call) since it's ITM. Your loss would be the cost of covering the sell call plus the premium paid for the buy call: 100 x 101 + 120 = 10,220
Shirley A. Wine (4 months ago)
At the early stage of my trading experience, i lost a lot to scammers and fake managers and it was so bad for me financially until i saw posts about Mr Frank Robert who managed my account with his strategy and i am so glad i have been able to recover all that i lost since i started trading with his strategy,Thanks to Mr Frank Robert who made it up to me.
Shirley A. Wine (4 months ago)
One can contact him for help & strategy via: [email protected]
Piyush Chauhan (4 months ago)
Make a vedio on bull call , how to understand the breakeven of that statergy . Thanks for hard work
Please could you tell me, the software name that you use to produce the videos?
Piyush Chauhan (4 months ago)
Hi thanks for vedio , but how it is different from iron Condor statrgy
Kc F (4 months ago)
How are you selling an option unless you already own one? Buying another option at a different stock price while simultaneously selling one at another strike price doesn’t compute for me.
It's called going short.. You sell first and buy later
Glauber Brito (4 months ago)
Great video. Thanks.
Amish Trivedi (4 months ago)
Options are difficult to understand.
Huguette Berthalon (2 months ago)
I got a positive feedback today on my trading account after i bought a copy of the learning material called the Blended Model Strategy by Dmitry vladislav, and completely changed my trading for a better. I really enjoy this content, Very informative and fun to work with on ITM Options.
Hoglund Hudkins (4 months ago)
My recommendation is EIT Method for hassle free trading with frequent winning signals
Vladimir Putin (5 months ago)
thanks a lot
Israela Maccabee (5 months ago)
I'm a novice. I'd like to see a video in which it's taught how to set up an account, and how to test one trade without much risk. Even if I make $1, as long as I understand the concept, I'd be on the right track. This is a video for advanced traders.
Sky View Trading (3 months ago)
Check out our website. We teach all of this. :)
bestoptionsvid thx
Judean Derby (5 months ago)
If I don't have permission to do credit spreads on Robinhood, can I buy/sell the calls/puts separately to create a credit spread anyway?
Quincy Birwood (6 months ago)
This is not completely true. What this video talks about is trading an index which is cash adjusted. If when selling a call spread on a stock and the price of the stock closes at expiration inside your spread (above the sold strike and below your protection), you have sold the stock at that strike price. The option then converts to stock and you are short the stock at that strike price. The cash for the sold stock goes into your account and the short shares are listed on your position statement. This can cause some heart palpitations the next market day when you have to clear the short stock. The real trouble begins if the stock price rockets higher if you don't have the cash to cover the difference from the price where you sold it. If you have any doubts, ask your broker what would happen in this scenario with a sold stock option closing in the money.
PunkJabi (6 months ago)
I am from the future. Netflix stock will go to 422 and then dump to 350 after earning. So you are good buying here.
Ben Karden (6 months ago)
The Best
khup lian (6 months ago)
do you have any broker you recommend?
KC T (6 months ago)
You are simply brilliant
Kenneth Ma (6 months ago)
"Very small chance." Today Jun 25 2018 NFLX at 384
rotagbhd (22 days ago)
It was relative to the length of the contract.
Ray Huertas (6 months ago)
Which are the best trading platforms out there?
Naveen Manohar (7 months ago)
New trader still learning here. Thank you for the simple-to-understand videos. However, I have a question. It would be great if anyone can help me out here: In scenario 1, since the stock did not rise above the strike price, wouldn't both options technically be in the money?
Naveen Manohar (6 months ago)
In case anyone has the same doubt: For call options, they are ITM as long as the current market price (CMP) is greater than the strike price. In scenario 1, CMP is < 100; therefore, the call options of strike price of 100 would be OTM. While buying the call option would result in a loss, selling the same would have resulted in a profit.
Bice Delbosque (7 months ago)
*FIRST MILLION ROAD* always provide me right time signal to buy or sell
الف شكر لك أستاذ تحية وسلام من الجزائر
six6strings (7 months ago)
So what happens if the stock goes above the sell call strike price and the buyer wants to exercise their option? Should we assume we already have 100 shares to sell on our portfolio?
Mitch Zimmer (7 months ago)
great video. Crazy to think that NFLX went from 93 to 350 in two years...
Melanie Nguyen (7 months ago)
okay so on rh the med break wven is 152.55. and since I buy, I expect the price to go up. If my MED is go up more than 152.55 mean Im going to have more profit right?
Ramen Vermicelli (7 months ago)
Great videos for visual learners! You break down a complex process and make it understandable. Thank you!
