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$50 All put Into Quarter Pusher Machine Follow us on Twitter @StayColdYT
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Claw Craziness (2 years ago)
"What did I say, children" lol nice video!
Daniel Bemis (5 months ago)
Seventeen. You're ready.
Sharif Kennedy (6 months ago)
Nice videos
faeez nasif (7 months ago)
gugugaga131 (7 months ago)
I think we didnt shake it.....dumb af
goober rownowsky (5 months ago)
This is how young democrats learn to waste other peoples money.
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Never crooked Hillary
Vincent Pickford (5 months ago)
realtalk (5 months ago)
next time start the machine and add the quarters carefully as not to get them stuck....realtalk.
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
realtalk appreciate the real talk 🙌
TheAjcatallo (5 months ago)
Well. That was really stupid.
Andrew Black (5 months ago)
For all of you haters let me educate y'all . The part of the brain that controls logic and reasoning doesn't Fully form until 26. These are teens.
Tommy Sands (5 months ago)
You kids have to learn that these machines are designed to make money not lose money
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Tommy Sands hopefully we can learn eventually 😢
ian francis (5 months ago)
The only person who wins on these machines are the arcade as if you look on both sides of the last fall there is a hole either side that the coins fall down into the bag inside the machine. I used to fill these machines and know how they work.... You never win
Jas Garrett (5 months ago)
20 years ago.. in 20 years we will have flying cars.
norma pinder (5 months ago)
I thought yall won something I was pulling for yall lol
nikko mccarthy (5 months ago)
You should try weed.
crackatoe (5 months ago)
Watching idiots trying to win quarters. I guess I’m the idiot for watching idiots.
Adnan ad (5 months ago)
They made the alarm go off just to kick you out all scam dont play these games
malte2505 (5 months ago)
EW cl1ckb4it
Sigh1 films (5 months ago)
what a waste of my fucken time
MrHulltech2 (5 months ago)
Bunch of dumbasses
HAVOC LV (5 months ago)
Notice that my fingers never leave my hand during any part of this trick. If you look, the trick is right up front. One clue...Pressure has a lot to do with it and distribution of mass. The people that made these machines were crooks and con-artists with a plan. Do you think they would make something that ripped folks off susceptible to hacking?
Robert Jones (5 months ago)
About the 3:25 seconds mark, one said "Hey, we put more in than we're getting out"......The future leaders of our country
Colin Booth (5 months ago)
If these idiots are the future, god help us
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
How old are you?
TheBillyHuntyShow (5 months ago)
4:54 is the only thing that made this shit video worth it
TheBillyHuntyShow (5 months ago)
+Stay Cold you're a good sport, i respect that
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Honestly this is the first mean response that is funny
Xx_Dank_Memer65_xX (5 months ago)
certaindiaster59 (5 months ago)
There goes 5 minutes wasted I’ll never get back...
Luca Toscani (5 months ago)
you should have bought bitcoins with that money instead
BEN DOVER (5 months ago)
Back to turning tricks for more coinage!!!!!
Frederick M Pfeiffer (5 months ago)
When you learn to hold camera still I'll be back!
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Fred M Pfeiffer I doubt that you will still be around for more than a few weeks you old fart
David Trautman (5 months ago)
No common sense for the value of money.
Marco Glo (5 months ago)
Lmao dumbest video on YouTube big thumbs down
Marco Glo (5 months ago)
Stay Cold check my 14 Kill game loser your page is dead you got 700 subs and get 100 views this the only vid that got a lotta views sucka😂😂
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Marco Glo more dumb than a 9 kill fortnite game? I highly down that. If you gonna post a dub of an outdated game, you gotta actually be decent dawg. 9 kills ain’t it Chief.
MusicthatsStrange (5 months ago)
DJ Allen (5 months ago)
I don't know whose dumber u for doing that or me for watching lol too funny!
Cory Wetrosky (5 months ago)
Inmmngc v know he has j c very him to be so good can you Good. Do am on the way to pick
Garegh62 (5 months ago)
Beskrock (5 months ago)
"Were actually putting in more than we're getting." No fucking shit.
marbm8 (5 months ago)
I couldn't finish the clip with all the damn talking
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Did you know you can mute it?
Todd Breslow (5 months ago)
Kaycee Hetchler (5 months ago)
there is way easier way to win with only 2 dollars in quarters my sis use to build these
Barry Evans (5 months ago)
Well??? What is it???
