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C# Importing Resources Tutorial - Properties.Resources C#

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Text Comments (10)
how to make it with exe file??
Brandon Hilde (4 months ago)
at 0:56 I press the green button.
Josef Procházka (1 year ago)
Very good job! Thank you. :)
Макс Гришин (3 years ago)
You saved me, man :)
Awesome! Good teaching, first the problem and then the need to do it. Thank you
Chris (4 years ago)
Sweet! Got to see your directories! That's what I was waiting for!
أحمد مجدي (5 years ago)
Nice Thank You My friend 
Sergey Plashenko (5 years ago)
Brandon Hilde (6 years ago)
your welcome.
Chris K (6 years ago)
Thanks man needed this!

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