András Erős-Fodor (7 months ago)
Netflix gone nuts
XBOXX ROCKSTARS (8 months ago)
it says on think or swim that when I try to trade this stategy it says it's illegal Why is that?
Brandon Bennett (7 months ago)
Write down all your questions and call TD Ameritrade at 800-672-2098 . They have been extremely helpful with explaining questions I've had on the Thinkorswim platform.
Kevin FrommFomm (8 months ago)
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Mike Arnold (8 months ago)
My question to you is how can you call guessing the stock market which as you put it a 50/50 gamble true in a bull market? You stated this concept in an earlier video. Doesn't past stock performance skew your option trading decisions?
Eddy Beckford (8 months ago)
Mike Arnold it does , you want to learn more or looking for new investments opportunities mail me [email protected] let's talk better
YAMIN alharbi (8 months ago)
can we use opstion spread for day trading
Eddy Beckford (8 months ago)
YAMIN alharbi you can but you will have to pair the right bht , you can mail me if you are serious about making money of day trading
SuperTennisManiac (8 months ago)
in your vertical spread example scenario 1, how do you take profits before expiration when you have sold a call option, meaning the one with the power to exercise his right is the buyer and not you? Therefore, how do you take profits before expiration if the buyer of the call option still has time to wait and the rights to exercise the option?
Ro Nato (8 months ago)
Wow so educational thank you
pfhrmb (8 months ago)
When netflix was below $100 lol
Brandon Bennett (7 months ago)
I know right... $324 at the moment... A lot of these videos dated back a year or two are like this. If only I had a crystal ball...
Robert Clark (9 months ago)
Very insightful, excellent job of explaining the vertical spread
Jay Lewis (9 months ago)
Can u buy a put and buy a call to break even too?
Eddy Beckford (8 months ago)
Jay Lewis yeah you can if you need more advice on trades or want to make money of trades mail me [email protected] mail
Jammy Megowan (9 months ago)
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14naif14 (9 months ago)
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Luann Siemon (9 months ago)
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AAA (9 months ago)
Working very well with AMD stock
Conquer Fitness (9 months ago)
Can you do this with robbinhood stock options?
Indiaboi93 (9 months ago)
I'm new to options trading and these videos are very helpful but i was wondering why would you not sell a call option that is extremely unlikely to fail. I know that profit will be low but since it is extremely unlikely to fail why not buy more contracts to increase profit. for example, stocks that are in clear downtrend with exteremly bad news coming out of company.
Sivakumar Anbazhagan (9 months ago)
dont gamble and lose your money
Eddy Beckford (8 months ago)
Sivakumar Anbazhagan it's only gamble when you watch videos on here and automatically think you are an expert and start gambling with your money, there are ways around this that you can never learn from videos , you want to learn more mail me [email protected]
Jennifer Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Can you exercise your option multiple times before expiration or is it just once?
P Jones (10 months ago)
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robertius1969 (10 months ago)
buen vídeo, ánimo
William Poston (10 months ago)
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Lori Favela (10 months ago)
Where have you been all my Trading education? I would have already been started Trading long ago.
Do You have to own the stock in order to sell short and collect premium, correct?
Michael Perry (11 months ago)
Adam keep the videos coming
Ron Smith (11 months ago)
What is the difference between a Bull Call spread, a Bull Put Spread, a Bear Call Spread, and a Bear Put Spread in relation to what you have shown here in this video?
Michael Martinek (11 months ago)
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kent good (11 months ago)
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E Hassan (11 months ago)
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jian lee (11 months ago)
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kent good (11 months ago)
As far as I know, mr lucas's strategy can accommodate any amount because of its flexibility
clariz ri (11 months ago)
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Johnathan Kent (11 months ago)
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Johnathan Kent (11 months ago)
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No name (11 months ago)
cineva Roman ?
Murphy Abby (1 year ago)
Sky view trading is my favorite option trading video out there,easy to understand videos in complicated trading techniqes,thank you very much,you are the best in my book!!!!!😉
Christopher S (1 year ago)
hmm everytime I try to set up a trade, my profit/loss is way off. how did you find such a good ratio between the two?
Christopher S (1 year ago)
like my max profit to max loss are way off
Robbie B (1 year ago)
Very well done. I learned alot. But what I can't get my arms around is once I book a vertical option as in the examples in this video do I need to manually do anything to buy or sell the call? Or does it automatically happen? Also, how could you sell shares you don't have?
Bernstein Ballesteros (1 year ago)
hI sIR WOULD YOU SEND some info about binary trading. thanks it help me a lot how to trade. thanks
Jeffrey Ball (1 year ago)
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