Tosca Tosca (5 months ago)
Murricuns murricunning
mannyistheman2221 (5 months ago)
I wouldn't be dumb enough to put my money especially in this quantity in a coin pusher. I like those machines they're fun to play but I wouldn't throw that kind of money away.
John Cataloni (6 months ago)
This was so stupid, they didn't even get any of the keys
Samy Bencherif (6 months ago)
Estimated video earnings: $749 https://influencermarketinghub.com/youtube-money-calculator/ not so stupid
Dante Trainmaster (6 months ago)
What bank is this?
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
Dante Trainmaster it’s at a bowling alley
Anon Nymous (6 months ago)
They're kids guys...dont be so judgemental. All you snowflakes are just hateful as shit. Grow up, they're having fun
Nathan Estlund (6 months ago)
$50 isn’t a lot of money.
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
Nathan Estlund send us $50 then
Paul Richardson (6 months ago)
bunch of infants
BLKBRDSR71 (6 months ago)
Puts in $50 losses $30. So this is the future of mankind...
Tim Drivas (6 months ago)
Spent $50 to TRY and win a prize that cost no more than $10...
samuel Rainhart (6 months ago)
you guys actualy idiiot !!!
Flora Ochoa (6 months ago)
If they actually knew how to play this game u put 6 quarters in a line and keep pushing the button slowly then keep adding the quarters like that :) Shhhhh my bro mastered these machines before he passed away :(
Dustin James music (6 months ago)
That’s not how you play that game!
superwuffi (6 months ago)
Amerikanisch Deppen
Vladimir Chertok (6 months ago)
i put in a quarter i win 10 quarter huh?
ram dat (6 months ago)
Well that back fired lol
James Miller (6 months ago)
All those wasted quarters and Classic Galaga was three steps away waiting to be played.
Amadeus Rocks (6 months ago)
got to say dumb
alan roig (6 months ago)
Just IDIOTS. And gambling should be forbidden on youtube- there are minors watching.
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
alan roig your profile pic is of someone without clothes on
Marie Gallagher (6 months ago)
so you spent $50 to io win $50
dabi Dabbagh (6 months ago)
shack the machine is it ok
Joel Louzy (6 months ago)
While im watching this im remidned of being at our county fair years ago when i was like 10. I had spend $40-50 bucks trying to win a "zippo" lighter. I couldn't see if it was actually a zippo brand. The guy working said it was. While im still standing at the game with a cup of quarters he reaches in and moves the lighter back. Quarters fell when he did this. There was already a couple kids watching and I flipped out.(over reacted) My uncles was head of security for the fair and by the time he shows up; there is now an audience. These kids i don't know are telling him and pointing and calling him a lier and cheater and he said i had left the game. So there is all this attention even adults now. He gives it to me with this smug, "here you whining ass brat" statement. I look at the bottom it isn't a even a zippo lighter and i threw it toward the fence over the hill. Later on a kid comes up to me to give it back. Told him to keep it, I wasnt about the lighter it was about some greedy Carny who cheated me and i was just making a point. Even if it had said zippo it was going to find out if it could fly. I started a different school the following week or so and the first day in home room the kid who tried to give it back to me was in there and i had to hear him tell this story. I was embarrassed, although he was giving me props. I wanted to be invisible my first day at a new school. The following year we were doing a "mock trial" and he was the judge, we all had our parts i was the defense lawyer, I protested because the prosecutor was making up stuff that was not in the script.(depositions) I said, "Dude i want to protest, none of what they are saying is in the script'. The 8th grade mock judge says to me, "well if you really want to protest why don't you throw a cigarette lighter".
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
Joel Louzy Didn’t really follow the story but glad it gave you some nostalgia
Arron L (6 months ago)
Do us all a favor, don't quit your day job.
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
Arron L Would you be able to do us a favor and not comment unless it’s actually funny?
Loreanna York (6 months ago)
Someone please slap these kids parents
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
Loreanna York back to the Kitchen
crazy dinosaur (6 months ago)
Mmmhmm what a waste of a gamble
Kelly Patterson (6 months ago)
Welcome to addictive gambling.
