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Building your account with Long Term Trading Forex Lot size Technique

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Learn our Winning Forex Strategy - Start trading with 90% - 95% accuracy https://www.theforexhelper.com/easy-forex Join our Whatsapp Group: 📞📲 +1 424 244 9665 Social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forex_helper Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gabriel4xpips Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreeForexTradeSignals/ Join our Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/ddTvBn 📈As many of you will know our concept of long-term trading with the Forex Market has been proven to be very beneficial and is also proving to be very effective! 💥We realize that the Forex Market is commonly known as a very fast-paced Marketplace And Trades that are given short-term are really the desirable trades among Traders and investors. 🌟We Stand Out by promoting long-term Trading which we also referred to as long-term investing. 💥On this video I talk about how long term trading is not the only concept that needs to be used whenever one is looking to make more money in the market. 📈📉I Look into one of our accounts which is 40 to 80 days old. And this account we have several trades that are still running and the majority of them are in profit while only a small percentage is in drawdown or attempting to catch up and profit. 💥The concept that needs to go side-by-side with long-term Trading has to do with building your account up to a desirable level where you can earn a reasonable amount of money at the end of 50 or 90 days. 🤔The first step requires you to make a decision in your mind that you will set a 90-day goal for yourself. 💥From that point on it is very important to build your account by attempting to get your instrument value up to $1.00 lot sizes. 💥I will make more videos in the future to further explain how one can bring their account value up by adding instruments that equal $1.00 lot size and purchase quickly and safely. 🤔Contact us at our website if you looking to make money online in the Forex Market, Commodities Market or even cryptocurrency Market! 😎Happy Investing!
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Jade Young (18 hours ago)
So are you simply investing and then waiting a few months? Is that it? How to you decrease the risk?
The Forex Helper (18 hours ago)
Jade Young That is one aspect of the principle(which is explained in my ebook) but every asset has a ‘Lifespan’ and the market determines which direction that asset must go at a certain point in time. We just simply follow what the market is telling us. Risk is Managed by making sure your margin level % area remains near or above 1000%
Donovan Miller (1 day ago)
Does anyone know his stop placement , in a system like that?
james agnew (3 days ago)
I hate it when people wast my time , what a waste of 18 mins , no method , no system , nothing just numbers
Bi nair (4 days ago)
Hello,What chart timeframe you use for make a Entry? 1.H - 4.H or One Day?....
momiyaz ahmed tarar (17 days ago)
Market crash happens and his ass is in debt has 100000 trades open without stop losses 😂😂😂
The Forex Helper (16 days ago)
momiyaz ahmed tarar that could be a possibility but thank goodness our strategy also works with ANY type of market condition, yes even a crash (ANOTHER WORD FOR SELL OFF) For example when BREXIT(BRITISH POUND CRASH) took place we went with what the market “said” and made a TON of 💰😳🤗🤗🤗 Read our ebook to learn more and you will be Wise my friend. Be blessed!
Renko (20 days ago)
I can buy your ebook for $ 24.95 How many Big Mac's you are gonna buy with that money , you look like a fat cow.
George STM (21 days ago)
What time frame was it? 4H
George STM (21 days ago)
I need to be more strict with myself next time I trade I’ll try this method with a couple currencies ofcourse starting on a small account 😓
whatUwanaB (1 month ago)
@08:37 you can see that he hasn't been charged anything for swap which shows its a demo account.
S H A N C Y (11 days ago)
Not all trades have swap. I have 2 live accounts on Tradersway and some of my trades that are in profit don’t have swap.
The Forex Helper (1 month ago)
whatUwanaB All of our accounts are real. It’s best if you actually join our network so you can see for yourself. We have several different brokers that we deal with and we are also on my myfxbook for verification. Check out our e-book: Easy Forex Trading to learn more if you’re truly interested in learning how we do what we do.
Donovan Miller (2 months ago)
Hi Forex Helper, I would like to ask you, how one use stop loss / trailing stops ? , i cannot keep a trade for a day. any tips would be appreciated
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Donovan, Thank you for commenting. There is a video that I made in regards to this subject matter. Here is the link https://youtu.be/lR8Ls72jxWI - I would also like you to know that the key to online trading is long-term and it could be that your spread is too close. Either way, if you would like to continue this conversation contact our Account Management Team and we will be more than happy to assist you further. [email protected]
zerrouki bachir (2 months ago)
Good work and strategy , but it to Risk if the target go in the other side.
