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Long Term Investment in NSE - In Hindi

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Text Comments (370)
pramod kumar (20 days ago)
Very nice
Shaik Masi (26 days ago)
bhai yeh market hai aisa koi soche toh sab rich he hote the agar ab video ki baatkare toh tata power ka share price video me 75.15 hai ab correct price march 28 2019 me tata power ka price 71.50 hai matalb in 2year 44 rups loss only in tata power waise he campay video price 2019 price march loss investment idea 79.25 29 in rups 633 1000 bhel 134.75 71.90 in rups 1803.75 1000 ntpc 148.75 136.00 in rups 78 1000 hindalco 152.75 204 prof ;333.125 1000 tata power 75.15 71.750 loss ;44 1000 total loss in 2 year is 2226.65 invesment of 5000 every month isme zyda fida he nai hai loss hai agar every month aisa he loss hua toh yeh procedure sahi nao hai bhai ap long team are toh proff k saat video me dalo aisa video bana k trader ka paise mat dubao all traders and invester kiski baat mat sunno learn from your self you will face many loss learn from that loss and go on .... all the best .........
Pradeep Paswan (27 days ago)
Sir, love u sir Aapki jo last me aapne thinking batai he aapne .. sir mai aapka fan ban gaya hun.. mai bhi Pm modi ji se bahut inspired hun.. Or mujhe nhi lagata ki aane wale kai salo. ya u kahen ki aane wale generations ko aise PM mil payenge. . Sir mai long term ke liye surch kr rha tha to aapki ye video mili mujhe or kafi hud tak aapke is video se sntusht hun. Sir meri abhi job less hun or pr mai job mil jane baad ki planing kr rha ki paise kahan invest krun .. isliye. Thunku so much sir ki aapne aisi ye video banai aapne . Thanks a lot 4 u sir .. Thanku sir ,😘😘😘😘
arun arunesh (28 days ago)
It would not work but well tried.
virendra singh (1 month ago)
Pinki Borah (1 month ago)
*Falfu , homko bebokuf bana rehe ho* 😠😠😠😠
Singh mandeep (2 months ago)
i go with index fund oe rtf of nifty 50
Phaneendra Sagi (2 months ago)
modi is great
nagsen Malokar (3 months ago)
Sirji dividend share kaise pehchane details batayie
nagsen Malokar (3 months ago)
Sirji long term investmet formula apne bahut accha bataya
abhay kumar (3 months ago)
You are a great soul sir...
vikrams dream7 (3 months ago)
khalak singh solanki (4 months ago)
Sir, We(spouse and me) 60and 65+ are small Investor/Trader in capital market. Long Term Investment will not be Possible then what should I do? Awaiting your and subscribers Valuable advice. Thnx for Bright Future maker advise
shubham dhadwal (4 months ago)
Itna easy hota to junjunbala ki trha pta ni kitne hote india me. Ye stock market h Ye ni ki lowest prize dekha or buy kr liya Pta ni kya smjh liya h public ne stock market ko Tbhi aaj whole world me 4 to 5% successful people h jo money bnate h.
R Dodiya (4 months ago)
Vinod Dandge (4 months ago)
JSR Gift (5 months ago)
good job sir
Kishor Nandanwar (5 months ago)
Sir I like you mere man ki bat bol di last me I like it
sameer mapari (5 months ago)
Thanks sir
Prabir Kumar Das (5 months ago)
If your company charge nothing then how they run the concern
Ashok Kumar Das (5 months ago)
Thank you for right guidance on mutual fund.I have personally been misguided by these type of mutual fund people who speak lies 99.9 pc and incurred loss and finally withdrawn from it.Working through self is better than working through other people who donot give any guarantee but pretend to give like this by mischievous advertisement. The efficiency of so called high paid fund managers is not beyond question.Because of scope given to them they r the most powerful people whom perhaps nobody monitors at the cost of interest of common laymen investors.Regarding regulating body ,I agree they r excellent and super but has the investors of Sahara have got their money?
akshay shetty (5 months ago)
What about Tata motors I see it trading at 500 and now it's down to 160..logic doesn't work...and Tata power even today is of same price...
Pravin Hedaoo (5 months ago)
Dear sir, Good morning.., plz tell me one thing after few months xyz company out of nifty 50 list. Then sell this shares.
Philip Kizhakeparampil (6 months ago)
Very good best advise video....Thank you Saurabh....Sir....Texas USA
Tapas Mukherjee (6 months ago)
jameel ahmed (6 months ago)
very good knowledge tips to long investment very very thank sir
Very good concept , according to me a little change one can do , accumulate best 5 or 10 stocks of nifty50 would be better instead of going for lowest stocks,or else one can plan as he likes but investment is a must to secured our future.
