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£400😫 If you want a SHOUTOUT remember to: ➡follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jordwx/ ➡Subscribe ➡Hit the Bell ➡Comment when you're Done Hit Like👍🏾
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Text Comments (2430)
Jordon (1 year ago)
YO YO YO! 📸➡️ https://www.instagram.com/jordwx/
Yo yo yo Jordan
Chloe Jenkins (19 days ago)
Yooooo yooooo😂💙
Zac Oyom (30 days ago)
Ayezah Jawad ..jvjnnnmmml Tthmv.k
Sándor Szücs (2 months ago)
Wau ✌️✌️👌👏🤘☺️😋😎💴💴💴💵💶💶💷💲💲💸💸💸💸💸💸💸
Aiiden Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Azom Mortuza (4 days ago)
I have smmmmmaaaaasssssshhhhhheeeeeeddddd the suscribe button and turned my notifications on😎😍🤗
Joudy Saleh (6 days ago)
Caitlin Banner (8 days ago)
Caitlin Banner (8 days ago)
That was a lot of money I've subscribed and the bell
رنا الشريف (12 days ago)
١.٤٨٧.٨٥ الناتج ربيال سعودي حسبتها
Luffy Muguiwara (12 days ago)
Dôme pénis you mean one million
Lana Mohamed (13 days ago)
munkin 6757 (13 days ago)
can I have a shout out please Jordon
Troy Goodenough (13 days ago)
I wish I had that much cash 💴 omg amazing
Muntanga amputa kagigil! Feeling pogi! Muka nmang may autism!!!! Fuck u
Stephanie Furlong (16 days ago)
Do ou have tick tock
carrie white (16 days ago)
Wow you guys had lot of change Cool you went cashed it all in
Bethany Mutton (17 days ago)
5:47 omg lmao
sarah bizimana (18 days ago)
you do so many stupid things. the one reason I subbed is for a friend.
Destiny Odiboh (19 days ago)
Mona Gaspar (20 days ago)
Pancake Girl (20 days ago)
Louise Popple (20 days ago)
What did they buy tell mes
Benjamin M (20 days ago)
JENALYN Bermudo (21 days ago)
Is that tianas father
Allysandra Galang (21 days ago)
Camari Davis (21 days ago)
Lenka Queen (21 days ago)
Ye shouldve went to casino😂
Zackery Reid (21 days ago)
No the black guy should have won he was 6 or 5 pounds off but the kids were way off
Daiunique Richardson (16 days ago)
You automatically lose when you go over, therefore the kids where closest by default
Gillian Smith (21 days ago)
Ilove your videos so much. ❤️😂😂😍
Kirk Evans (22 days ago)
That machining ASDA door test a couple pound off for charity but I think they will be about 170 that's my two desk is Michael luck numbers. That's my last comment for this video goodnight yeah
Kirk Evans (22 days ago)
I said there's about 100 quid in there
سيد عباس (22 days ago)
من عربي لايك لاتقصرون
Ivan Vazquez (22 days ago)
I won because i said 410
joelle abujaber (23 days ago)
Ana may Villanueva (23 days ago)
You are the big brother of tiana
Hannah Wilson (8 days ago)
Yes we know that
Rosha Amin (23 days ago)
If I were you I would spend half of the money to the homeless or cancer center😊😊 Give a like if u agree
Blake Davis (15 days ago)
Quit telling people how to spend their money
Hannah Banana173 (22 days ago)
Yep and for a church cause too
Ravaughn Perry (23 days ago)
I said thousand my name is iyashanty
Ana Ngatai (24 days ago)
Im done i love you and your videos
Dawood Samy (24 days ago)
Hi the girls who get for me likes
Dawood Samy (24 days ago)
Hi tiana
Dawood Samy (24 days ago)
Hi thank you for very amazing like😘😘😘
Rihanna Glover (24 days ago)
Where do you live what state and Country???
