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Why a Long Term Trading System is Best | with Scot Billington

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Our next guest takes a mechanical, long-term trend approach to trading to a new level, and you’ll find out why he thinks it is the better option in this episode. He started Covenant Capital with his business partner in 1999 and has grown it into a profitable boutique firm. But in early 2002 after they ended the previous year down 20%, they really had to grind it out and stick to their guns which ultimately paid off in a big way. === You can check out the all of the notes and full transcript of this episode right here: http://www.toptradersunplugged.com/scot-billington-covenant-capital-long-term-trading/ === In This Episode, You’ll Learn: How Scot started his firm, doing the testing by hand. The difference between a discretionary model and a mechanical model and why Scot chose a mechanical one. How narrative bias can affect a trader’s decisions. What made Scot believe in his model and stick to his guns. The pitfalls of investing in shorter term models and not allowing managers to see a full cycles with markets. Why most allocators and investors are chasing 24-month returns on stocks and why that may not be the right approach. About different types of CTA firms, including boutiques, battleships, emerging, and experimental. What to look for in a CTA. How to get investors to share the long-term horizon with his firm when certain markets do very well in the short term. === Follow us on social media: TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TopTradersLive FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/toptradersunplugged INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/toptradersunplugged SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/toptradersunplugged-com
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Wolf_in_a_suit (8 months ago)
Inn Vestor (1 year ago)
Another great one. Cheers 🍻
Ade Abasanji (1 year ago)
Excellent talk. I trade from the longer term view too. A lot less stressful way to make consistent money.
Joshua Arceo (1 year ago)
probably the best talk I've heard in a while and will be tuning in more often. thank you

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