Baba Naik (6 months ago)
Very nice
Sajal Chakraborty (6 months ago)
On 1st oct. 2016, you told to purchase 5 low cost scripts of nifty 50 for long term. On 1st oct.2016 price of 5 lowest scripts were TATA POWER-75.75, IDEA-79.25, BHEL-134.75, NTPC-148.75, HINDALCO-152.75. On 28th sept. 2018 the price of those 5 scripts are TATA POWER-65.85 (and kicked out from nifty 50), IDEA-38.85, BHEL-68.55 (and kicked out from nifty 50), NTPC-167.95, HINDALCO-228 Now please make another video and see how much amount has gained on those 5 scripts. Please don't try to confuse people with your poor ideas. Please study the share market first and then make videos, otherwise concentrate in your IT job only. that will be good for you and other people also.
Hari kumar.S (6 months ago)
Sir. I do not think this can be blindly followed. If you look at the prices of nifty 50 stocks today and compare with 10 years ago, not much of a change is seen. eg. ONGC, NTPC, IOC etc. Pl check and reply.
Harshill Matta (7 months ago)
I took the zerodha account few days back and I am happy.Excellent explanation .
yogendra dikshit (7 months ago)
Nice & very informative clip for academic investor. Thanks
Vinod Ingole (7 months ago)
Sir aapne is video me jo top 5 stock bataye (oct 2016) usme se tata power, idea, ntpc, bhel yeh 4 stock down hai sirf hindalco up hai aur aaj date hai sep 2018 means agar yeh 4 stock me muze aaj yani after 2 years bohot nusksan zhelna padta,
Amresh Sharma (7 months ago)
aaj ki date 09/07/2018 hai, or jo bhi share aapne bataye hai es video me, sirf NTPC ko chhod kar sare NIFTY 50 se na sirf bahar hai, balki unka price bhi after 2 yrs down hai. Market ko samjhna itna asan nahi hai, jitna simple aapne bataya hai.
Raju Kumar (7 months ago)
sir i dont have any cancel cheque.. can i egible to have a account ?
News and education (7 months ago)
sorry to tell u sir.i had already applied for zerodha..ur video i saw very last
Rupak Chowdhury (7 months ago)
Sir If I use nifty next 50 scripts then will the stretegies work?
Anil S (7 months ago)
You are very nice man.Thanks for sharing
nister basumatary (7 months ago)
No use.
Jackson Philips (7 months ago)
I did a back test and this is not a very profitable Idea. If I had invested Rs.25,000 per month on the cheapest 5 NSE Stocks that are available now, My total investment would be Rs.32,00,000 and the Profit would be only 42,31,000, while if you had put it in an SIP, it would be about Rs.58,00,000 after 10 years. ( considering 12% ROI )
Ameen Quraishi (8 months ago)
A very noble work by you , no one told me about this technique , most of the advisery are 100% professional,they only tell those things that matter there profit, god bless you, there are people like you in this theft and shrud world, but % is less,i will give request in your what's up ,
KANKANAWADI C A (8 months ago)
Sir you are great and care about society, sir best 5 stock out of 3 large 1midcap 1 is small cap are you agree with me sir??,,,,,,,,, and if possible please tell us best indicar for indtaday and short term trading and mid term long-term trading, time frem please sir advice me
mansoor alam (8 months ago)
Sir NRI kaise trending Kar Sakta h so please details ...Jo out off India m to kaise trending karega or long time k liye kaise shere le..
Arun Das (8 months ago)
Your vedio is very good. My question is if I invested in company x , after 2 months if it is out of nifty 50 what will happen to that share?
Siladitya Chakraborty (8 months ago)
Jai hind, jai Bharat Good videos, good idea.
Mitch Dias (8 months ago)
Sir I have account in Zeroda. And I need your help. When ever I put a stop loss it stays only for a day. Because there are only 2 options day & ioc . Can you please tell me how to put a stop loss for long term stocks ?
Vamsi Krishna G (9 months ago)
This idea looks good but the idea of blindly putting money is not well justified. This video is posted in 2016 and if you compare with current 2018 list it gives 9% loss after 2 years and BHEL is less than half its value along with tata power, idea are in losses. Instead of going for 5 lower value companies from list. I would suggest systematic investment every month in 5 fundamental strong companies which are undervalued and leave it for 5-10 years. There are chances that over the period other companies do well and get good returns but there is no guarantee to this. Mutual funds are managed by someone and continuously monitored and we should also monitor on half yearly or annual basis. Never put your money blindly without having knowledge. Thanks.
Sahil Dubey (1 month ago)
how to select value stocks??
NARESH KUMAR (9 months ago)
Share buy krne k bd use long term tk kaise kre Uske liye kon sa order krna hai
Jogendra Maharana (9 months ago)
Mr. Sourabh tell me one thing does zerodha gives recommendations or tips to the client how they do research.....
