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WPF DataGrid Demo

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Hi Guys, Let us learn a very important topic of WPF which is DataGrid. Please share and subscribe.
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Gaurav Dudkekar (1 month ago)
, I was waiting for your lecture over CRUD operation using MVVM pattern...Please make that video tutorial..
akhilesh sahu (4 months ago)
also with the Entity framework
Trzbne (4 months ago)
Your English pronunciation improved a lot meanwhile (2016-2017)! Thank you for this tutorial. I do not know, why did you stop preparing tutorials, but I wish you all the best!
jones tako (5 months ago)
I'm waiting impatiently for the next videos.
jones tako (5 months ago)
Excellent tutorial
Michael Howard (5 months ago)
Hi. Does anyone have any examples of doing Asynchronous loading into a data grid. I am loading up to 7000 records and it just runs so slow. Any tutorials on that?
Waqar Mumtaz (16 days ago)
Use paging or edit your query to bring only a specific number of records from DB.
Karthick Rajendran (10 months ago)
Excellent tutorial for beginners thanks lot. I have one question here why one extra empty row is coming in the last row of the data grid, how can we avoid that, kindly clarify that, thanks lot.
Abhijit Deshpande (10 months ago)
Sir, Please add some videos which are related with CRUD operations and some related with database connectivity for other operations.
kannan v (1 year ago)
sir pls upload more topics
Suman Yadav (1 year ago)
Please Provide a tutorial for Enabling a datagridtextColumn With checked Property of DataGridCheckBoxColumn
Barrie Adsett (1 year ago)
Great set of tutorials, waiting for the next ones.  I agree with other comments, looking forward to MVVM CRUD, and MVVM access to SQL.
Mathivanan KP (1 year ago)
please provide tutorials on database (SQL Server) operations with WPF.
i'M IT Bunts (1 year ago)
Once again an awesome video, here I have a doubt whether to use ObservableCollections only to bind data to DataGrid or DataTable can also serve the purpose, which one should be preferred. Thanks in advance.
DotNetSkoool (1 year ago)
Observable collection should be preferred always. Data table will not serve purpose of two way data binding..However you can get data on data table put it on observable collection and then bind. But for large data this would make app slower..
Rahul Salinskee (1 year ago)
Sir, I was waiting for your lecture over CRUD operation using MVVM pattern...Please make that video tutorial...
Meghna Agrawal (1 year ago)
Great Videos Sir.. Please make videos on MVVM
Meghna Agrawal (1 year ago)
It that done? If yes, May i get the link please?
DotNetSkoool (1 year ago)
Will do it soon...

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