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Why the Gold to Silver Ratio Really Matters -- Saving Money!!!

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Why the Gold to Silver Ratio Really Matters -- Saving Money!! Part 2 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8F9PgVBqco Strategy to use the gold to silver ratio to get gold for much cheaper than spot price.
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Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
See Part 2 HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8F9PgVBqco
Tony Montana (2 years ago)
nice intro music choice// oooh yeahh
Bradley Love (5 days ago)
In my opinion I would never buy silver only gold… I could put $100,000 of gold in my pocket if I tried that with silver I’d need a pick up truck
Mark Houck (24 days ago)
Great Stuff, Enjoy All Your Videos!
jchigheagle (1 month ago)
Why are you showing an outdated video from 2016????
Silver Slacker (1 month ago)
Because that is when I put it out and you are watching an old video.
omimita1 (1 month ago)
Nice lesson but I don’t know anything terminology and it was a little advanced for me. I don’t know the different strategies to sell and what is meant with “premium”
Paul Easterbrook (1 month ago)
3:43 you got BULLS AND BEARS WONG!
Sam Son (2 months ago)
Don’t worry about silver, buy bronze! Lol
Jack Harris (3 months ago)
Forward 2 yrs , hold your silver till 2023 Silver $700 a oz . We have a very large debt and derivatives . Think war and reset . Wealth transfer
HornetUK1 (3 months ago)
buy bars
Modern Renaissance Man (3 months ago)
That price of silver was higher in 1980 $115.00 an ounce. and it did go over$50 in in 2011 to $54 an ounce.
Silver Chimp (4 months ago)
Great video ! 🐒🍌🐒🍌
Chiefly Chieftain (4 months ago)
The silver to gold ratio now is about 85:1.
Anak Warser (4 months ago)
what's the ratio now?
Black man with a plan (4 months ago)
December 7, 2018 Silver to gold. 85:1
theplayernkc (4 months ago)
Today's date Dec 5th, 2018 and the Silver to Gold ratio is 85 to 1. Just for historical reference.
buyystocks (4 months ago)
much cheaper today
One K (4 months ago)
Would it be safe to assume silver was at a high in 2011 due to fear of the world ending in 2012?
Ontario100 (5 months ago)
Interesting thought process. Thanks for sharing!!
Jared Highlands (5 months ago)
Now we are over 80
Adam Jacob (7 months ago)
The ratio today is over 80 to 1 and your strategy is looking even better. Nice work. Count me in.
Christopher Paul (7 months ago)
Nice visual way to explain G/S ratio.
A A (8 months ago)
i dont understand this at all
Robertw (8 months ago)
Just great overview this shows price doesnt matter only ratio does
Robertw (8 months ago)
With ratio around 80 its a historical shot to buy silver i use stocks like AG is a good silver company i like wpm also they own a lot of ag too But its more expensive stock i love slackers channel but i recommend igold advisor great utube channel he is ver good on timing
Dot Com (8 months ago)
By trading gold for silver or vice versa you really mean just sell whatever to buy the other right? Coin dealers don't just take oz of silver for gold or an oz of gold for silver based on the ratio do they?
Jared Highlands (8 months ago)
Clever I hope silver drops a lot more. Have one round and wanna grab a few more
John Betts (9 months ago)
Is it better to buy silver eagles or silver rounds with less premium?
Numis Mm (9 months ago)
Amazing analysis Buddy!  Wow this was very informative.  I really never understood this stuff before...  I wil have to rewatch a cople of times, appreciate the info... Today is July 10, 2018... what is the Gold to Silver Ratio Today?
Silver Slacker (9 months ago)
You are very welcome! The gold to silver ratio is about 78 to 1 right now. Here is a website that will show you: https://www.kitco.com/Gold_Silver_Ratio_Charts/gold-silver-ratio-charts.html
Dylan Brogan (9 months ago)
So the higher ratio the better silver price because there's more silver than gold being "produced" and as the ratio goes down the worse off silver would be to invest in...am I right?
Imperial Drop Ship (11 months ago)
Excellent explanation. Thanks a lot for that.
