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Watch Me Suck at Bowling! (Ep #156) New Palace Lanes, Fitchburg, MA

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More candlepin bowling action from New Palace Lanes in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. This is the first of four single games (the usual WMS fare). Will it go well, after the collapse at the end of the triple, from the previous video? ============ -LEGAL CRAP- ============ All music © Kevin MacLeod Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 http://incompetech.com
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Text Comments (14)
Sydnie Wilson (5 months ago)
Why r the pins like that
supersasukemaniac (5 months ago)
I heard Dave, who was the other guy laughing?
georgef551 (5 months ago)
One of the people that try out every time KOTP has a tourney: Casey McCoole.
Matt Bilski (6 months ago)
You did better than me I suck the other night of bowling 🎳 in my league. I bowl 149 and 133 and that’s my lowest game ever. And I ended up bowling 474 for 3 games I bowl. And that’s my lowest series for games of bowling ever. And 133 is so far my lowest game so far this season in my bowling league.
georgef551 (6 months ago)
Still better than what I get in Tenpin.
drew rocker99 (6 months ago)
Bowling wise a lot better than recent shows. maybe not having to duck to get out of the way of pin cam is helping?? I'd say yes to that as it seems like in this session so far you are throwing a lot less el stinkos!!
georgef551 (6 months ago)
If I can be somewhat competitive at some point (at least mid-ranking in a B-Ranked tourney), Candles can be left out of the WMS series. Glad you enjoyed.
Drummachine (6 months ago)
Do u do an entire bowling session and then make it into a lot of clips for WMSAB?
The Legendary E (6 months ago)
georgef551 alright thanks
georgef551 (6 months ago)
Like I said, I don't remember. Epco dot com will have prices.
The Legendary E (6 months ago)
georgef551 that seems a little steep doesn't it
georgef551 (6 months ago)
I think $350 new, don't recall.
The Legendary E (6 months ago)
georgef551 how much was that Epco urethane Pro-Line set

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