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Zerrouki, Yes, You're right about the risk involved when trading online in the Forex Market. We teach long-term strategy which minimizes your risk by over 80%. Most of the high risks moves that involves great losses come through short-term 'Fast Money moves '. We explain all this in our ebook: Easy Forex Trading. If you would like to learn more you can visit our website http://www.TheForexHelper.com/easy-forex or you can contact our Account Management Team at [email protected] com and someone will be glad to explain more. Thank you for commenting and we hope to hear from you soon.
Samuel Rockson (2 months ago)
Hi Sir , Please am in Forex trade and am new to this have no idea have trying to make an order with my small account but it keeps on repeating not enough money don't know why , please i can get your contact so we get intact or this is mine 0034631234764 am Samuel
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Samuel, We would be more than happy to assist you in understanding how to trade. Please contact our Account Management Team at [email protected] and one of our specialist will help you out.
sbhatnagar71 (2 months ago)
Do you trade both long and short on the same forex pairs and hold them for a long term? Or do you have a technique to select forex pairs?
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello sbhatnagar71, We trade both Long-term and short term. If you are interested in knowing more contact our Account Management Team at [email protected]
Amanda Cooke (3 months ago)
Can anyone give me an honest, no-BS, answer on day-trading? What is the likelihood of success?
Primal Instinct (1 month ago)
shit is easy af just set a stop loss and only risk 3 to 5% of your account and also take signals
Apes on Horseback (1 month ago)
Also don't think your going to get rich quick. There are tons of ups where you make money so fast you can't believe it. And lows where you loose almost everything you own on what you thought was a for sure thing (for sure is an oxy moron when reffering to stocks don't believe anyone that tells you its a for sure thing! Unless they work at the Company but then that's illegal (insider trading). ).
Apes on Horseback (1 month ago)
You need 20k to start out
Alex Delgado (3 months ago)
Simple logic. Find the trend. Big account With small lot size . So when it bounces back You will be okay.
V -woods (22 days ago)
Good tactic. seems like you know nothing about trading
Alex Delgado (2 months ago)
+The Forex Helper I'm sure that what you do?. I've been spending a lot of time with the forex market the more time i spend with it the more it starts to make sense.
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Good logic!
KSA Wheels (3 months ago)
is this demo account ?
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Ksa, All of our accounts are real, Check out our most recent videos
leinz.k😍💋 (4 months ago)
Do you have a telegram account? For signals and help with trading?
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Leinz.k, We dont have a telegram account. We are on Whatsapp and you can also contact our Account Management Team directly at [email protected]
owen world (4 months ago)
Science your a forxe helper would you please help me with signals
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Owen, Apologize for the late response. Yes we can help you with Forex trading. Contact us at [email protected] and our Account Management Team will get you started right away.
Ali Mutlu (4 months ago)
Hi bro i want to write
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello bro Ali, Contact us at [email protected] so that we can get a better idea where your talents can be best served. Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late response.
Yosef El Bey Bey (5 months ago)
Lol, it's a Demo Account. Sucka
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Yosef, None of our accounts are demos but you are entitled to your own opinion. We wish you the best and blessings!
distroyer333 (2 months ago)
I don't like the language this man is using in the video, but it doesn't matter whether it's a demo or not. The only thing manipulatable on a demo account is the initial investment. Other than that it goes down to your trading system and good risk management.
The Muscle Biker (5 months ago)
Can you consider Swap/Rollover on a currency that has a positive rollover and just make money that way regardless of trend?
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello The Muscle Biker, Thank you for commenting and Apologies on the late response. That is something to consider but unfortunately we dont specialize in that method of trading. However, we do believe that the market's overall long-term trend plays a critical role in understanding what the market is saying and knowing which direction the market will continue to go(specified time frames must be taken into consideration). This has produced results for us in all financial market places, not only in Forex. I explain this in my ebook: Easy Forex Trading. It would be great to hear from you outside of this platform. If you would like to continue this conversation contact us at [email protected]
Darren Hernandez (5 months ago)
Any good brokers for trading energy metals and indicies with high leverage?
The Forex Helper (2 months ago)
Hello Darren, We apologize for the late response. Yes there are good brokers that provide what you are looking for but it really depends where you live in the world(unfortunately). Contact us at [email protected] to speak with someone from our Account Management Team
richie m (6 months ago)
richie m (6 months ago)
ahsanullah shanto (6 months ago)
Broker selection is the major step a Forex trader. So this task should be operated with a great expertise. Trade12 is an ECN standard broker allows both small and large investors with no small deposit bonus. And it’s really a blessing to the small investors.
