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Text Comments (139)
Maitrayan Ghosh Roy (3 months ago)
What a Investor earns in 1 Year, Trader earns in 1 Month
3D Printwiz (4 months ago)
The temptation of getting rich fast, hmmm, what to do?
VeritasVosLiberabit (6 months ago)
Can't concentrate, too vibrant. Cant he just be normal?
Emil Kim (7 months ago)
day traders get burned by hft big time
wise man (8 months ago)
Commissions fees from brokers is so much less when your doing long term investing because broker isn't making as much money from you during the year, because your not in and out of stocks as much as short term trader and the taxes is so much less, but the downfall to long term investing is some people won't sell their growth stock because they are afraid of what they will have to pay the tax man, then they lose out on profits, their is nothing wrong with not selling because you just don't want to sell, it's dangerous when your reason not to sell any shares is because of fear of taxes i have heard horror stories of people losing lots of money because of fear of paying higher taxes.
Justin K (8 months ago)
Trump is about to change a long term gain tax to a inflation indexed gain tax which will favor long term investment much more.
Llowlyn Smith (11 months ago)
Only one flaw in this video, if u invested short term, or that was your intention going in, if the stock falls a bit after you go in, why not then let it stay longer, even if that means years until it goes up, i assume even if you are short term you still check out the intrinsic value and do a little research on the company you are investing in. So in essence if you aimed to do short term and the stock doesn't perform how you expected within a few weeks or months, just transition into a long term hold. There have been quite a few stocks in the jse market that are already above 20% in the first quarter.
Wey Shing (1 year ago)
You have a very humble and helpful opinions, I learned much from this short video.
YNO BY (1 year ago)
I'm a First timer on this channel, great information for someone who is just starting out. Thanks. Subscribed (y)
Financial Education (1 year ago)
happy to have you here!
IAN DUCAO (1 year ago)
what if i've been trading for 10 years but i even don't pay a cent?
Thank you for the clarification!
Financial Education (1 year ago)
my pleasure :))
riyas m h (1 year ago)
Hey brother , I am a new subscriber, I must say this channel is a gem.. for us newbies to finance, your way of presentation is very easy to follow with great info.. greetings from India.
las vegas (1 year ago)
very good video!
ASMR Creep (1 year ago)
Jeremy losing money doesn't mean you fail. Not learning from your mistakes and quitting is how you fail. Try short-term trading VIX inverse-ETF's such as XIV or SVXY and see how stupidly easy it is to make money off that.
manzo215 (1 year ago)
I day trade. It's the most enjoyable/fun way to play the stock market in my opinion.
Jonathan Ayre (1 year ago)
Love the Channel, can you do another monthly income update?
Dean Machine (1 year ago)
Get in on big companies on a dip....When I first started I was looking for the diamond in the rough, a stock that has been way down and expecting it to come back just because it had been that high. And I ignored the high stocks because I felt like they were overvalued. But I failed to wrap my noggin around the fact that they have been declining or rising for a reason. This is a stupid thing to do, especially in a bull market. Now I use my noggin and look for great companies on a slight dip or that have been flat for a couple years. BA, AAPL, ALGN have been great for me recently. I would also say look at what the government wants to do. When Trump talked about the infrastructure re-haul all of the material and construction stocks took off. LOVE THE CHANNEL TO GET ANOTHER PRESPECTIVE.
hodoprime (1 year ago)
Married couple w/ less than $75k income have 0% tax on dividends and long-term capital gains.
Herpesfree Since2003 (1 year ago)
I'm just learning stocks/trading whats the purpose in holding a stock forever.. for years I understand but i don't understand holding onto a stock forever. Is it just sentimental value?
Anthony Then (1 year ago)
Herpesfree Since2003 dividends and it's pretty much like a high interest savings accnt if the company goes up forever
dav (1 year ago)
George McGovern (1 year ago)
investment= short-term trade gone bad. Now holding for break even.
