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William Smith (13 days ago)
I save more than that. Once a year i turn it in. I made 1800.00 in one year. And you only made 328.57 get real.
Loretta Moore (29 days ago)
Hey Joe Awesome! Good haul!
Silver Saver (1 month ago)
Woot, woot!!!!
RAV3 HRDCORE (1 month ago)
For the tards who don't know you don't over fill the coin machine to where it locks up.
Disney & Coffee (1 month ago)
I’ve been saving my change for 18 years. I have (4) 5 gallon buckets full of change so far, cashing it June 2020 to pay for my Disney Paris trip!
Disney & Coffee (1 month ago)
I’m definitely going to upload it!! I’m hoping for atleast 5k!! :)
Sammy Bbell (1 month ago)
Disney & Coffee don’t forget to film and upload it
Marvin Thiessen (1 month ago)
I've saved pennies several times (a joke) and tried to save dimes (unsuccessfully) and eventually gave up on both. When you reach a point financially where you don't need to rely on your coin stash for emergencies, then you can save for a rainy day. Currently I have a large plastic water container 3/4 full of quarters only (I've never touched it). When it's full I'll take it to my credit union and cash it in. Just guessing but I think it will yield the better part of a thousand dollars.
Born2SneakerUnbox (1 month ago)
deanna C. (2 months ago)
I have more coins than that all these coins started growing on a tree and keep falling on the ground. 😂
Adam Xie (5 months ago)
It’s really not that much coins and + I don’t get why you said you maid 328 today when you had 328 from past 2 years but in coins
Jared Ibarra (6 months ago)
You assian
Pwebster7 7 (6 months ago)
Isaac peka ere (6 months ago)
IT WAS 1000 AT:5:50
Denise Spurlock (6 months ago)
My guess is $475.
Sheila T. (6 months ago)
Lol look at the los
Sheila T. (6 months ago)
Look at all the lotion in the back
George Frieje (6 months ago)
I guessed 327 so close
Billy Stickles (6 months ago)
He's stupid he says in one day u mean 2 years
Robin Cassidy RN (6 months ago)
Even if you don't know much about coins, look them up online. It may be worth your while.🤑🤑🤑
AlphaPrimeHD (6 months ago)
Who else found this channel while watching porn
Kobe Yinten (6 months ago)
willthegghead 12 (6 months ago)
Im Thinking about 299.1 dollars at least
RuSh Dime (6 months ago)
I think the grand total is going to be around 326 dollars bucks or pounds whatever you say 👍if you agree
David (6 months ago)
One week work for me.. took u 2 years
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
David congratulations
Japanese Toyota Corolla (6 months ago)
New subscriber. 2018?
Jokes OnU (6 months ago)
Nice vid bro! Road to 1k subs! #Roadtrip
Sophia Frangiskou (6 months ago)
Chris Blais (6 months ago)
Nicholas Marajh (6 months ago)
that about 400 dollars
Ceharo (6 months ago)
Do you even lift bro
Angel Ramirez (6 months ago)
My grandpa saved coins for about 4 mouths and got $176.28
Jessie Porter (6 months ago)
That “British coin” and that gold looking coin when u got to the bank thing we’re both Canadian
x Burkez (6 months ago)
600 sub by me
x Burkez (6 months ago)
Joe Awesome great video It was funny when u broke the machine
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Thankyou! You the man!
Peirce Nadeau (6 months ago)
I made $355 just on my birthday party from cash in birthday cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peirce Nadeau (5 months ago)
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
That is awesome! Trust me, save up all the money you get. Don't spend it on anything dumb!
Butterfly Production (6 months ago)
Sharon Schamel (6 months ago)
I would say about 390.00
Sharon Schamel (6 months ago)
I would say about $290.00
Good video
Say Ruiz (6 months ago)
Interesting to see people actually do this. I keep mine in a Pringle’s can😂
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
LOL. But hey it's something to hold your coins.
Xandre Marshall (6 months ago)
And at 4:12 it’s a Canadian looney
Xandre Marshall (6 months ago)
The coin at 3:06 was a Canadian quarter
Haley Pendexter (6 months ago)
Historic (6 months ago)
I had gotten 50th dollars for saving coins for an year
kratos azar (6 months ago)
It suppose to go up you're adding more coins..
Ltaya (6 months ago)
I said at least $300.00!:) I have a coin counter that I save up in!:)
Nik Pizan (6 months ago)
If you do it at a coinstar sometimes you can exchange the money for a gift card so they don't charge a fee.
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
This was at my bank so I got to do it for free!
Carl Swanson (6 months ago)
So? I saved quarters when I was a bartender and I was making $140.00 a week in change alone.
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
that sounds amazing! Keep it up man
marc shelly (6 months ago)
when they were guessing I guessed 110 then when he said  110 I was shook
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
haha! its some crazy stuff!
