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Build your own blockchain using Multichain

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This video explains how multichain differ from basic bitcoin. Happy Learning. I bet after watching this video, you will get more clarity on this topic. Happy learning. Follow us on social media to keep up to date: Twitter - https://twitter.com/knowinmins Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/knowinmins/ Are you a designer? Let's connect on Dribbble - https://dribbble.com/PradeepRaj
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aseem chandra (4 months ago)
very info and crisp... helped clear basics
Satoshi Alpha (5 months ago)
Magnifico video esperamos más contenido y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal muchas gracias
mia mia (1 year ago)
So is it possible to connect a mobile application to the multi chain system. For example an iOS application, are there any libraries which I can use for this.
Know:in:Mins (1 year ago)
Thanks for reaching out again! Our scope is limited in this area.. Please check here: https://www.multichain.com/developers/
mia mia (1 year ago)
this question you referred  me to check was asked a year ago hence I decided to ask again.  If I may ask is there material you can refer me to read so that I understand why it is not possible or are you willing to elaborate why it is impossible.
Know:in:Mins (1 year ago)
Not possible for now. Check here: https://www.multichain.com/qa/2535/multichain-on-android
Veyhong Chhor (1 year ago)
So it mean it is easy to crack the transaction if the computing power of the hacker is stronger than our server ?
Know:in:Mins (1 year ago)
A block chain use cases must have multiple entities. Please read the white paper in multichain site to get a good understanding.
Veyhong Chhor (1 year ago)
but if we install in on a single server so it mean there is only one miner, m beginner try to understand, correct me if I understand wrongly.
Know:in:Mins (1 year ago)
No Chhor. In order to hack, 51℅ of miners need to change it. But it is simply impossible.

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