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Using Ichimuko for long term trading! Best and easiest strategy.

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Text Comments (22)
HYPE CITY (19 days ago)
5:35 😂😂😭😂
honeybadger ******* (1 month ago)
i 've been studying ichimoku trading ...you just simplified it good for me... thank you
adsie79 (3 months ago)
Your videos are really good.
Apple Gongora (7 months ago)
do i need to change the parameters of ichimuko indicator?...thanks for those who will reply
Nicolas Rowies (6 months ago)
No sir :)
Erdem Taner (7 months ago)
Mr. Salah 20:50 you are mistaken. the price or point you are showing is just occuring as the green line syhncronisingly following the price in the mean time although its placed at the more left side of the price. i mean the V shape resistance is just occuring and you assume it was occured earlier and you can trade it now. NO! it is occuring right now. i hope i could explain what i mean..
Xtreme Trader (7 months ago)
No my dear, check at the left there's another green line as a support (more to the left) you'll see it they're both at the same level.
Naseem Ali (8 months ago)
لايك من قبل ما اشوف الفديو 😍
Mew Wem (9 months ago)
Fehler im Video (13:20): grüne Linie zeichnet 26 Perioden früher
Taufiq Suleyman (10 months ago)
Great presentation! Beside checking the thickness of the cloud, do you also considering the distance of the price to the corresponding cloud itself? Thank you.
Honey Dhawan (10 months ago)
Hi salah Fantastic study Pl.more explain about it And make video with live trading as you do. Wating for new video about this.thanks
Patan Muhammad (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot brother Salah, actually I have been searching for trading secret of Ichimoku for quite some time and now you have shown it. Alhamdulilah...
Xtreme Trader (10 months ago)
Patan Muhammad pleasure bro, still i didn't show everything, it will be very clear for all in the next upcoming video
Bimol Mallik (10 months ago)
very niice video bro :) but I have a question...if i see in h4 chart green cloud and back to the h1 chart where i see red cloud.. but also if i get a change to sell..but why not should i trade?? can i trade..?? although i get a chance to trade??
Bo Yanni (10 months ago)
The green line is just the closing price of the current market shifted back 26 candles.
David Mourão (10 months ago)
the best 👨‍🏫
Barry Syne (10 months ago)
Brillant work with your video,yes the names,just proceed with the ...... strategy hahaha you're funny,thank you bro,excellent.Keep it up!
george mwita (10 months ago)
elaborate more about the green line and how significant it is to the current position of the market
Fred Dosch (10 months ago)
The green line is easy, only the Candelstickchart as a line chart, put in the past ! You can see what I mean when u switch from Candelsticks to linechart, than u see thats the green line and your linechart are the same !
george mwita (10 months ago)
nice video ....simple and easy to understand...waiting for the next one
Janis Vingris (10 months ago)
Just maybe you could tell more about the green line. I did not see its importance and how to use it in the chart analysis. Thank you
Xtreme Trader (10 months ago)
Janis Vingris maybe you're right, the next live trading video should clear it more.
Janis Vingris (10 months ago)
Thank you for something new. Your videos are great. Looking forward to see the next one.

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