Silver Slacker (11 months ago)
Thanks Stacy, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Ron H (1 year ago)
Beware capital gains taxes in your strategy. So, you buy 70 AGE at a ratio of 70 to 1, when silver is $16.50, total $1155. But, you said yourself the ratio drops to say 55 when the price of both metals rise, perhaps during a crisis, to say $50 and 2250. Your silver is now worth $3500. Did you by chance take capital gains taxes into consideration? Because on the $34 of capital gains you pay perhaps 20% and lose $7 per coin x 70 coins, or $490. That leaves you with $3000 less transaction costs. Point is, don't forget capital gains taxes. And if you should choose to forget capital gains, they'll know, unless you buy and sell at a local coin shop.
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
Good points, and yes if you sell more than 200 items AND $20,000 worth of stuff on eBay in 1 year then you will get a 1099 from Paypal and it is reported to the IRS so definitely need to be aware of reporting requirements when buying and selling gold/silver. Also long term capital gains (anything held over 1 year) maxes out at 15%.
Charles Wagner (1 year ago)
What a fantastic video!
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
Thanks Charles, I'm glad you liked it.
John Doe (1 year ago)
Crustal abundance ratio estimates range from about 63:1 silver to gold to 23:1 silver to gold. Most silver mining is a byproduct of copper production. There is about 0.070 ppm of silver compared with 0.0011 ppm gold at most. Palladium is 0.0006, rhodium is 0.0002.
Jeff Harris (1 year ago)
You left out two very important points...trading the ratio's between Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium....The opportunities to increase your stack size are magnified when you consider all four of these PM's...Look at the Platinum to silver numbers from 2011 to 2014...very nice trades were made there.
ggsipaper (1 year ago)
I was going to say the same thing with platinum. Excellent point.
Ron Siegrist (1 year ago)
a little lengthy but this is about the best ratio explanation i have seen. thanks
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
Thanks Ron, glad you enjoyed it.
jackgoldman1 (1 year ago)
Best to get a good job, high skills, and just buy what you want. Improve your value and that lasts forever. Silver eagles are cheaper, 50 cents per ounce, if you buy back dated silver eagles. The premium is only $2 per coin.
Steve Mendoza (1 year ago)
AngstVision (1 year ago)
Very sound logic and analysis. May you live long and prosper sir. Subbed. Quick question, is it good to stack for weight in oz or price? in other words lets say you currently hold assets of 30 oz of silver to 1 oz of gold, would you keep buying silver until you reach 50 oz/1 and then start implementing trading gold for silver and/or consider your new purchases until desired ratio is reached?
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
Thanks, and everyone's strategy is different. Yes once gold gets below the 50/1 ratio of silver I will be buying gold over silver.
Robertw (1 year ago)
Great strat i will be following too
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
Thanks bud!
seenone (2 years ago)
here, in Turkey an ounce of silver is 22 dollars. the sellers wont give their silver on acceptable prices. what should do you think I do??
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
I'm really not sure Sinan because I just don't know the whole situation there in your country. Every area is different.
seenone (2 years ago)
the most understandable and rational precious metal comment I have ever watched, thank you!!
Silver Slacker (1 year ago)
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
C Neese (2 years ago)
I wish I could have my mother in laws weight in gold.
Steady Stacking Silver (2 years ago)
Great strategy really made sense the way you broke it down with the carts as well.thanks for this video
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks bud, I'm glad you enjoyed the video and got something out of it.
Zxc (2 years ago)
Your strategy is high speculative. Gold and silver hit an all time high in 1980 at $800 and $50 respectively if you remember.
Zxc (2 years ago)
I just can't imagine holding 410+ pounds of silver at home. It's very heavy which is why most people with that much money in PM's buy gold. You could also add a small amount of platinum (say 3 oz) into the bet as it's been trading $200 less than gold for more than two years.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Not speculative at all. Just look at what has happened in the past. Obviously past results don't guarantee future performance, but you can learn from the past. If the gold to silver ratio never hits 50 to 1 again I will still be fine.
joey86bu1 (2 years ago)
Awesome outside of the box thinking
joey86bu1 (2 years ago)
Have you ever run these numbers thru an excel spreadsheet? I did for 1971 on (as our fiat was taken off the GS then) and the numbers are staggering. That is for buying at a 70% or higher ratio and converting to gold when the ratio dips below that (years end)
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks Joey!