Govind palla (9 months ago)
Jeroda account kolne keliye free me hoga sir
NARESH KUMAR (9 months ago)
Hello sir, long-term me live krke dikhye 10yrs k liye
Pratap Tiwari (9 months ago)
Maine aapki video dekhi bahot achhi lagi man lijiye maine nifty50 ke sabse lowest price ka share bye kar liye to yah bhi to ho sakta hai ki woh share ka performance thik na hone k karan woh dubara nifty 50 me na aa sake tab kya hoga ya ho sakta hai woh company khatam ho jaye
Journey with Sanjit (10 months ago)
i know ki add se aap ko payment milta hai but itna add sahi nahi hai sir control karo add par
Journey with Sanjit (10 months ago)
hello sir information bahut acha hai but add bahut jada aa raha hai
Shankar Rao (10 months ago)
Thanks for kind information. R Shankar Rao
Prabhat Patel (10 months ago)
Granty tho life ki bhi nahi h kal ho na ho 😂😂😂😂😂
Dheeraj Gole (10 months ago)
Sir i want to know how to place stopeloss order for positional trade or delivery trade and is that possible to place stoploss order for delivery in zerodha plateform..... Pls ans us.....
Himanshu Arora (10 months ago)
Hi Sourabh, Thanks for the video. I just want to check if you have backtested this strategy? If not, do u believe acting on a strategy without backtesting it?
Ashwini Khanna (10 months ago)
I don't agree with the stock selection procedure. it could be that a200rs stock could be over valued in nifty 50 list also .. just low price doesn't justify a good stock!
Kiran S (10 months ago)
Please keep it short and relevant. Don't throw philosophy.
Hiren Mistry (11 months ago)
sir great video especially the ending part about animal loving
SANJAY SHARMA (11 months ago)
as you said there is no brokerage charge but some nominal charge of government.... what are those charges..? Tnx
Farida Sheikh (11 months ago)
Yogesh Delwar (11 months ago)
Kia baat ha app plz short term invanstmant ka bara ma bata. Sakta ha
Darshan Parab (1 year ago)
Good. That completely make sense.
Bullet Dey (1 year ago)
Very good sir .
naushad akhtar (1 year ago)
Sir please explain me how can change my broker??? if possible than kindly give good suggestions
Javed Akhtar (1 year ago)
nice sir
Subhash Sona (1 year ago)
Sir agr mera long turm investe k liye 100000 h agr wo loss hua to uske badd v fir tex dena hoga ya nuksan bharna padega ???
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
no tax on loss. taxes only when u make long term capital gain
prithvi sharma (1 year ago)
stock 5 thousand month aak sal tak aisa he lena hai ke 10 sal tak lena hai
RAKESH JAISWAL (1 year ago)
Sourabh ji is video me apne bataya invest karna par kitne samay ke LIYE karna ye nahi bataya aur agar 60000 RUPYA hi invest karke 600000 RUPYA banana hai to kitne saal Tak ke LIYE Kare.....
akash kadam (1 year ago)
Sir ...Do we need to invest our money every month for 10 years right.. not nli for 1 year ??
Ranesh Singla (1 year ago)
Dear Sourabh,very good video. Can i get data of Nifty 50 stock prices list for last 10 years. because i want to verify the facts. Thanks
Lokesh Pandey (1 year ago)
Hard touching video specially last part
Lokesh Pandey (1 year ago)
Great work You will be rewarded somehow by somebody
Mohit Rajput (1 year ago)
Sir kya me long term stock kabhi bhi bech sakta hu jese ki ajj mene buy kiye share toh age 15 din ya 30 din me sell kar sakta hu
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
haan beck sakte ho.
Mahakal Mahadev (1 year ago)
Sir Maine 5 lowest scrips leliye aur kch time bad ek nifty 50 mai sai nikal gya to jo maine paise lgaye unka kya hogaa
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
aap usko ya to bech sakte ho, ya phir usko hold kar sakte ho. nifty 50 se nikalne ka matlab ye nahi hota ki vo zero ho jayega :)
Rajesh Kumar (1 year ago)
India ke etihaas me phla be khub pm hai
BIVUDATTA ROUT (1 year ago)
i watched everyone vedeo but your explain fully praticall
Bickey Deb 8399080968 (1 year ago)
Sir main akdm naya hu so muje samajne main thora madad kijia....ahi ki a Jo ap avi bole k koi company agar nice gir jata hain to nifty use bahar kar de sakta hain to man lijia k apan usi company k share continued 5,6 mahina kharid kia k usse v Jada to us share Jo apan kharid kia to o kya dub jayenge ya use sale v kia ja sakta hain????????
deepam gautam (1 year ago)
can you tell please, Since all the companies in the nifty list 50 are trustable why should be choose the bottom 5 companies, why not top 5 companies or any random 5?