DJICambodia (1 year ago)
as always you earned my respect on the way you are comparing and having opinion. Currently i am trying to learn day/swing trading. I have not spend money on learning such as semina or in person training, I only spend on several trading books cost me less than $100. My performance though, in the first couple months i lost more than %40, it was all cost by inexperience. several months later i start to trend back up, i trend slow but i am trending up, at least this is a good thing though, (for now) lol, but I have high hope and really believe in myself.
ThePresentation010 (1 year ago)
What if u make gains. Then lose them all? Cash the stock. Then later put more money on a different stock. And lose more than you had gained. Are you still taxed? So you end up losing twice?
Chris Mattingly (1 year ago)
Top 3 personal favorite long term. Lifer .. years from now Stocks Jermey ... ? And go ... you’re a pro .. let’s hear it 🤓
Ihab Alqassis (1 year ago)
Always great videos, Jeremy! Can you make a video about S&P 500 Pros & Cons? Thanks!
S Blijheid (1 year ago)
I was trying to figure out what you meant by your weird title. Day trading is short term, that's where I got confused. What you call short term trading is called "swing trading."
Olga M. (1 year ago)
Thank your for great video!
King KILLER (1 year ago)
Hi Jeremy keep it up bro you’re awesome!make a video about CFDs? and if you do! I will hit the thombs up for you
Jaime Reyes (1 year ago)
I really want to know your current thoughts on GPRO before their earnings
gopro been amazing in the last week, might be your time to finally show everyone you were right about gopro... short-term atleast good for you.
1stMil.com (1 year ago)
I am coaching a friend to invest for the first time in his life. UP 10.6% in 26 days. Not trading, long time investing using Warren Buffett system. check it out on my new channel. click on the gold coin to the left.
Sola (1 year ago)
Just made a new blog was hoping you guys could check it out and give me feedback https://zdhub.github.io
JAKKAL (1 year ago)
You should put some YouTube ads up and grow your channel even more because this is some important stuff that needs to reach people my age ASAP
Lil_SAF (1 year ago)
Hey, I was just wondering if I wanted to invest into a company for a few years or forever what do I do when I have brought a stock, do I just sit around and forget about it and come back a few years later ? ( I am a beginner)
Where the Jones (1 year ago)
Super cool man. Great definitions.
Anand .Sie (1 year ago)
The one thing I don't completely understand is: when you hold a stock for decades and it keeps growing but never sell it how is that good? If you hold it forever; lets say till you die you have never even used that profit for something. So it is almolst like you did not even own the stock because you did nothing with it. (when the stock gives dividend, the situation is ofcourse different)
Carter 94 (1 month ago)
Compound interest on reinvesting dividends. If you initially invest £10,000 in a long term portfolio and let’s say an additional £200 each month from your salary, you’re investment is going to compound. As an example, let’s say the equities in your portfolio stay the exact same on the market, but you make an annual rate of return of 8% each year over 10 years. Keep in mind you invested initially £10,000 + £200 per month = £24,000 overall investment. If you reinvested your average dividend yield of 8%, you’d have around £61,500. That is a 600% increase just from an annual yield of 8% and monthly reinvestment of £200. Let’s say you started to increase your monthly investments each year by £1000 and that your equites actually grew in market value by 10%... I’m not going to work that out, but you’d be making well into the 6 figures simply by smartly diversifying your portfolio into good values companies with decent growth prospects. ((I realise my example isn’t exactly realistic, but gains on this level - and even greater - can and have been achieved. My main point though was selling the idea of compound interest))
Christopher Rule (8 months ago)
Anand .Sie If you are in that position, you’re likely already very wealthy, so holding that stock until your death means your kids then have an investment worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars
Anotherguy (1 year ago)
Hi Jeremy, Gopro is going to report their earning very soon, what do you expect from this earning report?
Will you be doing a video on “Stocks you’re BUYING” in November 2017?? Hope so! You’re the man
Satria Agatha (1 year ago)
Can u make a video about what is your broker company that u use and tell us more about that broker
MrLethal001 (1 year ago)
Will Apple-backed Group purchase of Toshiba effect its stock in the near future..