Van Dieu (2 years ago)
I have a similar plan based on my model which works off long term moving averages in the GSR. Current model readings say: GSR > 88 swap gold for silver GSR > 75 buy silver only GSR 50 - 75 buy both GSR < 50 buy Gold only GSR < 38 swap silver gold This model generates 1 or 2 swap signals every decade, and if you had followed it would have resulted in 500-700% more physical metal than if you had just followed a straightforward dollar-cost-average accumulation strategy in gold/silver since 1968.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Sounds like a very solid plan.
Robertw (2 years ago)
Thanks so much think i will follow your lead and wait for 40 ratio then selling some silver to buy gold thanks again
Robertw (2 years ago)
Wthanks so much for your time and education
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
You are very welcome, I'm glad you got something out of it.
Robertw (2 years ago)
GreT education and advice
Robertw (2 years ago)
So where do you move out of silver to gold at 50 or wait for 40
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
My plan is to start moving my silver to gold at 50 and under. Only about 20% of my silver stack though. I will keep the majority of it in silver.
I have checked your numbers they are very accurate. That is one of the main reasons why i buy 95% silver and 5% gold. Silver supply is going lower while silver demand is going higher each year. When the supply is gone and they can't deliver the physical shipments look out silver will go to the moon.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks, and yeah that is why I am mainly bullish on silver as well!
Robertw (2 years ago)
Excellent guide
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks Robert!
Robertw (2 years ago)
Where do you buy mostly?
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I mostly buy directly from the poured silver mints like YPS and MK Barz when buying poured silver. If I am buying other types of silver I normally buy from Provident Metals because they offer Veteran discounts which makes their prices for me pretty hard to beat.
countrystyle4life (2 years ago)
Do you have an upper limit? i.e. have you decided a point at which you will sell the gold and buy silver? (I know you don't really have gold but still)
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Yeah I have a limit of 75 to 1. I did a follow up video to this one if you want to check it out that goes more into detail the full strategy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8F9PgVBqco
Matt Littlepage (2 years ago)
Smart, I like it... Thanks for the video.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks Matt, and you are very welcome!
Omar Alvarez (2 years ago)
Had to watch this video about 2-3 times to fully understand it, but now I totally get what your saying. Thanks for the great content!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks so much Omar, I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
how do you buy those eagles? i cant even afford a tube!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I get mine normally through Provident metals when they have a sale. Make sure you buy enough though to get free shipping, because shipping can really bring your costs up.
PlataStacker 1 (2 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing your insight on the AU to AG ratio
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks, and you are very welcome!
Patrick Bateman (2 years ago)
I don't understand this at all.
Brett Wilson (2 years ago)
So, who buys the silver at the spot you're looking for? Wouldn't all the shops just turn you away knowing that in 2 years or so the market will mellow back out? Have to assume the people you're selling to are aware of the market as well, so who are the "buyers" during this trading period? It's all theoretical money until you get cold hard cash in your hand. Who would buy at that high of a spot? Or am i missing something? Again I am not sure how the hell the selling process works. Or why you would buy at higher prices (again I am looking at buying right now... as it seems quite palatable at the moment). Fan of your videos.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I think the best bet is to sell to the large bullion dealers. They offer decent prices for the government and generic stuff. The stuff that comes with a premium is best to sell on eBay IMO. When prices are going up they still buy because they hedge themselves with paper contracts.
SilverPig47 (2 years ago)
Informative, easy to follow, good strategy. Best 2 U, Pig.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Jason (2 years ago)
I'm guessing a currency crisis will drive gold up and the ratio to silver will correct.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
That would definitely do it!
1 Doris (2 years ago)
How do i convert 13.4 kg 999 silver bullion to coins. I am in Australia?
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I'm not sure for your location. But normally you can see what coin shops or bullion dealers in your area of country would be willing to do. You might have to sell them, and just take that money to buy coins.
Senior Frog (2 years ago)
Hey Silver Slacker I just saw your video about the assay bar and ran into this on e-bay !! You might want to check it out !! A US San Fran mint poured bar 6.12 troy and the item number 162331578796 .
Senior Frog (2 years ago)
+Silver Slacker I haven't a clue ! I would guess that they only made a few so very rare !?! But I saw the thing and thought I would tell you !
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Wow, now that is expensive!
