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Set & Forget Forex Trading Strategy - Live workshop

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https://www.nikostradingacademy.com/ Are you still interested in trading Forex but worried about losing money? I made this 10 minute video to show you exactly how to change this quickly and easily. Just click this link to watch it right away: https://www.nikostradingacademy.com/starter/ Ready to start trading? I have produced the ultimate trading program to help you get the results you always wanted, and faster than you thought possible. It’s time to enjoy trading right now, without stress, fear or anger. Check it out here: https://www.nikostradingacademy.com/ Live workshop details here... http://www.spartantraderfx.com/set-and-forget-workshop/ The Problem …many traders face is “catching” trade setups actually live and when they happen. The results during the first phase: chasing the markets, loss of confidence, loss of positive mindset, loss of inspiration, loss of passion for trading itself! The result during the second phase: The continuous and never ending search for the “holy trading grail” The Solution Trading the Set & Forget or No-Brainer Strategy This very relaxing, stress-free and powerful trading strategy will give you the luxury to decide when & how much you want to trade. Here are only 10 great advantages of this trading style and strategy… 1. Very easy to learn 2. Very simple to use 3. No experience required 4. No technical skills required 5. Can be used every day 6. Can be used on all volatile markets 7. Can be traded in all sessions (US/London, Asian) 8. Removes Stress 9. Creates Confidence 10. Great long term results if applied correctly Trading the Core Set & Forget Forex Strategy http://www.spartantraderfx.com/set-and-forget-workshop/ In 3 simple steps I show you how it works 1. How to choose the right forex pairs and prepare the charts! After setting up our charts (very simple), we want to make good decisions when it comes to “picking the Forex pairs. Only some FX pairs are qualified, and you need to be able to pick the right once! 2. We learn the core strategy and place our first trades live together! I will be able to show you the core strategy within 30 minutes, so we can actually trade it together. I want you to feel the power of this strategy right away! 3…Trading the Full Set & Forget Forex Strategy We cover all details and little “secrets” of this simple and great strategy to maximize long term, relaxing profits! 1. We have created a simple and powerful indicator which will help us choosing the qualified Forex pairs within seconds. 2. Placing trade orders depends a lot on the market volatility. We will learn to place the trades in the right directions. 3. There will be days where we can trade a specific pair every day, but sometimes we need to change and choose different pairs. I show you exactly why and how to do that! 4. We will compare in order to decide which Forex pairs are the best to trade in YOUR time zone. 5. It is most important to know exactly where to place your trading orders, how to find your profit targets, where to place your APO (stop), how to trail your position when it’s worth it, how much to risk per trade, how many Forex pairs to trade…etc! To make it really easy & simple for you, I am going to give you 3 great and 100% FREE Bonuses! A) The Set & Forget Indicator and MT4 Template B) The FX Live trade EA to calculate your risk per trade C) And the Set & Forget Script to Automatically place your orders, targets & APO (stops) http://www.spartantraderfx.com/set-and-forget-workshop/
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Text Comments (69)
Matt P (16 days ago)
I miss u Nikos.
Seguros.VHC. 651553638 (5 months ago)
endah larasati (9 months ago)
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Master Trader (1 year ago)
Where is the continuation of this training please and Dr. Jeff's presentation, thanks
Master Trader (1 year ago)
Good day sir; does this strategy still work; if so where can I get the complete full strategy please ???
talasi kononowicz (1 year ago)
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There's actually no standard strategy to achieve the highest potiental in this industry as it goes from person to person or from different experiences. But thanks for sharing your ideas anyways. It helped a lot. Keep it coming and god speed. Thank you.
akantorboyz runescape (1 year ago)
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izayah keenan (1 year ago)
Very attractive USA-speaking good forex strategy, especially for beginners. you will be able to trade and perform any operations and withdrawal all your profits without any issue. all thanks to my great teacher MR MICHEAL for his help in my trading life. michealryan133 @ gmail .com
Hector Oswald (1 year ago)
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Juanita Lesly (1 year ago)
All thanks to bailey, he helped me also, i never believed him until now.
Serdar Yavuz (1 year ago)
Fucking boring.. I cant believe u spent 20 minutes to say "Ctrl+Y to seperate the days, heiken ashi candles and 36EMA" which shouldn't take more than 5 seconds.. And the strategy is not even clear at all
gaye whale (1 year ago)
Rebeca Christian (1 year ago)
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Rebeca Christian (1 year ago)
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Reginald R. Jerez (1 year ago)
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Ben Ahmed (1 year ago)
"we need to go slowly on this one..." fuck me you are not kidding
Ben Ahmed (1 year ago)
So slow i had to forward it and i missed the actual strategy. can someone be kind enough to post the essentials of this strategy? So you check the last three candles hikin ashi...