Glenn Robinson (6 months ago)
i no this is old but wdym .25 cent lots that would cost me $25,000 im confused
Anubis R (6 months ago)
GBP is a legit strong currency. No joke 😁😁
Kevin Solis (6 months ago)
Anyone can grow a demo. Account. Show. Swap charges Or the deposit. Or MyFXbook.
Manoj Katenge (6 months ago)
I m trading at MT5 your wats up number
Lift & Laugh (7 months ago)
Hey what’s the number I can call you on?
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
www.theforexhelper.com 424-244-9665
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
http://www.theforexhelper.com/easy-forex OUR EBOOK is $24.95 with 60 days of signal service. You can click on this link for the ebook     For forex signals click on this link to purchase monthly signals  www.theforexhelper.com/forex-signal-service Easy Forex Trading E-Book Will Teach You How To….   • Succeed in any financial market • Profit from market changes • Grow wealthy with a $50 or less investment • Never blow your account with proper risk management. • Achieve a 90% success rate with our Long-Term Strategy
Muhammad Zahidrana (9 months ago)
can you send me whatsapp number
FinalKill Dangel (9 months ago)
Don't use any stop loss? What it the trade goes against you?
The Forex Helper (9 months ago)
Great question! Yes, We do use SL and TP for most of our trades, especially if they are midterm and classified as extremely volatile. The strategy that we use is highly accurate in relation to know which direction a particular financial instrument is going. As a result of the accuracy of our system, certain trades dont need an SL. The turning against usually does happen because that is the nature of the market but we teach our investors how to circumvent this. Its a critical aspect of long-term trading that has to do with a specific risk management technique that will ensure the safety of your trade no matter how volatile the situation with the market.
Ace Boogie (9 months ago)
we got a big move when the market open . You can stay in this trade the whole week . Trust me EUR USD=SELL 1.17412 TAKE PROFIT 1.15988 (15 minute time frame) ACE BOOGIE aKa_ The loNg rUn 👌✊🖐
Nicholas Hall (9 months ago)
Bro love the vid very useful, but that is 2.50usd a pip not 25 cents.
Nicholas Hall (9 months ago)
Cool im going to take the time to read this. I like your analogy between taking long term trades and planting seeds, to eventually having a harvest.
The Forex Helper (9 months ago)
Thank you, Yes I'm aware that its 2.50usd per pip. 25cent lot size is a term that is used in some trading circles not to explain the value but just the look of the lot size. Sometimes the terminology can get confusing if its not cleared up. I explain this in my Ebook : Easy Forex Trading http://www.TheForexHelper.com/easy-forex
race 123 (9 months ago)
Hey this looks like a demo account to me your trading from, because if you keep your account open for a day you get swap charges and Cleary you have no commission or swap charges. Can you tell me which broker you use.
boseter (3 months ago)
I have a live account and I don’t pay any fees or charges. That depends on your broker.
CHRIS DLC (4 months ago)
I see you need more knowledge about forex (Education)
The Forex Helper (9 months ago)
If you visit our website and click our Easy Forex Trading(E-book) link http://www.TheForexHelper.com/easy-forex you will clearly see that all of our accounts are real and no demos. We explain how you can trade long term and still make profits even if your broker charges swap. Yes, we also pay swap and commission for every trade.
Rolling Stone (9 months ago)
Do you teach the signals, or only sell your signal service? (i.e. will we be dependent on you?)
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
We do offer personal mentorship. Visit our website for more details. www.theforexhelper.com
Karun's Forex (9 months ago)
I invite you to live watch karuns robot https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctr82TZqbquacYLwX4RPNA/live
Eduardo Orozco Trader (10 months ago)
That's nice, good job. Risk managemente is the best way to improve in the FOREX world. I'm still improving those skills.
Chris Johnson (10 months ago)
You doubled it man I got that too
Mitsos kati (10 months ago)
how much balance should have to keep that for long time?
Femi Bam (10 months ago)
Dear bro, cant we still reach you on phone, if yes how do i get you.
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
Hello we do apologize for the delay. Contact us on whatapp at +1 424-244-9665.
Telex Kankuli (10 months ago)
How do you set your stop loss?