Positive Investing (1 year ago)
Great video Jeremy. I have a request which is a bit off topic - would you ever give us a tour of your studio and recording setup and equipment?
Positive Investing (1 year ago)
Awesome. I've been around since maybe 8k subs, so I might have missed it. Either way, looking forward to the new house/office tour, and 100k milestone soon too!
Financial Education (1 year ago)
+Nicholas J. Paris I did a video like that for 1,000 subscribers I think. Or maybe 10k. New house/office tour coming next month
Marco S (1 year ago)
Jeremy, quick question... what type of long investment you do? Value stocks , growth stocks or a mix of both? Thank you
Financial Education (1 year ago)
+Mseabra75 mix of value and growth
greentealatte (1 year ago)
So let's say I invested in GOOGLE @ $925 and AMAZON @ $960. Would you say the stock is peaking resistance and likely to dip again? Is it better to hold long-term, sell half of it, or sell all? Any advice would be appreciated!
Positive Investing (1 year ago)
greentealatte based on their earnings last week, we are far from peaking!
Sandra Rojas (1 year ago)
Just invested in your *Mastery Course* I'm so excited.
Financial Education (1 year ago)
+Sandra Ro hope you love it!
greentealatte (1 year ago)
Investing in day trading is like being good at your pull-out game.
Wading InWeed (1 year ago)
3 kids later, gave up day trading lol
Isaiah92 (1 year ago)
LukeB Films 😹
Pen Umbra (1 year ago)
I died laughing
LukeB Films (1 year ago)
And my pull out game weak af
Mathieu Lambert (1 year ago)
Thanks for ur vids u are very helpfull for young investor!
RC for Richard (1 year ago)
Good explanation of the differences of day, short and long term trading. Long term is defiantly the best form of investing.
Nico Calderon (1 year ago)
Day trading is for people who don't know what investing really is. Just chasing any gain
Ohad Barda (1 year ago)
Excellent video J, thank you very much for this hard-learned tips. I 100% agree with you.
Marlon (1 year ago)
Nice video. I didn't really know the difference between short term and day trading...
treysharkk1 (1 year ago)
I'm down 30% since I tried swing trading 3 months ago. Had i just kept my money in sq, Amazon, wm and planet I would be up over 20%. I am no longer a swing trader. I've got my money in 3 I believe in and I'm not going to sell for at least 6 months. PayPal ftw
ASMR Creep (1 year ago)
if you quit every time you fail, you will probably never make it big. Try applying "technical analysis" and "momentum" in your strategy. A good start would be reading the classics "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edwards and Magee.
Internet Expl (1 year ago)
treysharkk1 yeah u lost money cuz u had no idea how to swing trade, how the hell did u lost 30% in 3 MONTHS? do u have any idea what money management is? maybe u should learn then apply
Noe Limon (1 year ago)
Hey I’m wondering if you can do a video on investing for college students and how to go on about it without messing with your FAFSA
Hossain Masud (1 year ago)
Any suggestions or prediction on Shophify as earning on Tuesday?
Positive Investing (1 year ago)
Hossain Masud think they will blow earnings out of the water and the stock will move back near ATH.
Easy Money (1 year ago)
I feel like they could be good or bad but I am not sure. I feel like it would be a risky move because they just took a hit recently. I would wait till I hear their earnings in the morning before I invest, even though it may be not as profitable. It will be safer though. I hope this helps! *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*
Hossain Masud (1 year ago)
I believe in long term and think like a investor not day trading looser..
Enke Xi (1 year ago)
really cool video. thank you Jeremy. However, i have a question. when you say 99% of the times you long term investment makes money. Have you considered maybe part of it is due to the overall market performance (meaning general bull market). also, by making money, were they able to beat the market performance in a sense of opportunity cost? I am not disagreeing that long-term investing is a safer way to use your money. i am sincerely curious your benchmark of success. thank you.