Tinnyboo `Bft Dunnit (6 months ago)
320 dollors
ebol08 (6 months ago)
6:00 hahaha damn!
Chubbyhot dog (6 months ago)
This actually makes me want to collect a whole bunch of change
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Do it!!
SellOut_ (6 months ago)
MathXl sucks my dick
It's easy 330
Judi Bohn (6 months ago)
Why not het coin papers and roll them yourself? Its work but rewarding and you dont have to pay anyone a fee...just deposit in your bank act.....or get an act.
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
I didnt have to pay a fee since I have an account with that bank
Meli Lopez Ramirez (6 months ago)
Next stop the weed man!!
Jennifer Truex (6 months ago)
you put a gold coin in the machine
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
forreal? time stamp it!
DJ Pup53 (6 months ago)
My guess is $328.83
Johnny Nguyen (6 months ago)
Whare u from ?
Learn to be a PRO (6 months ago)
No ti was more
Learn to be a PRO (6 months ago)
I think 155
Fun and Games (6 months ago)
I think it will be $ 330
OliviaMai FisherCollins (6 months ago)
Lol the coin is British and it's a 10p Edit: It's worth 13 Us cents you can probably trade it in
Tina Hall (7 months ago)
Can you spend me 200,000,0000 I live in warrenton tina hall of
Jordyn Hagen (7 months ago)
Wight l think it is 337
Jordyn Hagen (7 months ago)
Johnny Nguyen (7 months ago)
Bro what school u go too ?
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Johnny Nguyen I go to stlcc in Missouri
Vampire Assassin (7 months ago)
My guess was 250
I love this video I have been collecting coins for 3 years I cashed the In mostly quarters it was $1,364 I’m collecting more 😁
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Fortnite player 5606 it’s fun!
Slogaboy (7 months ago)
Deborah Herring (7 months ago)
About 275
Jared Zavala (7 months ago)
Stop ✋ I’m Jesus my guess was 282.28 I was close
bob (7 months ago)
I would do that for 290$
That Guy Taco (7 months ago)
thats a 10p coin from the uk
Dolan Fam (7 months ago)
Lmao that was a Canadian coin not a British coin:)
Deven Shetty (7 months ago)
This is so clickbait lol
cyber gaming TV (7 months ago)
It weighs about 250 pounds
cyber gaming TV (7 months ago)
I have about $7,000 dollars worth
Sylas and Ryan creations (7 months ago)
Your videos are awsome
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Sylas Stevens thanks man!
pLagued (7 months ago)
328 = big $$$
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
pLagued it is!
flower040 (7 months ago)
Awesome 💰 I save change . and yes I do pick up change when I see it on the ground
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
flower040 so do I! 😂
Itz Storm (7 months ago)
how much is a lot of money for a teen?
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Itz Storm anything above .01
Ivan Morales (7 months ago)
This guy stopped at a QuikTrip lmao best gas station!!
Ivan Morales (6 months ago)
Joe Awesome I’m from the Atlanta division 721
Ivan Morales (6 months ago)
Joe Awesome what store is that ?
Joe Awesome (6 months ago)
Ivan Morales I work there! 😂
Harrison Mcintyre (7 months ago)
Dennis Stevens (7 months ago)
Good job... 💯 🇺🇸 😉
Roblox Eats Kids (7 months ago)
Dang that’s some nice cash
Rachael Watts (7 months ago)
That is NOT!!!A British coin
Joe Awesome (7 months ago)
Rachael Watts LOL
SoloVlogTeen (7 months ago)
16 pounds and you can barely lift it with one hand?? Bruh you do even lift?
SoloVlogTeen (7 months ago)
Lol Ik
Joe Awesome (7 months ago)
SoloVlogTeen Issa joke
LiyaLambert z (7 months ago)
So less
Tina Erspamer (7 months ago)
How do you not know the difference between an American quarter and a Canadian quarter? Oh hey I know it’s because Americans are stupid!
Joe Awesome (7 months ago)
Fenix - Minecraft And More sorry!
Hell Fire (7 months ago)
that is one fresh Canadian coin
Ndndj Nxndjd (7 months ago)
That’s just like 9 dollars
Winded Warrior (7 months ago)
That one friend that bangs on the door all the time and rings the door bell. *PRIME EXAMPLE*
Winded Warrior (7 months ago)
It's funny to see XD
Joe Awesome (7 months ago)
Justin YT what about it?
Jessica Su (7 months ago)
Awwww.... not much in 2 years i can more
Carla Owens (7 months ago)
Carla Owens (7 months ago)
I think the amount is about 300$
Anakin miller (7 months ago)
Evan Marriott (7 months ago)
Keiron Wickens (7 months ago)
I guess 325
Spiritual Warrior (7 months ago)
Better then ur friend guessed lol

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