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
chances of low price stocks becoming zero is less than those which are already priced high. it is always smart to buy at 10 rs, rather than buying it when it has already reached 1000.
stocks IN 100 (1 year ago)
Sir strategy good. Lekin jp associates nifty50 stock jo investor ki band bajaya.
stocks IN 100 (1 year ago)
Ok sir.
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
kuch scrips ho sakti hai. isliye hum risk distribute karte hai. we do in 5 scrips.
arindam kumar das (1 year ago)
Great video indeed... nifty50 is comprises of top 50 companies for a certain time but with time some companies may go out of nifty50 while some will come in their place... like if last 5 companies of nifty50 goes out then new fresh 5 companies will fill its position.....& this phenomena will be repeated for obvious reason.... So my question is: then how the idea of holding the share works in this scenario??.... For example: If someone invested in nifty50 index fund today that means he is indirectly invested in all the 50 companies in nifty50....but over time the same 50 company would change like 5 companies may go out & new 5 companies will come in their place...but even then he will be holding the share of the last 5 companise of nifty50 which goes out...then as this phenomena continues frequently then a index fund can mimic the market in run....it is going to deviate from the index itself.... Pls explain....:-)
Prakash Gupta (7 months ago)
Sourabh Gandhi Zerodha Upstox Business Partner So do you recommend to maintain any kind of stop loss for all the stocka or just let your money go? I must say your idea is very new - I haven't heard anybody suggesting that way so far. However, I don't have much faith on this approach simply beacuse of following reasons - since u r trying to hope some of your pick to be future Infy or something like that chancea r slim it'll be in your investment horizon for a considerable amount time since u r intrstd to pick the bottom ones.
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
we stop investing when scrip goes out of nifty 50. not all investment will give profit. our aim is to get into one such scrip which become future INFY, MRF, BOSCHLTD, etc
Jeet Pramanik (1 year ago)
Sir agar koi share is mahine liya 200 rupees me agli mahine o share 220 ho gya...fir v top lowest 5 me hi listed hai...kya main usi share me firse investment kru?
Amberr sky (1 year ago)
Does Nifty50 keep on changing? Like today xyz share is in Nifty50 then is it possible that next month it won't be there or any new share is added in the list.What is criteria of this listing if you can explain please.
TheNandakumar38 (1 year ago)
Nice one , I was planning to invest for long term was stuck how to begin , this video is kind came as tip for treasure hunt thanks for sharing it.
Dibyajyoti Saikia (1 year ago)
If I select 5 scrips for 1st month, 2nd month can I invest the same scrips whenever the scrips LTP is high ?
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
better choose lowest 5 to limit the investment. But, if u think the price has rised and stock is doing good and has good fundamentals, then you can continue to buy even at higher prices as well.
Goldenbird india (1 year ago)
Accha idea hai lekin iss idea ko midcap our small cap mein lagana chahiye nifty 50 nifty next 50 me nahi
dinesh sanchaniya (1 year ago)
Best video Sourabhbhai Will touch you if any query on phone or whatsup, it is very useful.
Mukesh Sharma (1 year ago)
Really helpful sir
Rinkle Sharma (1 year ago)
Sir I received a call from Mumbai regarding opening demat account he send me email open through zerodha but he told me brokerage charges also when I try to open my account the charges is 300 plus 200 total 500 Wat should I do I learn soo much today finally I end up with everything and go to this tragedy thank you soo much for sharing
ajay zope (1 year ago)
Thank you sir, if some one invest in these share as shown by you at that time, it give 30℅ returns (in 1 year) till to the date.
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
it all depends from scrip to scrip. there is no golden rule or formula for returns in this strategy
Sudhir Kumar (1 year ago)
Thank you sir, for the knowledge you have shared here related to share market. very useful along with last minute video which must be followed by every human being.
dashrathbhai patel (1 year ago)
Thank u for your kind information
gauree shankar (1 year ago)
sir mai ise 5 year pahle bhi bech sakte hai n ?
Know More (1 year ago)
Sir please make a video on systematic investment in Nifty 50 stocks
Yogi Shetty (1 year ago)
First if all thanks for sharing this valuable knowledge. Very few people do this. I have been watching all your videos and what a genuine effort you make to reach to the users. Great sir
Maqbul Momin (1 year ago)
Very best video
Nitin Kore (1 year ago)
This is perfect video which only a broker can make so that he can maximize his earning from brokerage
Sourabh Gandhi (1 year ago)
If you know dont about brokerage, then please spend some time reading about it. Zerodha and Upstox both the brokers dont charge any brokerage for investment (delivery based trading) So, i dont make any money out of brokerage. People like you only de-motivates even if someone is trying to help you. People like you deserves tips provider, who makes you false promises and give you tips. You dont want to get genuine help.
Gaurav manuja (1 year ago)
wah Ji wah

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