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Pantos - Extensive ICO Review • First Multiblockchain Token System

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This is a extensive ico review about Pantos, an ico from Bitpanda with the ambition to become the first multiblockchain token system. Subscribe for more content!
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Amazing Vanni (8 months ago)
Friendly reminder: Get coins for free in the Pantos AirDrop: you only need to register an account (which is free) and sign up for the AirDrop in the "Pantos ICO" section on their website! Link: https://goo.gl/hfnyv3 - get your free coins now! (ICO finishes in 6 days!)
Zouhair Bentafrit (8 months ago)
Pantos ICO to the moooooon !!!!
CryptoStamp (8 months ago)
Did you already invest?
yo eddy (8 months ago)
where du you think will the price start ? 0.30 usd ? i think i get 200k pan
yo eddy (8 months ago)
pan = my btc *(400.000.000/btc raised) its not the start price ...
CryptoStamp (8 months ago)
You should go on their website. There you can download the ico details were they got all info!
yo eddy (8 months ago)
whats the math behind that
CryptoStamp (8 months ago)
That really depends on how much btc they raise.
Thijs T (8 months ago)
here you invest in ICO Pantos https://www.bitpanda.com/?ref=2896968539415224253
etik sami (8 months ago)
hello, sir....GlowEther is Transparent and Reliable: glowether.com Telegram: https://t.me/glowether
CryptoStamp (8 months ago)
Much love to my 116 Subs!

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