Val Minyaylo (1 year ago)
Didn't you lost your money because you were using margin and was getting margin calls on your bets? I just don't think that "short term" is as bad as you described it. Great video, thank you for your work.
Chetan Pachpande (1 year ago)
great video, just for fun count how many time Jeremy says "okay" :P
Michael S (1 year ago)
funny how 100% of all day traders, swing traders, and long term holders are using the same prices everyday
Positive Investing (1 year ago)
Michael S valid, but day traders are watching every movement, every day.
Out of the City (1 year ago)
Guess I'm a short term trader than. I've never been able to hold a stock for a long term tax gain. But I'm averaging 16.5% this year and I've not touched a FANG stock.
ASMR Creep (1 year ago)
good shit. Mind sharing your strategy?
Easy Money (1 year ago)
Wow! That is impressive! *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*
Monero XMR (1 year ago)
Investing is better for most folks and trading carries many risks for both the skilled and unskilled!
Joey Silva (1 year ago)
Is your investment course for options good for short term trading?
Financial Education (1 year ago)
In my course it is just about my investing philosophy. If you want to learn about options join here https://financial-education2.teachable.com/p/in-jeremy-s-stock-market-brain I just released a 12 part Options course in there yesterday. All traders and investors should fully understand options in my opinion
Easy Money (1 year ago)
I strongly dislike day trading. I think it is way too risky. *_Subscriber Goal = 0/10_*
Easy Money (1 year ago)
Thanks Talking with the world!
Davie Boi (1 year ago)
1st subscribe to this guy its free
ABK (1 year ago)
Make a video on Forex trading please! Love ur vids
Schrecken des Südens (1 year ago)
the interesting times come, when the markets go down again for a while. not just a correction. right now it's quite possible to have good stock picks for the medium to long term. i'm in fear of the days when things reverse and you need to make money in a downward market. i'm not prepared for that as of now.
Pen Umbra (1 year ago)
dude.... the idea is you hold forever, and shit always is higher in longrun... like has it ever been lower?.. in long run?
Tiernan Ryan (1 year ago)
make a video on telsa please
Schrecken des Südens (1 year ago)
cnn's cramer sais it's a 'cold stock' .. i'm sure many would disagree..
im new to stocks, would it be better to use a website or an app to trade?
Positive Investing (1 year ago)
Look into Robin hood if you're in the states. If your in Canada, Questrade is good.
Easy Money (1 year ago)
I would recommend using a virtual market for now, which really taught me a lot without losing any money. Something like MarketWatch, you can even create a game and compete against friends. Which is what I did. I hope this helps! *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*
alright thanks!
TheCornbeefsoup (1 year ago)
I'm personally leaning towards the daytrading style. The more I Iearn the more I understand why so many people fail. I would also do long term investing. I'm not really a fan of short term/swing trading. The line between technical and fundamental analysis can get blurred and you can easily fall into the category of being a gambler hoping for a catalyst to earn you profits.
Mark Schmitz (1 year ago)
Where I am from the tax difference between short term and long term investing is even higher. If you keep your shares for more than 6 months you don't have to pay taxes at all on your capital gains but below that time frame you pay the regular tax rate (up to 42% I think).
Easy Money (1 year ago)
I agree that's nice to have! *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*
Financial Education (1 year ago)
Holy smokes that is crazy! Thanks for sharing
Schrecken des Südens (1 year ago)
Aah thx. In Germany it's almost always around 28 % for dividends or any capital gains
Mark Schmitz (1 year ago)
Schrecken des Südens (1 year ago)
may I ask where is that?
Cindy Yang (1 year ago)
You just read my mind! Exactly what I needed to refresh my mind on stock trading.