MrSting17 (2 years ago)
I've tried 4 times to enter this comment in "separated" paragraphs to make reading easy.  It keeps "smooshing" together into one giant paragraph.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?Let me give a hypothetical example. So "today" I purchase (50) 1 oz. Silver Maple Leafs at a spot price of $16.50 and a $2 premium = $18.50, Totaling $925.  A 1 oz.American Gold Eagle is selling for a spot price of $1170 and a premium of $50 = Totaling $1220. Say gold doesn't really move much in the next 6 months, staying the same [$1170./oz.].  Say the biggest silver mine in the world floods with water and shuts down.  There is a shortage of silver in the market.   Silver prices skyrocket to $24.40/oz. [$24.40 x 50 oz.= $1220].  I would then call APMEX and tell them I want to SELL my (50) 1 oz. Silver Maple Leafs.  They tell me they will buy them from me for only $23.40 !  One dollar cheaper than the spot price of Ag.  So, $23.40 x 50 oz.= $1170, not enough to buy a 1 oz. American Eagle.  I need another $50 to pay for the premium of the Eagle.  --Do I just reach deep into my pocket and pay the extra $50 as an expense ?--Does APMEX say, "We'll do an "EVEN EXCHANGE" for doing business with us.  Something like "you just didn't take the money and walk away."  "You used the funds to make another purchase from us." For your 50 oz. of Ag, we'll just send you the 1 oz. American Gold Eagle ?--Or do I have to wait until Ag hits a HIGHER spot price of $25.40 to pay for the commission ?  [$25.40 - $1.00 (spot minus APMEX commission) = $24.40]  Now my 50 1 oz. Maple Leafs are being sold at a price of $24.40 x 50 = $1220.    BINGO, now I have enough to buy a 1 oz. Au coin ($1170 + $50 = $1220).  You can tell I'm "new" at this and I'm trying to figure it out.I've tried 4 times to enter this comment in "separated" paragraphs to make reading easy.  It keeps "smooshing" together into one giant paragraph.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Not sure why you can't use paragraphs. But what you are saying is basically correct. As far as I know thought the bullion dealers don't do trades, so you would have to sell to them and buy from them. They process it pretty quick though. I think you would be better off doing silver eagles though. You can pick them up for about $2.50 over spot, and Provident buys them back in tubes for $1.50 over spot price: https://www.providentmetals.com/2016-1-oz-american-silver-eagle-20-coin-roll.html So as long as the gold to silver ratio gets to 50 to 1, no matter at what price you would be able to sell the 50 silver eagles (you would get spot price plus $75 total in premiums) and that would more than pay for the gold eagle and the premium on the gold eagle.
Christian's Grandma (2 years ago)
I am trying to understand i should buy gold now instead of silver new at all of this
Christian's Grandma (2 years ago)
+Silver Slacker thank u
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Well as I said in this video I believe it is best to buy silver now until the ratio gets to 50 to 1.
Illuminati Silver (2 years ago)
Our preferred GSR for exchanging is approximately 50/80 otherwise often the costs involved are prohibitive - though less so in the US. Useful video.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
beckyholt (2 years ago)
V helpful. Thank you.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks, and you are very welcome!
Silver Falkon (2 years ago)
Soon to be "GOLD Slacker?"
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
LOL maybe :)
cachon448 (2 years ago)
May be no related at all?
sb4444 (2 years ago)
I hear you man, it'd be great to have some gold. Stick with your plan, I've been holding out myself for better prices........or at least a better ratio!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks! Yeah sometimes it gets hard to stick to the plan, but I am stubborn, so I'm sure I will be fine lol...
Silver Orgold (2 years ago)
Very good topic........ personally, avoid the silver eagle with $2.50 premium. Instead buy generic silver for 40 cents over spot. You'll save yourself like $2 per ounce and you never get $2 more per ounce when you sell silver Eagles over generics. Generics are the way to go if playing the ratio.....although generics are not pretty to look at though.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I guess it all depends on where you plan to sell and a personal preference. But yeah it is hard to go wrong with generics to keep premiums down.
TheQwaggs (2 years ago)
Great Video chief. Just bought some silver myself. When you thinking of getting into gold?
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Congrats! Like I said in the video I am waiting for the ratio to get to 50 to 1 before I get any gold.