Reginald R. Jerez (1 year ago)
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Danielle Dillard (2 years ago)
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ALL TIME HIGH (2 years ago)
Hi Nikos i like to Test your Strategy for my Users on my Channel ... Pn me please
Gaurav Ganjoo (2 years ago)
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Jermaine Wedderburn (2 years ago)
Hello Nikos, I like this strategy, I hope I will figure out how to pick the right direction as time goes by, so the trade can run for the week like yours.
Iris Kuznetsova (2 years ago)
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MinSu Seo (2 years ago)
what kind of charting software are you using?
Sharon Eby (1 year ago)
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Rebecca Calkins (2 years ago)
I really liked this strategy. I can see where it can work well. I am going to give it a try over the course of this week on my demo account. Thank you for posting it.
Michael (3 months ago)
Any update..? :D
DigitalGeek TV (2 years ago)
Yeah, I'm i'm going to try it on my demo account too. I think the demo account is the perfect place to perfect our trading strategy.
Mike W (2 years ago)
Wow! Thats too simple! I need to take your classes.
DigitalGeek TV (2 years ago)
I DEFINITELY AGREE. I want to do the same.
Harrison E. Anderson (1 year ago)
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Ollie Wardle (2 years ago)
Which pairs would you say this strategy is best on, or all of them
Ollie Wardle (2 years ago)
And last question, when should you put the pending order expiry
Ollie Wardle (2 years ago)
Also, where do you download the script for this strategy you mentioned at the start
Lachlan Giles (2 years ago)
Interesting videos but i will still recommend A mentor for every Forex trader because videos can not be relied on as most videos are hyped.
Lachlan Giles (2 years ago)
A lot has been said about the wonderful strategy of Mr. Wayne and i will not just pass without commenting about this Guru. I highly recommend his awesome MKT strategy that gives you a weekly profit of over $10,000 here is his contact [email protected] it's optional . This is for those who need trading help to make profit.
SkyTheDestroyer- (2 years ago)
andy pease (2 years ago)
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Naumche Janevski (2 years ago)
What is the success rate of this strategy,because this is not a the traditional tradeing where u put targets on resonable poits at swing ends.
Pauls Guitar (2 years ago)
Hello from Australia, Following your videos, great work. Could you tell me how many losing trades vs wining trades would you expect to make using this strategy, as this is what I normally do, but I am only getting 50/50
andy pease (2 years ago)
lol you need to get a tutor or get a good one to manage your trade
brucebenward Bruce (2 years ago)
Hello Guy's
Lachlan Giles (2 years ago)
Wayne has got a great strategy but his charges sometimes scare
Howard Hill (2 years ago)
thanks Nikos, I love how you help us to get used to looking at the big picture of price action in different situations, and the skilful use of pending orders in set & forget strategy
Mo & Aylin (2 years ago)
Howard Hill m
John Brennan (2 years ago)
You never cease to amaze me with your trading ideas and I see what's coming next. I do not wish to look at anything else now.
Jamu Salaz (2 years ago)
This looks nice. anyone making good success with the indicator ?
Howard Hill (2 years ago)
I got 60% success rate on 15 trades so far
lolini S (2 years ago)
julia29876 (2 years ago)
Ok, this WAS good until the market whipped greatly just enough to activate and hit the stop loss in both direction in almost all the currencies at once on November 9th. It may be wise to use the renko bars instead.
Med Yassine Ezzine (2 years ago)
There is a point I didn't get : How to minimize the risk ? I mean, setting the sl in the buy/sell order should be too much lower than the tp of course, how we do that if we set it at 100 pips, then we have to set the tp at 200 or 300 and even more level, right ? isn't risky ?
Med Yassine Ezzine (2 years ago)
Thank you, appreciate!
Howard Hill (2 years ago)
Nikos suggests keep risk/reward at 1:1 on this technique. If stop loss is 30 pips, then set take profit at 30 pips, The stop loss in $ should not total more $ than 1% of your account. (and trade microlots or demo at first till you master this technique)
GonzoFX (2 years ago)
Nikos your a Great man thank you!! :)

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