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Cashing in Coins

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We cash in a huge amount of coins.
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sunrase9225 (5 months ago)
After almost three years of silence, I am commenting now to say... no. We did not check for any silver. Yeehaw Cowboy!
Prædica (22 days ago)
Sucks m8 you lost potential of alot more.
Mysterious Titan (4 months ago)
Yo rich now boi
sunrase9225 (4 months ago)
It would take quite a bit to save up that much again... Maybe.
timmy 900 (4 months ago)
Will you ever do this again
Sooo much cash.. Damn
adaml209 (12 hours ago)
I would kill to be able too look through those.
DotKritic (2 days ago)
My bank used to have that same change machine. It would be linked up with your checking/savings account so it would go directly there. Sadly, it wasn't used enough so they took it out. edit: Coin Star takes 11.9% so I'd prefer to wrap my coins. I remember when it was 6.9%. Jeez.
Emmanuel Sedano (2 days ago)
Awesome way to save change.
That’s enough money to buy 3 iPhone Xs and 2 Nintendo Switches
Adil Lhadi (6 days ago)
Retrieve the history of your ancestors with one click😍😍 😍 https://goo.gl/CPSkh8
MEME BOI (7 days ago)
Poor car
Lil Mark (12 days ago)
Did you guys wasted all the money
Chad May (14 days ago)
Do I have a problem I love these type of vidz
ostaann terron (15 days ago)
That made my coin collection look so insignificant. I only got around to counting my quarters and it came to 1,077 dollars. Never got the chance to count the dimes, nickels, and pennies.
Zoidberg The Punk (17 days ago)
I only clicked the video because I saw the back of a Mercury head dime in the thumbnail
chase from legos (17 days ago)
Thats planty of money for ranting someones home
ZaYe Scott (17 days ago)
I’m currently cash to fill my 10gal jar
VillagerOG (18 days ago)
damn sun thats alot of money
21 News (19 days ago)
Nice Coins ❤
Cozmo (21 days ago)
what bank did u go to?
joven2040 (22 days ago)
do they charge non members??
Zachary Lewis (25 days ago)
what the crap
Legend says there are still coins laying around in that building.
memax26 / (26 days ago)
Would a bank accept 200.000.00 In change???
Lil Slurrp (27 days ago)
Who the hell has this many coins laying around
Wally Duong (27 days ago)
Buy your self a new phone
ForestFire AJ Føx (30 days ago)
kong fu lee (30 days ago)
Shiiiiitttttt im saving change now
Dat_Sneckie_Boi (1 month ago)
That is about the weight of a healthy basement dwelling 4Channer
What is that cart to the left of the machine?
Federico Reyes (1 month ago)
Make it rain... with Coins :(
B W (1 month ago)
200lbs of coins produced a VERY gracious payday save them coins people👆👀👏
Narala Jalandhar (1 month ago)
Mera pass hi old coin notu hi 9493293455
Wolf Gamer (1 month ago)
Hah... i like that sound 1:11
Thefastlane425 (1 month ago)
And here I am flexin over my $7 in change
Chris Corbo (1 month ago)
I have two 5 gallons full of change one is all quarters and one is all silver. I kept the pennies separate. Starting saving when I was 15 I’m 40 years old now. Gonna fill up one more. And use the money to take my kids on a small vacation.
Zer0 Bl4aze (1 month ago)
मेरे पास है कुछ सीका है समपरक करे 7317839254
Meghan Watterson (1 month ago)
im guessing there is gonna be 386 pounds
Dylan Geltzeiler (1 month ago)
Wow, 200 Pounds of different coins in a water container. Hmm, Well, I heard that some coins are worth more than you think. From the years of the 1910s to the 1960s. 1970s & 1980s are old but not very old enough. I doubt you looked at what year these coins were before you deposited them for money.
Scott Hill (1 month ago)
Thief: "Gimmie your money fool.....never mind!"
Bert Halloway (1 month ago)
How long did it take to save all that
Ling Sheng (2 months ago)
And I can't even Save for 1year😍😂❤!!
Hunter Bailey (2 months ago)
Lift with your legs your poor back will get messed up hurts to see you lifting with your back😂😂
Robert O Tegan (2 months ago)
Okay I know I’m like three years late but the receipt that the person gave him has the time 17:26 which is 5:26pm but when he leaves the bank the time on his phone says 3:05pm?
Strange Dreams (2 months ago)
WOW that's a lot of money
tabby314 (2 months ago)
Gavin Johnson (2 months ago)
Aww he has a blackberry
Glenda Roberts (2 months ago)
hyunjin lee (2 months ago)
How your back after carrying a gallons of coins? Still ok?