BIG TV (10 months ago)
i want to learn
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
Hello we do apologize for the delay. Contact us on whatapp at +1 424-244-9665.
BIG TV (10 months ago)
that is amazing, i'm sorry.. how your strategy?
Gurprasad Varma (10 months ago)
*I am trading with this software (Link Here >>> **https://plus.google.com/u/1/102135744004462700008/posts/7WRPBz3b8KV** ). Mind-blowing software. It truly rocked my trading capability and I am proud to use it. This week, I made a handsome profit, which to me is really awesome.*
krughan henderson (10 months ago)
What's the leverage
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
Hello we do apologize for the delay. Contact us on whatapp at +1 424-244-9665.
Isaac agada (11 months ago)
day trader here.it makes trading so much easier I swear everything is so clear
Isaac agada (9 months ago)
Pat M what ever you choose to trade just stick with it.and test to know what you really like and stick to it
Pat M (9 months ago)
Isaac agada what maker trading easier
Isaac agada (11 months ago)
one day those profits would be change to me I promise you all
Cora san (1 month ago)
Come to me and I will show you a 500 k $ account ( half million dollar account ) he is one of my copy trade clients ,,,,, its FREE service Search telegram... ( @dom56 )
Prince Jaann (4 months ago)
how are you brother now?!
Ade Abasanji (11 months ago)
Swing trader all day....everyday 👊
Binary Zacks (11 months ago)
What's the time-frame you are using for the charts?
TAJ THE GOD (10 months ago)
Binary Zacks daily ,weekly
JARELL ROGERS (11 months ago)
Sholom bro , what broker do you go with which allows u to trade with no fees ?
Steven Rogge (5 months ago)
XANATOS yea. They hit me with a $6.20 swap fee on EUR/USD. I’m like WTF?
XANATOS (5 months ago)
+Steven Rogge TW also REALLY likes to stop hunt , as for swap and fees if you hit a winner they will not matter , if you pick a loser well they make it worse .
Steven Rogge (5 months ago)
@ XANATOS I haven’t tried yet. Just wondering.
XANATOS (5 months ago)
+Steven Rogge No but it's not their fault it' your banks fault
Steven Rogge (6 months ago)
Does Tradersway allow you to withdraw money easily? Have you had any issues?
hoi giang Huy (1 year ago)
great ideas!thanks could i follow signal of you ?
tuti dudu (3 months ago)
Just believe in yourself
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
Hello we do apologize for the delay. Contact us on whatapp at +1 424-244-9665.
mett mett music (1 year ago)
How is this dollars saving my bank account pls helping me my WhatsApp number+919566348390
Visual Dreams PR (1 year ago)
Thank you. This strategy makes so much since to build your income.
Riki Ariwibowo (1 year ago)
Pleaseeee help me sir 😭😭
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
Hello we do apologize for the delay. Contact us on whatapp at +1 424-244-9665.
coin cobe (11 months ago)
u wanna learn more ?
Jay G (1 year ago)
Looks like he's using MetaTrader.
CHRIS DLC (4 months ago)
Looks like your a wanna be Forex trader hahahaha!! Mt4 platform you idiot!!
DonNeverGivesUp (5 months ago)
Looks like? He is using Meta Trader.. you dumbass
Isaac agada (11 months ago)
Jay G u sure u a trader
Jay Morris (1 year ago)
Wat broker do you use that doesn’t charge you swap?
Sufyan Al-Gburi (10 months ago)
Justin Morris FXTM swap free account
luis conde (11 months ago)
Justin Morris Tradersway
Isaac agada (11 months ago)
AJNALA BRANCH (1 year ago)
+06187716801 watsapp me justin
DeathNote1430 (1 year ago)
My mobile MT4 doesn't show the swap under each trade but rather in my history as balance updates. I assume it is the same for him. The desktop version shows it but not the mobile
TAJ THE GOD (1 year ago)
Swing trader for life!
Paul Lesieur (11 months ago)
Cheers for this, I have been researching "value of a pip in forex" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Menabeth Pips Parapraxis - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got cool results with it.
samuel s (1 year ago)
great video .
I would like to enroll to your system.
The Forex Helper (7 months ago)
Hello we do apologize for the delay. Contact us on whatapp at +1 424-244-9665.
coin cobe (11 months ago)
u wanna enroll ?
Jermaine Wedderburn (1 year ago)

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