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90%+ Win Long Term Trading Always In Profit Best Forex Strategy In Urdu Hindi

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Text Comments (12)
Xha Faq (18 days ago)
Ye news pr Kam kre gi?
Tani Forex (18 days ago)
long term strategy hy
everluik (1 year ago)
nao abriu nenhuma ordem.
Khizar Habib (1 year ago)
best earning sta tnx tani
Tani Forex (1 year ago)
Khizar Habib (1 year ago)
sl ketna rhkna hai
NADEEM AHEMED (1 year ago)
Am not agree. Never believe indicators. Its very easy to make pips 100&1000. Once your chart is on stop mood. candles patterns are much better and reliable. Try to make clean and simple your chart. Always control your emotions. That is very important in forex. Don't believe experts blindly. because نیم حکیم خطرہ جان. بلکہ ایتھے اٹ پٹو وچوں فاریکس ایکسپرٹ نکلدا اے
Imrankhanayyan Aida (1 year ago)
NADEEM AHEMED agree brother absolutely correct 100% its the best way
MANJEET KUMAR (1 year ago)
Mast bhai jaan very good bhut hi badiya... Allah apko khush rkhe
Tani Forex (1 year ago)
ameen thanks
Zakirhussein (1 year ago)
But in long term trading news or events may ruin our plan.
Tani Forex (1 year ago)
Zakir Dungaria You are right but This Strategies Always in profit and 75% Trades Close in 24 hours

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