jade royal (21 days ago)
Rihanna Glover they live in Nottingham
bilgi definedir (25 days ago)
orul orul orusbu evlatları anayınızın amcığına koyyim 🇹🇷
Akanksha Kakkar (25 days ago)
Susan Darling-Harwood (25 days ago)
If I participated and one I would put it in the bank and save up for a car or something
philip bullock (26 days ago)
Brent Pate (26 days ago)
Kaylene ee HFS (27 days ago)
500 or 600
Guen Peliña (27 days ago)
Yeah men road to 1million
itz_ ari bella (28 days ago)
Can I have shout out pls
Panda Girl (28 days ago)
العرب موجودين لايك 👍👍👍
Zeneida Castillo (29 days ago)
is sou hard
Dario Mandujano (29 days ago)
OUTFIT7 Original (30 days ago)
OUTFIT7 Original (30 days ago)
Sophie Fitzpatrick (1 month ago)
I guess £ 400
GACHA LOL (1 month ago)
sarah Kooti (1 month ago)
يلي مو قاعد يعرف شيء لايك😂😂😂
Dawood Samy (24 days ago)
살마salma (27 days ago)
sarah Kooti (1 month ago)
TIK TOK channel (1 month ago)
It is 396$
best slime ever (1 month ago)
👧 👚 👖
best slime ever (1 month ago)
Sassy Amelia Hilton (1 month ago)
What's. Up
Karl Thompson (1 month ago)
Pls make me fan of the week os st today was my auntie’s baby shower
E and G TV ezz (1 month ago)
I followed u on Instagram
Cathy Curran (1 month ago)
well done Tiana and i'v done it
Maria Poiana (1 month ago)
Rebecca Oakhill (1 month ago)
Not good at this at I'll😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😈🏃👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🙅🙅
Mai Va Lee (1 month ago)
I have $450 dollar but if calcuate to quatar is 450 quarter.
Tumi Adeeko (1 month ago)
Hfdjbhihf Jan (1 month ago)
Omg please do another video like this
John deere (1 month ago)
Man id hate to be in the same store with this guy and his family while he's filming
Lolo Lolo (1 month ago)
I am always done because I do all of this in the beginning of the video
zeecy 11 (1 month ago)
🥶 👕🤳 👖
Smart Alec (1 month ago)
Wow, Jordon! You have a lot of change to take to ASDA to cash in! Someday when you have a truckload of change, you will be rich like a millionaire!😂😂😂
Bec Thompson (2 months ago)
Rajesh ganapati Gadde (2 months ago)
It will be $ 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I think
Tíana jordano
Paislei Smith (2 months ago)
Dalbir Chagger (2 months ago)
Jordan and dad sound là same
Eva Humphries (2 months ago)
Tiana and Macie are so good at chalinges like this thay are really good at guessing things. Dad was so close to wining that he need a lower number then that
Johnson Johnson (2 months ago)
You are cute
سيرين عربيات (2 months ago)
I am from Jordan ⁦🇯🇴⁩ where are you from ?
أنا اردني
John Fortit (2 months ago)
😂 👕 👖💨
ThÀnh ka (2 months ago)
Like I'm fine 😍
Rey Lorida (2 months ago)
I think the child with curly hair is making some kiddie video. Cuz she looks familiar
Henrik Phung (2 months ago)
you are my bygest fan
Rule Britainia (2 months ago)
sarah thompstone (2 months ago)
Here comes the money 💰
Glory mae Yap (2 months ago)
That's so great and awesome hope you shout out my name maimaiyap loves you😂😘
FUNNY VIDEOS (2 months ago)
8:00 I'm dead 🤣
Thiraphon Bangphra (2 months ago)
Hello mother ***ucker.55555555.
The Permadi (2 months ago)
Over acting
Kobuliev Muhammadjon (1 month ago)
in total: 39,676$
Lies Avila Hassine (16 days ago)
A_T_R (2 months ago)
😎 👗 👢
Dylan Cullen (2 months ago)
250 pounds
FORNITE ARMY (2 months ago)
🤮 👕 👖 👞
Ansari Ahmed (2 months ago)
Zahraa Ankoush (2 months ago)
Dr.Mayson (2 months ago)
Чисто накопил со школьных обедов
Motor rider (2 months ago)
Coinstar takes around 11% to add 11% to whatever you got
Harry Rudge (2 months ago)
So he picks 400 kids pick 352 and they won 🤨
Steve Wilcox (2 months ago)
I loveyou
Diar Saraci (2 months ago)
Are you ok headless chicken

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