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How to Make Personal Bank Saving Coin and Cash

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How to make personal bank saving coin and cash from cardboard. You can learn to make it at home by yourself. I hope everyone like this concept. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZMEiM-ZMYmEk2CG3mr1_Q?sub_confirmation=1 You Need: - Cardboard - Ice-cream stick - BBQ bamboo stick and chopstick - Rubber band - Pens - Spoke (bicycle) - Plastic book cover Cardboard Measurement: ==================== (cm = centimeter) 3,5cm x 9cm = 1 piece 3,5cm x 9,5cm = 1 piece 12cm x 15cm = 2 pieces 12cm x 17cm = 3 pieces 15cm x 18cm = 2 pieces
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Jerry lightner (1 day ago)
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eric ashby (1 day ago)
+Louise Mcgee I already tried a lot of money making methods in the past months and this is the only way that actually really worked for me.
Louise Mcgee (1 day ago)
Nice views noticed well about this great hacker. SAMMYGOLDCYBER all the way
Bradyn Powell (1 day ago)
It is amazing👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Anand Kumar (1 day ago)
Hi my name is gaurav
Santana Das (1 day ago)
Friend you are great
Sakib Hossain (1 day ago)
Very nice
Riya awasthi (2 days ago)
Khushboo Kumari (2 days ago)
So very nice video
Leonard Strozier (3 days ago)
That's was tight sweet 🖒
Hammad Qureshi (3 days ago)
pens ka jese ap ne dikhae hain wese nahi hen
Hammad Qureshi (3 days ago)
personal bank saving me
Hammad Qureshi (3 days ago)
mjeh problem ho rahi hai money box banane mein ap help karen plz
Wisnu Dwi Prasetyo (3 days ago)
what's the blue blue one ??🤔
Alijaan Ali (3 days ago)
Nice bank
Loide Gando (4 days ago)
very usful
Kartik Singh (4 days ago)
Very nice and very good
Rakesh Kumar (4 days ago)
Bhai u r great
Pukharaj Mistry (5 days ago)
I will try to make it
Happy Geek (5 days ago)
Does it give interest?
Rajesh Choudha (6 days ago)
Muja nahi banana
Medhansh Kore (7 days ago)
i like it
Oh you are so smart
pat espiritu (8 days ago)
Super simple when you making ghat but for me and other's people are hard rightt!!
Niceeee 😁📺🤗
Shahanawaz Dalvi (9 days ago)
Which glue is used?name plz
Ken Lubisia (9 days ago)
🐀🐁🐭I think no rats around 🤔
Beasty58 (10 days ago)
Imagine someone breaking into there house and seeing it there’s totally no money in it
ما في حدا عربي هون
нαʍid Legend (10 days ago)
Amazing u r awesome
Rahul jangra (10 days ago)
wow very very nice
Rahul jangra (10 days ago)
wow very very nice
problem solving (10 days ago)
Without coins wala batado
Nenita Tindugan (11 days ago)
What is the name of the glue you used??
Shazil Jamshaid (11 days ago)
Siraj Haq (11 days ago)
Very nice video
Ilyas Muhammad (11 days ago)
But hhw would we get out money back???
سعيدة سعيدة (12 days ago)
Wow great
Awesome sooo soo creative loved it
Sudesh Devi (12 days ago)
You are brillant😎
Madan lal Sharma (12 days ago)
It's very very amazing and good idea
Mini Gear (12 days ago)
Thank you so much
Raviballa Tiwari (13 days ago)
imad-gaming (14 days ago)
Just wow
M. A. MANNAN (14 days ago)
awesome bank
Gleison Araújo (15 days ago)
Excelente!!! 😍👏👏👏
Cyber Hunter (15 days ago)
What If cockroach get inside ?
alam hossin (16 days ago)
very nice
Qudsia Tahir (16 days ago)
Did u use bol pens???
hseeb KHAN (18 days ago)
make me one please iam pakistani
Gudiya Gudiya (18 days ago)
kya bate h
Harsh Bardhan (18 days ago)
It's beautiful.
favour Labon (19 days ago)
wow there r no words
123 Vlogs (19 days ago)
Thx I have the best money box
Chukwuka Iregbu (20 days ago)
How did you possibly make that. that is the most brilliant, excellently made craft😚😗😍🌏🇱🇷
Mini Gear (20 days ago)
Thank you so much for your love.
Ritik Sharma (20 days ago)
अगर रुपए निकालने हो तो
Mari Ranal (21 days ago)
how to make a real phone
mhiecaella lim (21 days ago)
whaaaaaa ang galing galing haha.ha. whaaaaaa as😉😉😉😉😂😃😂😉😂😃😂
movi master m (22 days ago)
movi master m (22 days ago)
Baldomero D Morales (22 days ago)
That was pretty neat
Tamil maker (22 days ago)
If you are Indian means subscribe to our channel
OMG😱 Nice,U r so talented!
