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Watch Me Suck at Bowling! (Ep #155) New Palace Lanes, Fitchburg, MA (SEASON 4 PREMIERE!)

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The Season Premiere of Watch Me Suck at Bowling, coming to you from New Palace Lanes in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. This is the new home for the premiere of the bowling series, similar to Mason's being the seasonal premiere for mini golf. Candlepin action at it's worst, with the usual triple to start things off. How will it go? You'd have to watch and see! ============ -LEGAL CRAP- ============ All music © Kevin MacLeod Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 http://incompetech.com King of the Palace Logo is © King Pin Productions Used with permission
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Chris Gallant (6 months ago)
The bowling lanes seem to have a lot of spring at the pin deck. The pins were jumping.
georgef551 (6 months ago)
That's what happens when the decks are elevated, as this was a theater at one point. My guess is the decks are 6 feet off the floor, or 4 feet off the stage, if it wasn't ripped out.
Jack Drees (6 months ago)
Nice to see this series back, but isn't this season 4? I imagine the series would have played out like this: 2015-2016 S1 2016-2017 S2 2017-2018 S3 2018-2019 S4
georgef551 (6 months ago)
Decided to fix it. It's just a thumbnail, and forgot to add season number in the title. :)
georgef551 (6 months ago)
I get it. I guess it's not really the 4th quite yet, as that started in November, so it's still the 3rd season, and it's the fall Premiere....it's messy. :)
mike hedrick (6 months ago)
Glad ur back with wmsab
mike hedrick (6 months ago)
+georgef551 all good just glad to see it
georgef551 (6 months ago)
Doing this, and KOTP: Summer Edition was too much. Didn't have time for both.

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