Nicki nurse (6 months ago)
idiots....$50 in & $8 out....they will keep vegas in business some day
Electro illusion (7 months ago)
The "prize" is a football ? .... you can just go buy a NFL Football for half that ..$25! https://www.wilson.com/en-us/football/footballs/nfl/team-logo/nfl-team-logo-autograph-football-official-detroit-lions?source=googleshopping&CMPID=Google-wilson-football_g_shopping_usa---c-214911854150-&gclid=CjwKCAjw0JfdBRACEiwAiDTALsYIaQYdeyP-R_jPAOAIl3GZbc3-foG1XVzuh_4SFhleYHe94DtyoRoCPkkQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
Sansash (7 months ago)
We're putting in more than we're getting out ..well ..duh
letsjus keepitreal (7 months ago)
future gamble addicts lol
Alwyn Dellow (7 months ago)
Have to be school kids .. no concept of money. What a waste of $50.
Alwyn Dellow (7 months ago)
+Stay Cold you like to brag how rich you think you are .. have you done anything to help somebody living on the streets? You got 6 generations of wealth. ( so you say ) go and help someone who needs help.
Stay Cold (7 months ago)
Alwyn Dellow yah you got us there. This $50 we could have saved for the 6th generation 👍🏻
Alwyn Dellow (7 months ago)
+Stay Cold you will see that the 6th generation will tho
Stay Cold (7 months ago)
Alwyn Dellow I doubt the next 5 generations of our family will have to work
Alwyn Dellow (7 months ago)
+Stay Cold ok Stay Cold .. you are 1 of the lucky ones. But maybe your wife and kids ( in the future ) will have to work because you blew all of the inheritance.
Skystrike70 (7 months ago)
yo kids quit leanin' on the machine, even if you ain't tryin' to shake it.
Skystrike70 (7 months ago)
+Stay Cold So you shouldn't have been surprised by the alarm lol
Stay Cold (7 months ago)
Skystrike70 it wasn’t an accidental lean. We were intentionally shaking it lol.
Tyler Winkle (7 months ago)
you shook it didnt you, little hoodlums
pim1234 (7 months ago)
LOL, just a bunch of kids having fun !
Postghost (7 months ago)
carleybennett07 (7 months ago)
Look for old error or any coins like that !!!
James Barnett (7 months ago)
try to keep the camera steady
Fafa Zaj (7 months ago)
look. everybody knows that those machines are scam. there's reason they are illegal in California. they are there to make money for businesses that own those machines.looser is always YOU.
Darrel Jno baptiste (7 months ago)
Jerry Garcia (7 months ago)
Another waste of time video where nothing happens. Just like the dude grabbing the cups with the claw. if you don't have a exciting pay off the video is dumb.
Sonny Pruitt (7 months ago)
"There's a sucker born every minute." P T Barnum
Sonny Pruitt (5 months ago)
+magusxxx Good try loser. skip the salmon, eat the crow.
magusxxx (5 months ago)
+Sonny Pruitt " ...phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum...although there is no evidence that he actually said it." - Wikipedia As a consolation prize have some white salmon guaranteed to not turn pink in the can.
Sonny Pruitt (5 months ago)
+magusxxx You are fake news! Wikipedia.
magusxxx (5 months ago)
He never actually said that. He said, "There's an opportunity born every minute." FAKE NEWS! ;)
Mark Routt (6 months ago)
Who makes money on YouTube...
Carmelo Lara (7 months ago)
Much money boys
bunbun 7304 (7 months ago)
"What did I say children" lmao. Yeah y'all got ripped off. OOOOOOOOOOOF
Al Jones (7 months ago)
Find a stacked pusher before you do this again, please.
Anja M. (7 months ago)
The little key in there, what was that for?
Anja M. (7 months ago)
Ohh okay... Thank you ;)
Stay Cold (7 months ago)
Anja M. If you knocked it off the edge, you could open a prize box with it.
Liz Torres (7 months ago)
Whoever was filming this needs lessons . Video camera was all over the place !
Malcolm Deed (5 months ago)
That is rude
Stay Cold (6 months ago)
ItsChrisSoFly DM us on twitter @staycoldyt
ItsChrisSoFly (6 months ago)
+Stay Cold I can
Stay Cold (7 months ago)
Liz Torres would you be able to provide them?
Artemus Rodricq (7 months ago)
eddyvideostar (8 months ago)
They need to have fortified machines where they cannot be shaken or placed in a metal enclosure or something. Should be rooted to the ground.
big teddy Bear (8 months ago)
It's only 50$ why would they sound the alarm also your the one paying for all that what are you taking about
Stay Cold (8 months ago)
big teddy Bear Goober the alarm sounded because we were banging it lol
11lordsnooty (8 months ago)
What a dull machine! Jeez
Deadbeat (8 months ago)
Violets are blue, Orchards are purple Roses are red, I own a pet turtle. 🐢
Joseph Vigil (8 months ago)
What was the point in that i will never get that time back in my life
Michael Jacksonsecretfan (7 months ago)
Stay Cold looks don't matter... Attitude does...