Im Namen des Geldes (1 year ago)
great video as always :)
Kelly Parkwerhip (1 year ago)
My advice is not to enter the market without basic knowledge. Binary Options is a zero sum game. It’s complex, so you need math skills to understand the market trends and different algorithm. What a party wins, the other loses. So the competition is fierce here. But a good system well developed with high tech algorithm like CTM (just check this out here right now>>>>> BestTradingPlatform5.blogspot.com
icawn (1 year ago)
I agree with long term investing, if anything, to remain sane. I've day traded and short term traded a couple dozen small biotechs the past year for big gains chasing fda and eu approvals. Decisions were primarily based on numbers but there is always some amount of luck involved. I would not recommend it as a career. I've only done it because of the inevitable recovery following the 2015 bio bust. Long term is king, but you need to grow your business or income #1 as primary focus. Can't put the cart before the horse.
Easy Money (1 year ago)
Well said! I agree! *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*
McGill (1 year ago)
Day traders dont go in and out like you said they look for volatile stocks and only made 2-6 traders you must be thinking of scalpers
Grell Sutcliff (1 year ago)
Can you succeed and make profit as a long term investor when you're a beginner and have very little money to spend on stocks?
MRsjovealek (1 year ago)
Grell Sutcliff sure, aslong as you have a steady flow of income every month, and you invest it. If you put 100$ into the stock market and just leave it there and expect to become a millionare, you will become very dissapointed
Mark Schmitz (1 year ago)
in and out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Leroy The-Savage (8 months ago)
CODY DUNLAP (1 year ago)
New thumbnail I like it!
Chris Benwitt (1 year ago)
make a video before Tuesday about GoPro!!!!! Earnings and all. Do you think you'll hold through ER considering your current position and profit thus far? Stock could do both good or bad
on another note, amd has been getting slaughtered
just averaged down all in at 9.48, cant wait too see whats next
KretschKev (1 year ago)
Victor Leong (1 year ago)
9/10 day traders fail. Still gonna do it tho
TheCornbeefsoup (1 year ago)
Rudrabhoj Bhati You said it perfectly.
Rudrabhoj Bhati (1 year ago)
To sum it up, most day-traders do not take it seriously. They think they can see few chart pattern here and there, and throw their money stupidly. Vast majority of day-traders being unfit for it and are attracted to it like gambling doesn't prove day-trading is a bad business.
Rudrabhoj Bhati (1 year ago)
It is because large number of day-traders are suckers. They want a quick buck and don't invest time practicing with small amounts and perfecting their trade. Others are just not good at managing risks. That easily covers 95% of all day trader. I am pretty new at day trading, still I am winning in vast majority of my trades. I invested time to learn what are patterns, which of them work, and why they work.
TheCornbeefsoup (1 year ago)
Mark jackson Well there's always going to be red days
Mark jackson (1 year ago)
10/10 fail
Myy Jiggy (1 year ago)
Do You Have A Video On Call Options?
Financial Education (1 year ago)
+Myy Jiggy i do indeed. Several
Jeeson Johnson (1 year ago)
Yeh I really want him to do videos on options.
J29R23 (1 year ago)
Nice video!! Personally, I do mostly long term investing (95%) and (5%) short term trading with call and put options. Ideally, I'd like to go a bit heavier on short term trading because it can be amazingly profitable but I'm waiting for my next bonus and salary bump.
NGE0001 (1 year ago)
never understood why people trade. unless you have big money it's not worth it on a time/money basis. if you don't have big money it's not worth the risk. if you do have money there's no point as you can just still back and let the divs roll in and grow
James Wei (1 year ago)
that guy is an uckers
Stan (1 year ago)
mans not hot
MRsjovealek (1 year ago)
Day traders lose! Long term investors win
Easy Money (1 year ago)
This is mostly true! GO LONG TERM INVESTORS! lol *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*
McGill (1 year ago)
Not all day traders lose and not all long term investors win
Hadar Ganot (1 year ago)
Another day, another awesome video
ElChuntyCabra (1 year ago)
Benjamin Levy (1 year ago)
Easy Money (1 year ago)
lol *_Subscriber Goal = 1/10_*

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