Jordan Nuñez (2 years ago)
you should really look into the demand for silver and the production(mining) of it. silver is most likely going to be worth around 300%+ current prices. within a 2-3yrs time.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I am very well aware of supply and demand for silver. Here is a great link for it. http://www.silverinstitute.org/site/supply-demand/ I am way more bullish on silver than gold and that is why I have all silver and no gold right now. Not sure if you saw, but I did a part 2 to this video on how to use these ratios to get more silver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8F9PgVBqco
CHeEEEeeeEEe (2 years ago)
i invested in golden baby roshan and traded for a knife :X
Nick N (2 years ago)
How does it work once you own a good amount of silver or gold when or if the dollar collapse ? Like your going to buy a bread with silver ? Once the globalists they come up with international money commodities becomes useless.
just for fun ok (6 months ago)
Well since everyone admits the dollar has value on faith. I more think it's military bullying. But hey I'd have faith in a turd as dishsoap if someine had a rocket launcher pointed at me. But seriously the point I'm getting at is if dollar collapsed and the bankers came up with another fiat curremcy i dont think we would have faith in it.
Andy Detweiler (6 months ago)
Nick N we the people trade with each other. the government can go fuck themselves. so silver and gold IS money,if you and I say so...
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Nick, there are too many variables on how or why the economy collapses to answer that question. A total SHTF scenario is not why I stack. But I think most people that stack for that reason do think that in a total collapse it will turn into a barter system with gold and silver being the monetary money like it has been in the past since the countries can't just print it.
David Jensen (2 years ago)
Love your channel, we should collab at some point
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
dave brown (2 years ago)
when metal markets are no longer being rigged and markets and currency collapse, silver will regain its 9-1 ratio and u will regret ever trading your silver for gold! silver will out perform gold by astronomical amount!
dave brown (2 years ago)
+Silver Slacker yes i watched both. cpy and pasted my comment. i understand what you're saying. but id rather get caught holding all silver when shit hits the fan than gold
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I won't regret it at all! Did you even watch the video? I see you commented on both videos within the same minute. I will still have 6,000 ounces of silver so I will be a very happy camper. But I am using this strategy to get more silver or gold in my stack. If I end up getting "stuck" with 40 ounces of gold and 6,000 ounces of silver I will be ecstatic of the gold to silver ratio ever got to a 9 to 1 ratio.
Jeff Hresan (2 years ago)
Everybody talks, nobody knows!
AG Ender (2 years ago)
I'm most definitely going to keep this in mind, thank you
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks and you are very welcome!
Rick Rodrigues (2 years ago)
At 3:55 when you say it's "bear" market for silver & gold when ratio is high & vice versa when ratio is low...that can be difficult to interpret using ratios alone. Remember you are only dealing with ratios...meaning a comparison of prices "relative to each other", not real $ values! When the ratio goes up it could be interpreted to signal either the demand for gold is "greater than silver"...possible gold price rally; or a silver price retrace/correction lower...signalling a possible bear market for silver. The opposite can be true for a lower ratio. Supply/Demand at a point in time.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
As I said in the video silver is more volatile than gold. So it goes up faster and down faster. Both are highly correlated so they tend to both go up or down in conjunction with silver moving more.
Liberty Warrior (2 years ago)
Silver is far a better investment right now because of the gold - silver ratio.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Yup, I agree 100%
Darren Palmer (2 years ago)
This was a good video. Thx
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks Darren, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
spearhead3ad (2 years ago)
Awesome vid man and great information. I love to see content like this. It is so inspiring and helps alot really understand the big picture especially me lol lol lol. Have a great weekend brother.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it! Did you see the 2nd part? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8F9PgVBqco
Ray Anthony (2 years ago)
I'm surprised that your plan doesn't include trading gold back for silver when the ratio goes back up again and then rinse and repeat in plain words when the silver ratio hits 70 or 80 sell the gold and buy 70 or 80 silver coins for 1 ounce of gold and wait till the ratio drops again then go back to gold
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Oh it does Ray. At the end of this video I Placed a pop up letting people know there is a part 2 and also put it in the video description. Here is the direct link if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8F9PgVBqco
Rick Rodrigues (2 years ago)
IMO...the price correlation ratio (gold /silver) at any given point in time all depends on the supply/ demand ratio. The price volatility for silver is greater than gold mostly in part because silver is used more extensively in industry. In a high gold/silver price ratio as it is today (~68/1) silver might be the better choice for investment or hedge against market fears although most people are brained washed by the idea gold is "numero uno"! Like the choice of a "pretty woman" over a more "practical woman"....driving a Lamborghini to work or a GM! Lol!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Yup gold and silver is driven by supply and demand. Silver is more volatile because it is a much smaller market than gold and when big money goes into it then the price can really move!