Shock Rad (2 months ago)
I’ve seen it all
david Rockefeller (3 months ago)
I'm saving 500 dollars for week Maybe because l'm single 😂😂
Ethan Chan (3 months ago)
Thats alot of $$$$$
ItsJust Jacque (3 months ago)
I would love to have al of that
Everest Network (3 months ago)
Visita nuestra Web : https://noticiasbitcoin.io/
Matthew Vecchioni (3 months ago)
I pooped alot today
Ifty Uddin (3 months ago)
Whata fuc
Deana (3 months ago)
That guy at the bank really hates you now !
Boe Dillard (3 months ago)
Should have saved it for the tax assessor's office.
parker benz (3 months ago)
$4k right? 200lbs at $20/pound
zippo (4 months ago)
next time you my want to look at all the coins there some out there you can get a lot money for like this 1 penny is worth 2 millions dollars and some you can get like $88.000 out it
chevychase pa (4 months ago)
I'm starting that this pay day I get paid 1.200 a month bet I'll have it done before Christmas
The Gripmaster (4 months ago)
Traditional money is too cumbersome. Enter Bitcoin
Wezilla (4 months ago)
I did just over $230 about 1 year lot of little coins...
Paco Aldape (4 months ago)
That is cool and awesome
Tyler Gatzemeyer (4 months ago)
I have a big pickle jar that I save my change in and it is usually $50-100 when I cash it in. It adds up quick
Bilguun Tsagaanzul (4 months ago)
Its very lucky kg
Random weirdvideos (4 months ago)
They could be rare coins there....
MEYA Corp International (4 months ago)
this vid got posted on some guy's ICO - keepthechange.io
Gamemaker888 (4 months ago)
How did you get all these coins? Do like own a arcade or something?
gendalfff (4 months ago)
this is satisfying
Alias Alex (4 months ago)
He has a blackberry😂😂😂😂
zakkrick (4 months ago)
Now that’s a RAINY DAY money right there.
taco (4 months ago)
buckeyful (4 months ago)
Was That All Quarters or a mix of change?...Just wondering Because I Have a Bottle Like That Half full..
nick (4 months ago)
This guy after work found all the silver coins and walked away with 5 grand
Life Theory (5 months ago)
I wonder how long it took for him to get that amount of coins or how
Geoff Gyro (5 months ago)
When I saw that pile of coin I thought you would be able to tom out and buy a Porsche but sadly, it will only by a set of tires.
bibin kmarkose (5 months ago)
K54 Gaming (5 months ago)
I hate my life
John Gabriel Ferraer (5 months ago)
Should have searched for rare coins first.
godbluffvdgg (5 months ago)
No banks do this anymore in my Area (Philly) TD Bank did it for years...But, some assholes ruined it for everyone...Now, you have to go to acme and coin star 12% to cash or a gift card to home depot and other places...
Burt Gummer (5 months ago)
Coin roll hunting ehh ?
mmmmmvodka (5 months ago)
My best guess would that he owns either a laundromat, car wash, or a wishing well.
GregTheGreat (5 months ago)
lol did u know every time he changes the bag you loose some coins lol i know because i used to install them and and most are faulty
Бравый Швейк (5 months ago)
interesting +1 subscription and the other, the coins go rarely, mostly looking for rarities WWII
x john237 (5 months ago)
i really hate that music it seems to be in a lot of YouTube videos
Nick Schoendorf (5 months ago)
Gives me hope my coins will be worth something someday
Mark M (5 months ago)
You need a debit card
CaramelFlea 1386 (5 months ago)
DragonFighter1133 (5 months ago)
Holy shit that’s a lot of money now that I have seen this I got to start saving up mine
Dwava Twine (5 months ago)
Soooo awesoooome!!!!!🙌🏾😤💁🏾‍♀️ how long were u saving for ?!?!
Kaynos (5 months ago)
That water bottle you broke is worth 10$ here.
Daniel Holmes (5 months ago)
If i take my change in can i get gold dollar coins instead of cash?
Thunder Nugget (5 months ago)
If I had a quarter for every time.. uh....
Abigail Thompson (5 months ago)
Jacob Preece (5 months ago)
Dude that's enough for a nice vacation
Jacob Preece (5 months ago)
Kine Don (5 months ago)
o my holy god hep me
Julie Grace (5 months ago)
As if the staff haven't got enough to do!!
drumaddic1 (5 months ago)
I hoped he checked the dates... some coins could be worth 1,000's of dollars each!
hellokittygirl6405 (5 months ago)
I need to start doing this O_o
Oh yeah yeah. (5 months ago)
One of those coins could've been really rare and worth more than all of that alone.
Adam Carter (6 months ago)
This reminds me of the hooker who had $300.05, her pimp said what's the 5 cents for, she said that's how much I charge.

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