Soma Ghosal (2 days ago)
Rd sad fh hffccx🤤🕯🍨ufff xz k raz is a very good morning
+Mini Gear U most welcome!
Mini Gear (22 days ago)
Thank you so much
FIRST GAME (23 days ago)
maggie198333 (23 days ago)
Why not just dig a hole on top and we are done?
Najmul Hassan (23 days ago)
you are so intelligent
Abdullah Zero (23 days ago)
It's to hard
Haruhi (24 days ago)
This is so good... I don't understand where that 6k dislike comes from... Like.... Can u even do this.... Lol
Yvonna Terry (16 days ago)
Jayshree Narsinge (21 days ago)
Sage ,,
Mini Gear (24 days ago)
Xander Lucas (24 days ago)
Wow. Very cool. The lock is really the selling point. 8 possible combinations! There’s no way anyone can steal my money now.
Clash Royale (17 days ago)
You can set multiple circle in that to get multiple lock system. He showed you the path not the conclusions you can add as per your preference . I have a way to make it multiple locks.
T Lannister (23 days ago)
Yes. Assuming you can trust your family it can protect your money up to eight burglaries. The eighth thief statistically will find it out.
Akila Akila (25 days ago)
I wash cashing money through its very easy
Jsb Salaam143 (25 days ago)
Can Itake bbq bamboo stick in place of chop stick
Jsb Salaam143 (25 days ago)
What is the measurment of spokes and pens
swtnr (25 days ago)
is that for sold?
Nimi Zahid (25 days ago)
Ye bhtt mushkil ha... hmary bas ka kam nhi bnana.. who agrees??
Hammad Qureshi (25 days ago)
please tell me...............
Hammad Qureshi (26 days ago)
where is discription
h- town (26 days ago)
I wonder what your IQ is.
Mini Gear (25 days ago)
FaZe Toxic (26 days ago)
You can break it
Genny’s Vids (26 days ago)
Cloud MMLD (26 days ago)
Tell me where do I buy the glue ure using. Not the glue gun. The small glue
Bimal Das (26 days ago)
you can try another way of craft.....
Bimal Das (26 days ago)
it can be easy
Bimal Das (26 days ago)
its too hard
harinisa personal (27 days ago)
Eratson Yvenel Paul (27 days ago)
Can you please sell them? I'll buy one?
Eratson Yvenel Paul (27 days ago)
Mansurbek Imamnazarov (27 days ago)
Ё пирай
Kiethian Navyintcet (27 days ago)
I think I'm going to install 3 password locker or whatever that ABCDEFG is called so that no one even my siblings can unlock my bank easily, not if they just rip it apart🙊🙈 btw really great creation!! I assume you are some sort of engineering student or graduate or anything that involves building stuffs like that, if not, oh well... I would say " OH EM WHAT!? HOW TO BE LIKE YOU!? Such an overwhelming talent!" L O V E 😍
SpardaBoy (27 days ago)
mad lad...
noëlla _bmb (27 days ago)
woaw !
Adil Khan (27 days ago)
you try this box make
Anjumma Umma (28 days ago)
This is Awesome
Messyah Pollard (28 days ago)
What if I needa 5 20 & 50 dollars
jusrushem69 (28 days ago)
Solid. How bout I pay you to make me one.
Eric Love (28 days ago)
Wait y u using Canadian coins but American cash?
T Lannister (23 days ago)
Yes but the machine works with almost all types of banknotes.
Choco Bro (28 days ago)
What I like about it is its so stupid, now no will fund out where I his my money thanks 👍
Harryson Yunus (28 days ago)
It's just amazing
رنا رورو (28 days ago)
حد يقول لي انها وحشه ولا حلوة
안정미 (28 days ago)
Gurdeep Singh (28 days ago)
Annie Qayyum (28 days ago)
Jorny ky liye kya cheez use ki Hui hai?
ShrekBroger123 Harhar (29 days ago)
Your extremely intelligent and creative.
FFXG (24 days ago)
Or you could literally brake it open and steal the money from any dumbass who said this was useful
ShrekBroger123 Harhar (28 days ago)
Mini Gear np it’s the truth 😊
Mini Gear (28 days ago)
Thank you so much
Payton Vineyard (29 days ago)
Mr.Gear's younger brother
5P00N1E PUFFS (29 days ago)
Payton Vineyard lol I just noticed that
NEWYORK BOSS (29 days ago)
Life as a cardboard wait how do u take the money out brake it where do u find those parts 🤣🤣🤣
Mini Gear (29 days ago)

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