Jake Jones (2 years ago)
We know for a fact that these prices are MANIPULATED with the buying and selling of paper gold and silver certificates so charts and ratios don't really mean anything.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Jake they have been manipulated for a very long time and the ratio still goes up and down. Might as well play it while we can!
T Norman (2 years ago)
Great breakdown of the ratio and got to love the ASE's as props! I know you like mainly low maintenance silver, but have you seen silver by Southern Cross? I think Geiger actually produces their stuff, but they have these cool little one ounce cast silver biscuits. I picked up a few from Apmex.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks for the heads up, I will check them out!
Joseph Morse (2 years ago)
I'm about to start stacking silver and want your advise. My current plan is to buy 10oz bars from JM Bullion because it seems to offer the best price and free shipping, but should I be looking at silver eagles instead or another place to buy? I'd like to limit the number of rookie mistakes starting out :). Thanks for this video and especially the video on playing the ratio to trade back and forth between silver and gold. Great stuff!!!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Joseph welcome to the club! As far as what to buy that all depends on what you like and the reasons you are stacking. Also how you plan on selling when you do sell. Starting out I always suggest keeping your premiums as low as possible until you have a good base of silver. Then you can start picking up a couple other things that you like that cost just a little bit more to keep your interests. Cheap premium bars or silver eagles are an excellent choice to start out stacking.
Mike L. (2 years ago)
Great video, Slacker! I'm anxiously awaiting some SGR compression myself! Depending on how things flow, I may hold out for 40/1 to do a little trading. If the ratio falls below that, which I strongly believe it will, I'll do some very serious trading. I really want to lighten my load exchanging white for yellow. I do have a little bit of gold now, but very little compared to silver - around 220/1.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Sounds like a great strategy Mike! I just picked a number and will stick to it because knowing my luck I would miss the move trying to get a better deal and then kick myself in the ass when I didn't follow through with my plans.
Chris Buck (2 years ago)
i couldnt agree more Silver slacker!Oh, and currently catching up on ya at 20 pounds of silver bullion. plus im loving those Canadian .9999 maple leafs.What would you say your personal favorite coins you stack in bulk?
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
That is so awesome Chris! Great job! As far as my favorite coins to stack in bulk, well that has changed over the years. I am more of a poured silver fan now than a coin fan. But going forward as far as coins it will most likely be more silver eagles than any other coin. I still plan to pick up the Lunar series and ATB series. But the majority of my purchases now consist of poured silver.
Mike L. (2 years ago)
20 pounds is a nice stack, Chris. Keep up the good work!
swedishmanguy (2 years ago)
Still don't understand what you said. Too much rambling off topic.
swedishmanguy (2 years ago)
True, but I'm a moron
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Well luckily many others didn't have that problem! :)
joe z (2 years ago)
Okay. Sorry, but you explained nothing. So I'll explain something. 15/20 - When silver goes below $15 or gold goes below $1500 consider buying. When it/they go over 20 consider selling. The ratio means squat. Gold is dropping, silver is holding its own. So much for silver being the more volatile theory. Gold is heading down into that buy range. Silver not so much.
Moemen Shahawy (2 years ago)
from your personal opinion, when do you think gold will go up again? and to what extent? any speculations?
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
I didn't have a part 2 when I made the video. I had to put in the "Card" from youtube telling people to go see part 2 at the end of the video and put it in the description of the video.
joe z (2 years ago)
Didn't realize there was a part 2. Would have been nice if you'd have mentioned it. I'll check it out.
joe z (2 years ago)
Mm, no it doesn't. I never said I was all in. I said at a certain price point I'd consider buying or selling. I bought a lot of gold last November, but have bought nothing since. You didn't explain how the ratio affects buying/selling decisions. Listen, I respect your opinion and the time and effort you've put into your strategy, but there was no take-away that I could see.