Stay Cold (8 months ago)
Joseph Vigil buddy you look like flipper the dolphin
TurnBased Combat (8 months ago)
That was disappointing.
Stay Cold wow roasted
Michael Jacksonsecretfan (7 months ago)
And what's wrong with Anime's???
Stay Cold (8 months ago)
TurnBased Combat that’s what your parents must think looking back on your life which you wasted on anime
Jeroen Laus (8 months ago)
3:35 Of course you will put in more then you got out. Why do you think these machines are made for..
Overlord Ghs (5 months ago)
Yah exactly that’s why it funnels out... no matter how many you put in you will always get much less back. Then they throw some wadded up bills and keys and dumb stuff to entice people but even when they get to the end they usually get stuck against the wall or something.
Glenn Maxfield (5 months ago)
+Stay Cold The machines are not made to get views from us it's the moronic way you play the machine that gets the views. Think about it.....
Michael Jacksonsecretfan (7 months ago)
Stay Cold That's actually out of the Topic... It doesn't matter how many subscribers or views you have... The Content matters... If you have Good Contents then it will attract more viewers...
Deadbeat (8 months ago)
Stay Cold that's a genius response, heheh...
Stay Cold (8 months ago)
Jeroen Laus to get views from cupcakes like you
Angelbabe (8 months ago)
Does anyone know what G.R.E.E.D.Y spells??
TGATEZ (6 months ago)
Lets compare dick sizes or credit scores rather than subscribers.
alex beckerson (6 months ago)
I hate u stay cold u bi
Michael Jacksonsecretfan (7 months ago)
soo??? What's wrong having Unicorns as profile pictures????😕 Just asking...
Paul H (8 months ago)
I used to play these machines when I was a kid, they had 2 pence ones back in those days and yeah they are fun and they are addictive. Nowadays they cost a lot more to play. I think I will keep my pocket full and the machine alone :P
Barney Potter (8 months ago)
the house always wins the only way to win on that is happenstances.you put one coin in and if your lucky it was on the verge of psying
Stay Cold (8 months ago)
Barney Potter interesting input Barney
kewl malibu (8 months ago)
There is our future America. Morons
Kason Jurgena (5 months ago)
don't you remember what it's like to be a kid man? Jesus, at least they aren't like those scurvy looking hippies that come in looking like their dinner depends on winning.
Cziffra (5 months ago)
oof, someone's butthurt they cant afford to spend $50 on a game. sucks to be you
Bread& Butter (5 months ago)
+Stay Cold 🤘🤘🤘😁....I was a kid once!
Stay Cold (5 months ago)
Bread& Butter appreciate you standing up for the youth
Bread& Butter (5 months ago)
Yeah, maybe they should do what a lot of kids do. Break into cars to steal Drug Money. They're just kids fuckin around. Who the hell would call them morons? You're probably a fat ass slob with a shitty job and you just hate yourself and the world. Fuck you.
caps201 (8 months ago)
Everyone knows those machines are a scam. They have outlets where the bills were that the majority of the money drops in and that’s for the owner
mscolli3 (8 months ago)
3:19 PLUS the hole in the middle!
William Surber (11 months ago)
Slowest moving video
William Surber (11 months ago)
Stay Cold you don't even know me. And plus when I should say that the video was slow it like you didn't want to get a jackpot
Stay Cold (11 months ago)
William Surber you’re the slowest moving runner
THE_KOSTYA _YT (1 year ago)
Я одинешенек российский!!
Vincent Vaughan (1 year ago)
You might jam the machine!
NikPlays (1 year ago)
idk why, idk how but u sound like me lmfao
Christopher Sanchez (1 year ago)
$50.00 gone like that.
TGATEZ (6 months ago)
Its mommies money sadly, she thought they were going to make it last but she was a mad cunt when they got home 15 min later.
Angelbabe (8 months ago)
Nice to have money to waste, eh Christopher Sanchez?
UK coin hunt Adam (1 year ago)
"What did I say children" 😂 lol
sad boy (5 months ago)
Copy cat...
Johnny Tran (1 year ago)
You hode the stop skill to long so the alarm went off
Stay Cold (1 year ago)
No we banged the machine lol

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