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How to put an image into a button control in wpf

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In this WPF Tutorial, I will show you how to add image inside the button control. I will give you a demo of image with button.
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Text Comments (8)
Alliance world (6 months ago)
Thank you
Furkan keskin (1 year ago)
thank you man!
Mohanad Abusabt (3 years ago)
thank you, thank you :)
WPF (2 years ago)
+Mohanad Abusabt (mhnd) welcome to WPF channel
Afaf Benzinoun (3 years ago)
I did the same thing but always the image is not shown when my app is running
nemesis1uk (3 years ago)
bit of a noob question, but how did you manage to import that jpg file into your solution?
WPF (3 years ago)
+nemesis1uk Simple copy and paste it
Sinan Basalan (4 years ago)
I cannot use a resource's image as a button. I can see the image in phase of design mode and when the program runs it does not appear on the Window    (UPDATED TEXT: I just noticed that it's better way to create a folder in a project and add images as existing item to the folder and call them like this: <Image Source="Images/asterisk.png"></Image>)

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