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Tutorial WPF Application Resources (C#) | Creating And Using A Static Resource

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In this WPF tutorial created in Visual Studio 2012, we take a look at Resources in WPF. We cover the basics of what is a resource and the steps to create and use a resource in a WPF application. WPF,WPF Tutorial,WPF Step By Step Guide,WPF Visual Studio,WPF For Beginners,WPF BAsic Application,WPF Using C#,WPF C#,C Sharp (programming Language),Microsoft,Visual Studio,Guide,Programming guide,WPF Application Guide,Tips,How-to (Conference Subject),Subject (programming)
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Text Comments (12)
Fly Rose (1 year ago)
thank's I need to use a video as resource to play with mediaelement and pupblish How can do it ?
Ziddi Khattak (2 years ago)
kuch to naya bhi sekha do yara
Hilmand Khan (3 years ago)
Aniket Gade (3 years ago)
I really like your style of teaching. So easy and you keep it very brief. Keep up the good work.
Gerrit Voorn (3 years ago)
Thank you so much. I learn a lot of you tutorials, so i hope you make many many more.
Rekha S (3 years ago)
Please create more Videos,Its awesome,To the point.The best videos on WPF.. You are a very good teacher.Spend some time for us and add more videos please...
jackchrisp (4 years ago)
why aren't your creating new video tutorials for wpf? i was following your wpf tutorials and ended up in this last video. Your tutorial is good. Please do add more wpf tutorials.
Oscar Martinez Malo (4 years ago)
Very good video
Tarun Pant (4 years ago)
Really great videos...but i want to create a custom datagrid...in which i want to add some extra features... firstly , I want to insert a row which comes before the datarows...in which we can search the corresponding items of that particular column....and secondly , i want to give this datagrid an attractive look...how can i do so?..plz help
krtek (4 years ago)
please more gr8 tutorials :).Tx
jk (4 years ago)
Thank you so much
Kali Gold (4 years ago)
Thx for the videos. They really helped me get started with WPF. Idea for future vids might be how CSS is used if at all, and maybe also a vid on Binding. Thx

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