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Joe your strategy is a price point strategy. That has nothing to do with a ratio strategy as I explained in the video. Prices don't matter with this strategy because you should already have the gold or silver. Then use the volatility to get more PM's over time. Your strategy gets you completely out of silver at prices $20 and into fiat money. So if silver continued to go up you would be out of the market. This strategy keeps you in PM's the whole time and you still get to play the volatility of the metals.
Miss Metal 925 (2 years ago)
It's also good to understand that's coin dealers only get 80% of silver value if they send your silver to the refinery... they get 99% with gold. So they are more eager to buy Gold than silver
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Not sure why they would ever send silver to a silver refinery unless it is like silverware or something like that. Sending silver coins/rounds/bars and losing 20% just seems crazy to me.
MakeMoneyHobby.com (2 years ago)
Very good, thanks for that!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks and you are very welcome!
Mike Smith (2 years ago)
today it's 68 to 1
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Yeah it can move pretty quick!
Silver Saver (2 years ago)
I missed this video, so I am here as you have advised on your sequel video to this one. I have learned from reading up on precious metals that the seasoned investors follow spot prices only as a means to determine the current ratio. And when the ratio is high, it is a signal for them to buy silver, because it is cheap, no matter the current price. And when the ration is low, they buy gold or others trade their silver for gold. As for myself, I am stacking ASE, and when the time is right, i.e., when the ratio is at 60, I will trade them for gold in 1 oz weight. Right now, the ratio is at 68. In the meantime, I continue to get fractional gold. Another excellent content, my friend. Thanks for sharing. Take care.
Silver Saver (2 years ago)
I learn from you, my friend!
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for the kind words my friend! Sounds like you have an excellent grasp on this strategy as well :)
carlos ruiz (2 years ago)
Great info ....
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks Carlos!
inquisitor (2 years ago)
Wooooooohweeeee...all 'dem ratios and math and stuff and 'dem big stacks. You dun' got me dizzy. Here is how it is going to be, from the love in my heart to all humanity that have eyes to read.. Gold is going, down, down, down, down to $500 and even eventually down to $300 and it will remain in that range for a long, long time. I bought huge amounts of gold and silver back in 1998 and did some options trading and made a bundle and got out of most of my gold at its record highs, but now the good times are coming to a close. The price of oil is going down, down, down to $25 a barrel and maybe even as low as $15 and will remain in that range for a long, long time. Only large scale war or a 9-11 event could affect a different prediction regarding this future for gold and oil. The entire world is now coming into a depression. Soon America will get another real estate bubble hit in commercial real estate as well as residential and another banking crisis just like 2008 as they have not changed their ways. This will be within two to three years. Except this time, no money for any bailouts. Expect residential real estate which is already 50% lower than 2005 values to drop another %30-50 percent when the next bubble bursts. Wells Fargo will be going the same way as Merrill Lynch. Trump knows this but he isn't talking about it and he and his billionaire economic cabinet will be ready to save their own assets and buy up devalued assets for pennies on the dollar after the crash. And the stock market will get another tech-wreck similar hit devaluing it 50% from current levels and maybe even lower Hard times coming. You see America has 20 trillion in debt, Europe is in debt and breaking apart and the Chinese economy is just as bad as the US economy. Norway, for a long time, was the only western country actually operating in the black every year due to high oil, but now even their gravy train has come to an end. Then you have the banking derivatives debt in the quadrillions. You see, you just can't possibly pay that money back. So, there is only one way to do a "do-over" to wipe out that kind of debt and to replenish the coffers..and that is all out world war. So the next big hits to the US economy will really leave no store of wealth or decent investment available to you at all. And this is priming up the people to have just one option left when the time comes and that is to build up the armaments or joint the military with a war with China by around year 2025 or so. All currencies will be crap, but the best of the crap will be the currency of the modern Roman empire, the American dollar as it prepares to march to eventual war. And the best investment will probably be in actual US treasuries. Not much else will be investment worthy.
Andy Detweiler (6 months ago)
inquisitor unless trump forces the fed to pay the debt, and slashes government to eliminate deficit......
Canadian Silver Saver (2 years ago)
Good video and advice. Thanks friend
Silver Slacker (2 years ago)
Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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